Social exclusion

There is no worse experience in life than the feeling that you are unwanted, unloved, shunned, rejected, and invisible to everyone else in your community. When you have nothing and nobody. Nothing to live for.


It can affect anyone

People judge themselves and others on things which are usually physical. They judge each other and themselves on the basis of age, physical appearance, gender, sexual orientation, body size and shape, social class, background, income, what clothes they wear, how much money and stuff they have.

Inevitably some people get stigmatized and excluded. Social stigma is usually what sets off the process o social exclusion.


Social exclusion kills

Social exclusion can have various profound and devastating effects on people's lives. Unfulfilled human social emotional needs can lead to sleep disturbances, depression, mental illness, substance misuse, social anxiety, and premature death.

Social exclusion is perhaps the primary motivating factor when it comes to suicide.



Social exclusion is largely a matter of personal perception. People can become affected due to any number of factors. Either something happened in their lives which shouldn't have happened, or something which should have didn't.

As a result such people face numerous barriers - practical, financial, social, emotional and psychological - which prevent them from getting out of their situation. They need support and acceptance from others but don't get it.



Social exclusion is closely connected to social stigma. This means it destroys such things as self-esteem, self-confidence, trust and confidence.

For those affected life is constantly stressful and often distressing. Fear and anxiety are constant. Usually there is nobody to talk to, nobody to turn to. Some people can go months even years without anyone having a normal social conversation with them.


Other issues

Social exclusion is a difficult social issue to deal with effectively and involves a certain amount of risk. If you don't know what you are doing or adopt the wrong strategy your approach can get very resource hungry very fast with little or no positive effects. Worse still, you can completely fuck up someone's life, break someone or cause someone to commit suicide. As a charity we don't want any of these things on our conscience.


About Qultura

We are a small charity based in Battersea Park, London. We support people affected by social exclusion and social stigma. We have our own way of doing things and don't behave like most other charities. You can get a good idea of what we're about from our gallery of memes and quotations from those we've supported (inspired by Pinterest).

Mission statement

Qultura stands shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with the sick, those with disabilities, the poor, the marginalized, the excluded and the destitute in society.

Our strategy is accessibility, empowerment and inclusion.

We work to promote human individuality, human creativity, and a society based on mutual trust and a sense of community

The cause

All those people who are excluded and isolated from others in society are individual human beings just like you and me. Why they are excluded isn't important. What is important that they are excluded.

As a charity we function in our own way. We maintain an internal culture based on mutual support, reciprocity, kindness, compassion, We accept everyone for who they are as individual human beings. Everybody is somebody of value.

Within Qultura there is very little in the way of a hierarchy, power dynamics, rules to follow or set procedures. There is no service user service provider division because we give everyone a sense of inclusion. We function on the basis of participation with everybody working in their own way towards the cause and our mission and objective which is to provide effective and sustainable support to those who have become excluded and marginalized by others in the community or by society.

Some statistics

  • For every unlawful killing up to eight people commit suicide.
  • For every successful suicide there are as many as thirty suicide attempts.
  • In almost every case of attempted suicide either mental illness or an issue with benefits is a factor.


Due to the fact that we work to support people who are socially excluded and marginalized, and social exclusion is a matter of perception, we function on the basis of participation.

We do this so we can immediate sense of inclusion and a support network to people who feel themselves to be marginalized and socially excluded by others.

How participation works

Being honest we're not a good charity if you're looking for some volunteering gig where people tell you what to do and think. Supporting people out of social exclusion and helping them overcome barriers is hard work, you're often working with very little or no resources, there's an element of risk but it's a hugely rewarding when someone puts their trust in you and you see them recover and turn their life round.

We are totally committed to this cause and our mission and objectives and preferably you will need to match that commitment. Some of the people we support have been let down many times before and we prefer to work with people who are very determined, creative, able to think for themselves, who are completely non-judgmental around people and who have a burning desire for positive social and cultural change and who like us, want a more inclusive and less divided society and community.

We hate to make any preferences because we treat everyone as the unique individual human being they are but past experiences have shown that people who have experience in the benefits system seem to generally have much more aptitude and skill when it comes to involvement in the work we do.

Ideally you have

  • Access 24/7/365 to broadband internet
  • The ability to make use of applications such as Whatsapp and Skype.
  • For face to face meetngs and involvement you will live or work somewhere within easy travelling distance of Battersea.

Reverse Participation

We are a charity working towards becoming a registered charity. Therefore we are bound by legislation which relates to charities and especially when it comes o defining beneficiaries.

We achieve this through a process known as reverse participation.

How reverse participation works

Becoming a reverse participant with Qultura is relatively simple and straightforward. You write an appeal to our Governing Body of Trustees including all the criteria shown here on the right.

