What is Qultura?

Fundamentally Qultura is one of three things - a methodology, an empathy-focussed community, and a core community of volunteers and activists who work together to deliver first contact unconditional community support to those in the wider community who need it.

We're a new type of mystical community resource developing to give anyone in the wider local community free access to opportunities to quickly transform their state of consciousness and also adopt a more conscious lifestyle centred around being connected to both their environment and a community through doing things they really enjoy doing.

A methodology? What's that?

Qultura methodology is based entirely on mysticism, numerology and magic and has four components - Natural Law, universal principles, combined numerology and unmind. It is neither a religion nor a philosophy because no method is provided for you to follow. You have to learn the complete methodology and create your own Qultura methods based on your individual perception of existence, cultural interests and life experiences.

So you're trying to sell a course in mysticism?

Not at all. Mysticism is based on very simple universal principles. Existence is a principle. Creativity and interaction is a process. This is the how and what of mysticism in a nutshell - a principle and a process. The universe has a Principle and a Process. Nature and biological evolution has a Principle and a Process. This planet has a Principle and a Process. Society has a Principle and a Process. You have a Principle and a Process. So too does everyone else, and every animal, plant and tree in existence. Qultura is based on knowing this Principle and Process because we figure if you understand how everything works in actual reality and the mysticism behind everything, you will have a much better idea of what really matters in your life.

Additionally we're developing Qultura in the public interest to give everyone free access to Qultura. We're not here to sell you anything. The entire methodology fits on four different webpages, or if you want to get into more detail an e-book which is 129 pages in PDF form. Compare this with the Tao Te Ching, considered the 'easy' method of transforming one's state of consciousness, which is 224 pages just for the method.

So what is the foundation premise of Qultura methodology?

All trauma and suffering arises out of separateness and division.

Qultura methodology is based on the above foundation premise, which you can only overcome by being completely connected to your environment and a community. There is no ideology, no belief system, no philosophy because it is assumed that if you have a solid understanding of mysticism and the basic principles of how the universe and Nature works then you should be able to figure out your own Qultura methods based on your perception of life and life experience.

So is Qultura all about meditation, contemplation and yoga?

It can be if you want it to be. But we wish to point out that without that connection to environment and others in a community meditation is just you sitting on the floor cross-legged, sounding like a short of breath asthmatic, trying not to think and staring into space, looking like an idiot. Similarly without a connection to environment and community yoga is just you pretending to be an acrobat doing circus on the floor. It's just you believing that you're so special some divine spiritual entity is going to fall over themselves spoon-feeding you with enlightenment and consciousness into your mind.

That's not how the universe works. That's not how Qultura works. This isn't about an Ego trip.

Developing a Qultura method requires community involvement

Can you believe in love? This is what all this is really all about. Love is a purely conscious experience which needs no explanation and requires no belief. Love is a conscious connection to others which requires activity and interaction. It's also the simplest, easiest and most direct way that is humanly possible for you to transform your state of consciousness and doing what you really love doing forms the basis of a conscious lifestyle. The universe is all about creativity and interaction, or the Principle and the Process, so the easiest way for you to develop your consciousness and live consciously is through developing your creativity and empathy by figuring things out first in an empathy-focussed community.

There's a major clue in our name, Qultura, a deliberate misspelling of culture. Developing a Qultura method is all about developing new culture through our community for the benefit of the wider community and yourself. This is not a spiritual movement with everyone singing from the same hymn sheet, because as you can see from religion this approach clearly hasn't worked. The Qultura community is all about non-conformity, it's about developing your consciousness in direct ways, through art, through music, through writing, through drama, through community volunteering and activism, through doing things that you really enjoy and love doing and others love you doing for them. One of the fastest and simplest ways of developing consciousness is through community support volunteering through a community supporting people in the wider community.

How much is this going to cost me?

Absolutely nothing. Participation in the Qultura community is completely free of charge for everyone, irrespective of who you are. The Qultura community is also completely free from ideology and organized belief systems. We're strictly non-commercial and doing this not just in the public interest and for the benefit of everyone in the local community, we're doing this also in the interests of the entire human species, other species and this planet.

However due to COVID and lockdowns we were almost wiped out and have since become a message board centred community working to rebuild the community into something bigger. Qultura Core, the core of our community has developed a universal system of volunteering which is completely self-identifying, self-regulating and self-perpetuating. If you could get involved in helping us to rebuild our community through some kind of volunteering and activism based on what you enjoy doing, we'd be very appreciative and eternally grateful.

How do I get involved?

Currently to become a member of the Qultura community all you need to do is register on our community message board. But we really hope you read through our website and learn the methodology as well so that at least in terms of mystical awareness we're all on a roughly similar level and have something to discuss with each other.

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