• Supporting those affected by the misery of stigma and exclusion

We are a charitable organization with a difference

You won't see many success stories or photos of people here. There's no commenting on our website and we tend not to spend too much time on social media. This is because a key issue we are working to help people overcome is social stigma. There's stigma in receiving charity. There's plenty of social stigma on social media and online in general. We prefer to work with people face to face in small groups, and we have spent around a decade in extensive research and development in how best to support people. All our work is based on the following four principles.

When used responsibly, social media can be a valuable tool for creating opportunities.

People form social bonds much quicker than any other sort of emtoional attachment.

Frequent face to face social interaction and opportunities for creativity is essential for mental health.

Overcoming stigma and exclusion requires the support and participation of others.

Our main focus is on people not fundraising.

Social stigma is the primary cause of social exclusion. Social stigma manifests itself in different ways through discrimination against other people - racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, discrimination against people because they're mentally ill, obese, because they don't have a job, because they look different, behave different, or think differently.

But it doesn't matter what the stigma is or how it is expressed the central issue is still the same. It's still one person choosing to exercise their social privilege to deny and disempower someone else (or an entire group or community of people) by diminishing their identity and denying them access to opportunities, whether those opportunities are for housing, education, employment, social contact or something to which they have a fundamental human right.

As an organization we stand in complete solidarity with the disempowered, the excluded, the stigmatized and disempowered. We work to promote human individuality and creativity, and we do this by working to create safe environments and opportunities to people who are affected by social exclusion and social stigma to socially interact with others and develop their own personal strategies for overcoming stigma and exclusion through networking and developing social support networks.

There are different ways of getting involved with Qultura

  • This is not how Qultura functions. We are a completely decentralized organization which works to promote human individuality and human creativity. It doesn't matter who you are, it doesn't matter how you identify yourself, your life and your ideas have as much value as our's and everybody else's. Many social enterprises fail or become inefficient because they make the assumption they're right and everybody should think like them. We don't make that assumption.

  • We make the assumption that everybody thinks differently because they have unique and highly individual ideas and life experiences. We have structured our organization to give every individual equal access to power and equal weight to every idea. We maintain an internal egalitarian culture and allow for roles which are kept fluid and flexible which enables us to empower the disempowered. As a result the existing power structures in society don't matter.

  • Qultura functions in ways which are radically different to most other charities and other organizations. Social stigma and exclusion are all about access to power, whether that power be social, economic or political. Most other charities, social movements and human rights organizations are not equipped to deal with social exclusion and social stigma because their missions and objectives are based on a single idea or cause, which creates a power structure and hierarchy, which results in conflict and struggle.

Qultura functions as a local community resource which is freely accessible, fully inclusive and completely free of charge to participate. We work to create opportunities, spaces and environments which are egalitarian in nature and based on mutual support, reciprocity, good relations and giving and sharing.

We also work to develop a network and framework where anyone with an idea or who wants to develop a project in their local community can participate and find people and space to make it happen.

Our work is focussed on creating opportunities for the development of support networks on both a personal and local community level. We have d systemn which is flexible, highly individualized and stigma free where you can get support for just about any issue.

In this way we work to connect people, which also means connecting people who need support for various issues to others who can give support.

Most other charitable organizations focus on fundraising and there is a lack of transparency as to where the money goes. You face a straightforward choice in that you either have to support the entire organization or not at all.

This doesn't happen with Qultura. There are different ways of supporting Qultura, and these ways are both flexible and transparent. You don't have to support everything but can support specific projects or intiiatives assured that your support goes directly to the people who really need it.

Qultura works to achieve social change through cultural change and we are working to achieve a breakthrough in social interaction. You can be part of that breakthrough.

We are always looking for people to campaign, network, provide support to others, create and manage new projects, present videos, develop support networks, gather resources and help out with technical and web skills.