Different organizations have taken complete control of our lives

Increasingly different organizations - government, corporate, institutional, political, and even charitable - encroach on almost every aspect of our lives stripping away at our civil liberty, personal freedom and even our privacy.

It's getting harder and harder to live without either having to pay money or seek the agreement, permission or approval of some organization. More and more aspects of our lives are becoming dominated by ideology, belief systems, forcing us to conform and fit in with certain criteria.

Cultural decline

Loss of culture leads to a lack of opportunities

A lack of investment in cultural development and human creativity has resulted in a new culture where everything is reduced to the lowest common denominator and where opportunities are getting fewer and fewer and less and less diverse.

An emphasis on money, getting money and making a profit has all but replaced an interest in humanity and the more valuable, positive aspects of our being, our creativity, our compassion, our intelligence, our capacity to love, create beauty, and be kind to each other.

Social fragmentation

We are losing much of what it means to be human

Increasingly people are becoming far more divided and isolated, many are becoming much more judgmental, many people are struggling just in order to live, and many more just aren't surviving.

Apathy is widespread as is ignorance, partisanship, abdication and conformity, simply because many people are afraid to be themselves among others for fear of what it might cost them. Suicide and premature deaths have increased dramatically. Something needs to change - but what?


What is Qultura?


Qultura promotes human creativity, individuality and community

Our logo is designed to symbolize the Qultura concept. The symbol is the astrological symbol for the planet Uranus, the planet of change, it is associated with the astrological sign of Aquarius, the 11th sign of the zodiac. In a horoscope the 11th House is associated with friendship and community.

Therefore Qultura is all about human individuality, human creativity, social non conformity, humanity, friendship, and community.

Creative Law


Truth is relative to individual perception and experience

Qultura was set up as a non profit vehicle to share Creative Law, a theory of creativity, freely in the public interest with individual people.

Our founding principle is that everyone has the human right to be themselves, to explore, experiment and develop their inner culture, and to contribute to the culture of their local community and society. This means that everyone has the right to free access to opportunities to develop their individual creativity and contribute to culture.

Human evolution


Human evolution is motivated by individual human creativity

This is established by Creative Law which also establishes that trauma is mitigated by the development of consciousness.

We work to promote human rights, civil liberty and cultural development at local community level.

We are working to develop a community of people prepared to stand up for themselves and others, develop culture and create stronger communities and a better society.

Qultura is all about positive changes - personal, cultural and social

How Qultura works

Qultura functions just like the universe or a biological organism

Qultura promotes human creativity and individuality, which means it promotes individual human experience. No differently to the universe itself Qultura functions according to a system and set of universal principles. This is made accessible to everyone free of charge.

Our website contains Creative Law and other theories, concepts and information about us, culture which is designed to develop your awareness and learn about creativity. Below you have basic guides to Agenda 21, Universal Credit, Social Credit and 5G technology. There's no ideology, no belief systems promoted, no common cause.

Creativity is a very simple universal principle. Change always starts within the individual and works outwards. A seed planted underground will yield a plant, flower or tree. An egg will yield a bird. A womb will produce a baby.

We are also working to develop the Qultura community because to be creative you also need connections and support from others.

The Qultura community

This is where you can connect to other people

We're working to develop and build the Qultura community and network around the Qultura Core project in London. This is where you can connect to other people, share your ideas, experiences, network, create contacts, make friends, all completely free of charge.

The Qultura community is designed for people who are seeking change - be it on a personal level, in their local community, or who simply want to explore and develop their individual personal creativity.

Once involved in the Qultura community you can get involved in the various projects or create your own projects. Projects are where you try out your ideas and bring them into concrete reality. We're designing our community so that the more people who get involved, the more projects will be created, and that's where things start changing.

While the Qultura Core project is in London you can find Qultura groups and communities online on Facebook, MeWe and Groupbox all just a couple of mouse clicks away.

Be yourself and creative

Qultura places a very high value on individual human experience.

We place a very high value on personal experience and human individuality because generally this is where the focus needs to shift generally in society. This can only be achieved through sustained cultural development and community participation.

A project can be based on any activity - creative, social, cultural, community support or even an appeal. It can be centred on your interests, your experience in life, your creativity, the things you are good at and enjoy doing with others.

Please remember this all starts with you, your life, your experiences, your interests, your personal theories, your journey, all the things which give you perspective and make you who you are. What can you bring to the community to share?

You can change your role based on your involvement in the community or a project. To be involved just participate. To help develop Qultura or a project volunteer. If you need support reverse your participation.

Read our guides to find out about the real issues which directly affect you.

Agenda 21

Agenda 21

Find out about the United Nations Agenda 21 program for sustainability agreed by 179 nations worldwide.

Universal Credit

Universal Credit

Find out about Universal Credit, why it cannot work and what we can learn from it..

Social Credit

Social Credit

Find out about Social Credit and how the Government scores points on your life choices.

5G technology


Find out about 5G technology which starts rolling out across the planet later this year.