Wrong about poverty, wrong about inequality

Belief in ideology, and not in other people, is still the major cause of poverty and inequality in society.


What do you see in the above photo?

What would you think if we were to tell you that the higher the GDP in a country, the lower the quality of life for its citizens? What if we were to tell you that everything you see, how you understand the world, how you understand society, and how you perceive other people is determined by your personal beliefs and whatever ideology you follow? How you see and relate to everything is determined by your own individual life experience, your background, your upbringing, and the choices and decisions you make in life.

Let's expand on this concept

What would happen if you were to put your ideology and belief systems to one side? What if you looked at other people not through the lens created from your own baxckground and social class, what would you see? You would see other people who are, in their individual and unique ways, people just like you. That other person is just another version of you. What do you stand to gain or benefit by discovering how that other person is just another version of you?