Once you have their approval and agreement you are assigned a Unique ID in the form of a number or code. This makes you a reverse participant where you gain our support and an immediate support network, you can receive resources pledged by our supporters and even seek to gather your own resources via Qultura in your own personal community. All you need to do is to follow our principles and policies.

We are working to develop a system of support which is flexible, quick and effective. As our charity develops we hope to provide a better alternative to grants, trusts and the social fund where people can pledge and donate resources knowing that 100% of that what they pledge and donate goes directly to those who need it.

The exception to the above are people left without any resources whatsoever as a result of benefit sanctions. They will be able to get reverse participation status directly from our Primary Administrator.

Reverse participation criteria

  • Trustee approval and agreement.
  • A clear objective
  • A description of why you need support and a breakdown of your needs.
  • Documentary evidence supporting your need for support.

Current projects

These are the things we are currently working on. We are busy preparing for 2018 and as usual we are swamped by demand as the needs in the Battersea community, just like the rest of the country, are so great they are overwhelming.

Rebuilding our base

Much of our support throughout our history has come from the local business community in Battersea and Nine Elms who have all been relocated due to the large number of property developments in the Nine Elms Development Zone. We are currently in the process of finding sustainable community space from which we can deliver our support and develop projects. We are still functionng on the basis of temporary makeshift arrangements.


Universal Credit

Universal Credit gets rolled out at Stockwell Job Centre Plus in December 2017 and at Wandsworth Job Centre in March 2018. We are busy trying to develop an effective, sustainable community support network and intend to 'shadow' Universal Credit trying to give people back things which are taken away.


Social cleansing

Battersea is a heavily fragmented community of essentially good people. Social cleansing destroys people's lives and forces them into almost immediate social exclusion. It can take many years for someone to rebuild their lives after being forcibly moved or evicted. Some people don't manage it. What's more social cleansing removes the people and businesses we need to rebuild our community. Qultura is opposed to all forms of social cleansing.


Practical addiction support

For some time we have been opposed to the Councll relocating a drug rehabilitation centre into a local estate. We offer practical addiction support and work with the local GP surgery and specialist services. Overcoming an addiction is extremely difficult and needs not just primary medical supervision but also effective sustained support and meaningful occupation. A better economy would also help. Here's our trustee Joe Stuart outside the planned location for the drug rehab centre.


Supporting Qultura

There are two ways of supporting Qultura.

You can either make a donation or pledge your support and become a Qultura supporter.

Making a donation

Qultura is a people orientated charity. We never use third party fundraisers, get 'in your face' and we work to ensure that 100% of what is donated from the private sector goes directly to the people who need it.

The only way you can make a donation to Qultura is here through this website and the secure link to PayPal.

Make a donation

Clicking on any button will transfer you to the secure PayPal website where you can complete your transaction.

Make a pledge

Pledging your support for Qultura is very simple and you can pledge just about anything - donations, space, goods, services, professional skills, even unwanted household items.

Pledges are a simple but effective way of supporting those who really need support in the community.

There's no obligation to pledges, no hassle, and you can change or modify your pledge at any time.

How pledges work

  • Simply fill out the form to the right giving details of what you want to pledge.
  • We will send you appeals which we feel match your pledge by email.
  • Qultura appeals give you details of what's needed and by who. You decide which appeals to support. To support an appeal simply follow the instructions in the appeal.
  • You can choose to make pledges for specific appeals only. In order to support a specific appeal you ill need the unique ID and objective.

Become a trustee

We are currently looking to expand our Governing Body of Trustees.

Do you live in or around London? Have you a strong interest in cultural development or social exclusion? You might be who we're looking for to join our Governing Body.

Qultura trustees

Qultura trustees form part of a Governing Body which is a legal requirement ensuring that we pursue our mission and objectives without any conflict f interest.

Our trustees also exercise full fiscal control over all aspects of our operation and functioning.

About Qultura trustees

  • Qultura trustees meet quarterly on a mutually agreed Wednesday evening in January, April, July and October.
  • All decisions are made by way of consensus and settlement which gives a unified position on all mtters. Dissenting opinions are noted.
  • Qultura trustees serve for fixed term periods of two years or more and are appointed by the other trustees in the Governing Body.
  • People with certain criminal convictions are excluded and cannot be a Qultura trustee, nor can serving politicians or religious leaders.

The choice

It really doesn't have to be this way. Social exclusion like poverty is not natural nor is it inevitable. It's the outcome of conscious choices and decisions people make towards their fellow human beings. It can be different. That choice always exists. It doesn't matter who you are. You can always make that choice.



  • Unit 30 Sleaford Street Industrial Estate, Sleaford Street, Battersea, London SW8 5AB
  • tel: 0207 498 4487
  • mob: 074511 517 018
  • Office hours Monday to Friday 11am to 6pm