What is Qultura?

Qultura promotes human creativity, individuality and community

Everybody is somebody. Everybody has a story to tell, an experience or a perspective to share, or an idea they want to develop. Everybody needs access to opportunities, a community, and connections to other people.

Qultura functions as a community resource, an organization and a community which works to empower individual people, irrespective of who they are and what circumstances they find themselves in. Participation in the Qultura community is entirely free of charge, is based on universal principles, and functions on the basis of roles and projects. Links top and in the footer tell you more.

Understanding roles

With Qultura you can always be yourself and fit in through being yourself.

Qultura is all about developing connections and communities. You can be you and connect to others and also - developing your creativity - explore, experiment, learn, discover, and grow without having to fit in with any ideology or belief systems.

Within the Qultura community roles are kept fluid and flexible. To be a part of our community just participate. To help develop the community and be a part of the organization just volunteer. If you need support from others in the community simply reverse your participation.

Understanding projects

Any activity undertaken by members of the Qultura community is a project.

Generally projects fall into different categories - creative, social and cultural, and community support projects. Anyone in the community can take part in an existing project or create a new project.

Community support projects can also be appeals created by those who have reversed their participation and can be used to get support from people outside the Qultura community.

In this way we are working collectively to connect people, empower individual people and develop both local communities and local community culture.


Our persistent campaign

As of 2019 this is our persistent campaign until further notice.

We've been asked by a group of climate scientists to work on a campaign to develop a greater sense of humanity, compassion, creativity and community among people. As this is so closely aligned to our mission and objectives we agreed.

We face a growing number of social, economic and environmental issues. These are issues such as austerity, climate change, white supremacy, social division and fragmentation, and much more. At some point we have to decide whether we have a common enemy or a common purpose.

So many seem to be either waiting for ready made solutions or unconcerned because the issues don't affect them personally. But it's important to understand that everything is interdependent and we are all connected through society. What affects others also in some way affects you.

So many seem to be waiting for someone to build and light the big bonfire and are so prepared to tear down the work and ideas of others. Maybe there isn't going to be any bonfire. Maybe this is a time when we need to start lighting candles. As the Buddha stated "With a single lighted candle you can light many other candles."

Joining the Qultura community

Do you want to take back your freedom or to be herded like sheeple towards a Final Solution?

We make no apologies for including the 'Never Again' fragment of the Dachau memorial in the image above. Like the US the UK was never occupied in World War II as were other countries in continental Europe and in modern times at least we have never needed to collaborate, cooperate and resist just to survive as people had to during the Second World War. But this is clearly something which collectively we need to learn and develop.

Participation in the Qultura community is free of charge. There are different ways of getting involved. We have groups on social media platforms such as Facebook and MeWe. You only need an email address and password to get a Groupbox profile to access more Qultura communities on a non-corporate platform. The process of linking to Groupbox and the Qultura community takes minutes. We are also developing the Qultura Core project in South London. You can find links in the footer or above.

How you get involved with the Qultura community and which groups you join is pretty much down to you. We are not you. Likewise we can only make everything accessible to you. It's up to you if you get involved or not.

What you can do

You can get involved, create culture, support others and develop your own ideas.

Qultura is not a social movement with a central ideology or belief system telling you what to think, what to believe, and how to behave. You get a website, various groups, various resources, you've got millions of people all around you. You've got a mind of your own. We leave it to you to take back control of your mind and start using it creatively for the benefit of yourself and other people.

For far too long too much power has been given to the constipated, the afraid, the bigoted, the greedy, the authoritarian, the inhuman and we are all living with the consequences. Many of us have lost much of what it means to be human. If you take a look around you and pay attention you will find other people who need something. You might need something yourself. This is about doing something about those needs.

Instead of consuming culture this is about being creative and creating new culture. This is about taking back control and making things real again. What's real is you, your life, your friends, your community, the opportunities you create for others and what others create for you. After all your ideas and experiences are just as good and just as valid as anybody else's.

Can you help us develop these Qultura Core projects in London?

Wednesday Meet Up

The Wednesday Meet Up takes place on Wednesdays between 6.30pm and 8pm in community space in Battersea, South London. This is where people can drop in for a coffee and chat, share ideas, experiences, discuss problems. We need volunteers who enjoy meeting people, chatting and drinking tea or coffee to help make this a regular event.

Community support

We need people to get involved in community support projects and a new community support centre in community space in Battersea, South London. This would involve creating projects based on 'first contact' community support designed to connect people who need support and advice to those who can offer that support and advice.

Project Zero

We're looking for people to get involved in Project Zero, which is a project designed for people who rely on benefits for all or part of their income irrespective of whether it's Universal Credit, JSA, ESA, DLA, PIP. This is a project designed to create a community offering mutual support, networking, collaboration, advice, also witnessing and monitoring the DWP.

Human Visibility

We're looking for people to get involved in our Human Visibility Project which is set up to support and help people overcome loneliness and social invisibility. Both loneliness and social invisibility are growing community and social issues which can have profound and devastating effects on people's lives and which can often be difficult to overcome.