• Promoting human individuality and creativity

We are a community organization with a difference

We are an organization devoted to the recovery and development of individual human experience and the development of consciousness. We work to promote human individuality and human creativity together with the development of local community.

When used responsibly, social media can be a valuable tool for creating opportunities.

People form social bonds much quicker than any other sort of emtoional attachment.

Frequent face to face social interaction and opportunities for creativity is essential for mental health.

We encourage people to be themselves, think for themselves and develop their own communities.

Our main focus is on individual human experience.

Technology moves forward, but society is still stuck

We have gone through more than half a century of technological development which has opened up new ways of communication and interacting with each other, yet society is still structured the same way as it was before we had all this technology, i.e. in the form of a social hierarchy.

The relationship between authority and inequality

This is because we have been conditioned from our earliest age to respect and submit to authority, and authority is delivered through a social hierarchy in the form of a kind of instrumentality which many people find alienating. For far too long we have been deprived of opportunities for individual human experience. Despite the fact that we have so much technology at our fingertips society is still being governed by an elite hierarchy which creates opportunities for social conflict, social exclusion and human exploitation.

The importance of community involvement

The way technology has advanced over the past 50 years gives us the chance to reclaim our individual human experience and restructure our societies through community involvement to better societies which are more dynamic, much more equal and much more inclusive. This is not going to be done by anyone in authority nor should it be, but through participation in community involvement where everyone is accepted and respected as an individual, irrespective of who they are, where they come from, and their background and social circumstances.

Understanding what Qultura does

Qultura is a humanitarian, community cultural organization which works to promote human individuality, human creativity, and social inclusion through local community support. We are non-political, non-religious, and we work to empower the individual and create and provide opportunities for people to meet other people, explore and develop their inner creativity, socialize, network, and share ideas, experiences, activities, mutually support each other, and develop their own networks and communities, including community support networks.

Getting involved with Qultura costs nothing, we don't chartge any membership, subscriptions, admissions, and there is no obligation to buy anything or pay for anything. There is also no hierarchy or power dynamics. Everyone is equal, everyone is treated as an individual, everyone is accepted, everyone is welcome.

There are different ways of getting involved with Qultura

  • Qultura has been developed as a community resource which works at a local community level to address the different needs of individual people. Our purpose here is to create the opportunities for people to connect with each other.

  • Therefore through Qultura you can participate in your local community, set up a new project, get involved in existing projects, you can also get support, give support, and set up a community support project working in your local community. It all comes down to the central question - What am I looking for?

  • Qultura functions in a way which is radically different to most other organizations you can think of. As we work to promote human creativity and individuality we reject wherever possible hierarchy structures and power dynamics. We treat everyone the same way, as an individual.

Qultura functions as a local community resource which is freely accessible, fully inclusive and completely free of charge to participate. We work to create opportunities, spaces and environments which are egalitarian in nature and based on mutual support, reciprocity, good relations and giving and sharing.

We also work to develop a network and framework where anyone with an idea or who wants to develop a project in their local community can participate and find people and space to make it happen.

Our work is focussed on creating opportunities for the development of support networks on both a personal and local community level. We have a systemn which is flexible, highly individualized and stigma free where you can get support for just about any issue.

In this way we work to connect people, which also means connecting people who need support for various issues to others who can give support.

Charitable organizations focus on fundraising and there is a lack of transparency as to where the money goes. You face a straightforward choice in that you either have to support the entire organization or not at all.

This doesn't happen with Qultura. There are different ways of supporting Qultura, and these ways are both flexible and transparent. You don't have to support everything but can support specific projects or intiiatives assured that your support goes directly to the people who really need it.

Qultura works to achieve social change through cultural change and we are working to achieve a breakthrough in social interaction. You can be part of that breakthrough.

We are always looking for people to campaign, network, provide support to others, create and manage new projects, present videos, develop support networks, gather resources and help out with technical and web skills.