The Principle and the Process

Existence is a principle. Creativity and interaction is a process. This is the 'how' and 'what' of life and existence - the principle and the process. This is all you really need to know about existence.

Qultura is a relatively new, simple way of developing conscious awareness and mindfulness based on mysticism, dream weaving and community involvement.


Qultura is a complete dream weaving system and an alternative dream weaving community.

What is dream weaving?

Dream weaving is a magical means of developing conscious awareness, mindfulness and empathy through literally the 'weaving together' of different experiences, memories, thoughts, emotions, feelings, using language and drama - which is the central human reference point for life and existence.

Qultura methodology

Through Qultura you develop a 'meta-physic' or deeper, existential dimension to your life through developing your own Qultura methods out of Qultura methodology (a set of mystical principles) based on your own experiences of life, past memories and perspective on life. No two Qultura methods should ever be alike.

The Qultura community

You develop your individual Qultura methods through participation and involvement in the Qultura community, which is an alternative dream weaving community which functions as a 'community within an existing community'. This community exists both online and in real time and is accepting of everyone.

Completely & freely accessible to all

It costs you nothing to develop a Qultura method and you can join the Qultura community completely free of charge just by registering on our Community Message Board. Qultura is not a belief system, ideology, or philosophy which you follow, Qultura methodology is a set of mystical principles where you create your individual truth.

"All the answers to the questions you are asking can be found somewhere deep within you. It doesn't matter what question you are asking, you already know the answer. But you need to be connected to both your environment and community to know the difference between what is real, what is truth, and what is just your imagination."
Stella Baker / Mystic & shaman, founder & creator of Qultura

What can you do through Qultura?

Develop conscious awareness

Through Qultura you can quickly, naturally and effectively develop and transform your state of consciousness and conscious awareness, resolve past karma, heal from past trauma, and learn to let go of suffering and overcome your individual struggles and issues in life, working your way back to your natural state of mindfulness.

Explore mysticism & the occult

Anything which is mysterious to you or which you don't understand - this is mysticism from your perspective. Through Qultura you can explore and become familiar with different levels of reality and planes of consciousness, learn about non-rational states of being, and talk about stuff in community not part of everyday conversation.

Connect to other people

Through the Qultura community you can connect to other people in ways which are deeper, more meaningful and more real. Qultura is designed to be a system through which you can seek out and find your people no matter how weird or different you believe yourself to be. The Qultura community is open to everyone and is based on empathy and individuality.

Figure out your life path

You develop a Qultura method to become 'real' which means figuring out how to walk your walk, talk your talk, and actually live your individual truth. You were not born to live out your life as a mindless automaton enslaved by ideology and the belief systems of others, but to use your life as a process of awakening to become the 'real' you, authentic and genuine.

The Qultura community

The Qultura community is a developing empathy-focussed community and new type of mystical community resource. By joining our community through registering on our Community Message Board you can participate in a range of different meetings, meeting other people in community space, connect to others, make new friends, and find your people.

community message board
Community Message Board

The Community Message Board is where we all connect as a community online and serves as our virtual online community centre. You can connect to our Community Message Board on any device - PC, tablet, smartphone.

community meeting
Community meetings

Come and participate in community meetings and dream weaving activity in community space meeting up with other members of the community to share experiences, memories, stories, through social interaction.

The Community Forum

Come together in community and participate in free and frank discussions of the community and social issues which affect your life without being restricted by organizations and ideological beliefs. Find consensus with others in your community.

The Human Library Project

Get to know about the lives and stories of people who are different from you, overcome personal prejudices, fears, or find ways of overcoming social isolation, stigma, loneliness and social exclusion while developing new social interaction strategies.

rune casting
Rune casting

Come to a meeting in community space with your unanswered questions to gather round a table for free rune casting (an old form of divination) to figure out answers to your unanswered questions, both rational and non-rational.

community volunteering
Community volunteering

Do you want to connect to other people and do something in your community but are not sure what you want to do? Help us develop the Qultura community, explore and try out different roles, meet people and help bring people together.

Mystical resources

This website is the original source of Qultura methodology which contains all the important mystical principles which enables you to develop a deeper, existential and spiritual dimension to your life experience through developing your own unique Qultura method. You can also access free e-books on this website, such as those below.

The Principle & the Process

The Principle and the Process is the entire Qultura methodology in the form of an e-book. It is a relatively short book (97 pages in PDF format) and can form the basis for your own Qultura methods.

The Invisible Prison

'The Invisible Prison' is about our enslavement and attachment to our social and mental conditioning, to beliefs, to ideology and to external authority.

The Loving Space

'The Loving Space' is an e-book about love and loving kindness and gives you lots of insight into how to develop a loving space through Unmind and connect to others.