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Life is all about conscious perspective and the felt sense of immediate experience. Mother and baby share the same environmental reality, but perceive reality differently. The baby is born enlightened, with no sense of separateness, and feels connected and at one with its mother. Conditioned to believe that separateness is real, the mother perceives the baby as her child. Only separateness is an illusion. Trauma is the starting point of any process of creativity and interaction in the universe. Life is a dramatic response to death, for living existence is just expansion of the universe on a different plane of consciousness. Hence reincarnation. Separateness is a consequence of human thinking and social conditioning, out of which we develop an Ego and a false belief that we are separate from our natural environment and each other. The consequence of this is ignorance, a distorted perception of reality, human conflict and suffering.

All suffering is manifest out of a belief in separateness

Qultura methodology

Qultura methodology is based on four simple universal principles, the I-Ching, karma and unmind. Unlike Buddhism and the Tao Te Ching, you do not follow a method, practise meditation, or contemplate. You develop your own Qultura method by learning the four universal principle and the basic principle behind the I-Ching, karma and unmind, and then through practising your own method by interacting with others in a community developing empathy and connecting to others through social interaction, liberating yourself and others from the false beliefs of separateness and Ego to find out who you really are through community participation, exploring, experimenting, learning and discovering new things about life, other people and yourself.

Therefore all you need to do is read a book, join the Qultura community, and participate in our various community projects.

As Qultura methodology is based on mysticism and universal principles you don't need to change your existing beliefs or adopt new ones. It doesn't matter what you believe in, whether you're Christian, Muslim, Hindu, atheist, agnostic or whatever else. Developing a Qultura method is about developing consciousness and learning how to live consciously by overcoming separateness and liberating yourself from suffering.

Living consciously means being real and being connected to others through community. You open your mind, learn how to walk your walk, talk your talk and live your truth. This is all about decluttering your mind from all the nonsense and foolishness that manifests out of separateness. This is about learning to live as naturally and simply as you can possibly manage on a deeper plane of consciousness than your Ego. This is about eliminating the root causes of suffering from your life.

The Principle and the Process

All existence is relative and based on a relationship between consciousness, space and energy. Existence (consciousness) is the principle, creativity and interaction is the process. That is all you need to understand - the Principle and the Process. Doesn't matter whether we're referring to the universe, this planet, the natural environment or life. The exact same principle applies throughout.

Trauma is the starting point of any process of creativity and interaction. Trauma is force, division, separation, and death. Trauma can only be negated by drama and the development of consciosuness. It's the development of consciousness in space is how this universe expands and how, on a different plane of consciousness, biological existence evolves. Life is the dramatic response to the trauma of death, which means the whole point of life is to develop consciousness through evolution. That's fundamentally why we're all here.

Trauma is karma. All trauma and suffering is manifest out of karma and out of perception of division and separateness. In order to achieve equilibrium in life and live naturally you need to overcome your illusions of separateness and resolve your karma by connecting to your natural environment and others through community, because it's through empathy, social interaction, development of new culture and human evolution that human beings evolve naturally and develop consciousness. This is the foundation of Qultura methodology.

The Principle and the Process is available to you completely free of charge as is participation in the Qultura community.

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The Qultura community

The Qultura community is the developing community - which is centred around our community Message Board and various community projects - made up of anyone and everyone who is interested in Qultura methodology or developing a Qultura method. Participation in the Qultura community is free of charge for everyone.

You become a member of the Qultura community simply by registering on our community Message Board. It's that simple. You can access our community Message Board from a PC, smartphone, laptop or any other device.

The community Message Board

Once you register on our community Message Board you get a profile which is the same as any other Message Board or social media profile. You can fill out your profile with a photo, add links to your existing social media, links to websites, and you can create threads and posts on the Message Board, follow other community members, have them follow you, and exchange private messages between you and other community members.

A community within a community

Community standards within the Qultura community are different to the wider community or society and our community Message Board is moderated so this is not like just another social media experience. Details on how our community standards differ together with posting guidelines are made clear in the administration section of the Boards. You're free, and we encourage you, to develop your community and social support network through our community, participate in our community projects, create your own community projects, share your experiences, thoughts, feelings, interests and ideas with other people in the community.

The role of community projects in developing our community

The Qultura community is an empathy based community. This means that there is no central ideology or belief system which unites everybody - what connects us to each other is Qultura methodology, empathy and a sense of community. We develop the community through various community projects (see next tab for more details) the most important of which is first contact unconditional community support.

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Qultura community projects

The Qultura community is developed through various community projects which you are free to become involved in when you join the Qultura community by registering on our community Message Board. All our community projects are designed to give you ample opportunities for you to create and develop your own Qultura method through the development of mindfulness, discipline and empathy with other people who are involved in the community.

You can find out more about what community projects we are developing below.

Qultura community projects in development

You can find out more about these various community projects below or from the top menu.

This is our native community support project for anyone who is struggling, or feels the need for community support or help. Easily accessible to all, free from judgment, free from stigma, and the start of a new journey or process where we stick with you and support you and back you up until things start changing for the better.

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The Qultura Community Blog is created specifically to share creative output which doesn't involve a performance publicly with a wider audience. Completely free to use, free to contribute to, without any of the hassles of setting up and running your own blog (and paying for the web hosting, among other things) you can share original content through us and get it published on a unique webpage with a link which is then added to our Blog+ on either or both of our websites - Qultura and Qultura Core CIC.

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This is the developing performing arts community for anyone interested in writing, acting, directing, and getting involved in such things as drama workshops, script readings, staged readings, theatre, independent film making, voice overs, stand up comedy, and documentary film making such as Living Histories.

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You probably understand a library as a place where you can borrow a book. Our Human Library Project works along similar lines, only you 'borrow' a human being for an hour or more and spend time getting to know them and letting them get to know you. Obviously the human you're 'borrowing' is a complete stranger, so you're both starting from scratch and - due to COVID-19 lockdowns, this project is currently a virtual online project through Zoom, Skype, or a similar medium.

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Is there something you need but can't afford it? Do you have things you're trying to get rid of? Is there something you need only for a short period of time but don't want to have to buy it? Have you got things you're not using but are happy to lend? Travel to somewhere regularly and have space in your car? Need to get somewhere but can't afford the fare? Are you getting a sense of what this community project is about?

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Reading promotes mindfulness, discipline, stimulates creativity and develops empathy much more effectively and efficiently than both meditation and yoga. It's also much easier. What's more a community library is up there with the theatres, cinemas and concert venues as an important community resource and means of developing empathy across a local community.

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Want to get involved and help develop our community?

We're a newly developing community which is rebuilding after the COVID pandemic and numerous lockdowns. We are seeking community volunteers and activists who can help develop our community. Find out more on the Qultura Core website.

The Qultura Core website