• Promoting creativity, individuality, and human rights

Qultura is about empowering individual people

We are a developing international human rights organization which places a particular emphasis on human creativity, human individuality, and the primacy of individual human experience and dignity. We have been functioning in various incarnations since 2009 and we support not just the creative, the innovative and those who don't fit in to the system, but also the disempowered, the marginalized, the stigmatized, the marginalized and the excluded.

We are not an organization for ideologues, followers, watchers, consumers, believers and negative people who can only judge, blame, criticize and hate.

Our focus is on the cultural development in local communities

The founding principle of Qultura is that everyone in a community should have free access to opportunities to explore and develop their individual experience and creativity and have equally free access to culture and opportunities in cultural development. Until culture is owned and controlled by people in local communities it is pointless to talk about having any civil liberty or equality in society. Social privilege is not the same as civil liberty but the siding with authority to dis-empower other people for social, economic or political gain.

Our website content is based on tautological theory and root causes, without histories, explanations and second hand ideology. If you are going to rediscover yourself and explore your creativity you need to learn the universal principles..

We offer free access to various groups and communities online which you can sign up for free of charge where you can connect to people and develop your own groups and communities.

through our resources you can connect to other people and share ideas, experiences, thoughts, feelings, emotions, make connections, participate in various community projects and develop your individual human experience.

The purpose of being part of a community is having access to support and empowerment from others. Without community it's virtually impossible to overcome the divisions and disempowerment when you're alone and isolated.

Our focus is on connection, not division

The basic choice in life is whether you choose to connect or remain divided.

For sure the system has failed but the simple fact of the matter is that failure and making mistakes is rooted in life experience. We all fail, we all make mistakes and it is not possible to live without making mistakes, failing and things going wrong. Holding people account and finding fault and blaming others for their mistakes is pointless. What is important is what you learn from failure and what you seek to do differently. We don't point fingers, bamboozle you with information, or tell you what to think and believe. We simply explain the root cuases and leave it to you to explore further and figure out how to make your own changes.

We favour consciousness over programming

People have been enslaved for far too long by ideology and authority through hierarchy.

Any belief in ideology or external authority is an illusion, nothing more. But so too is a dream and a fantasy. This is the whole purpose of culture and cultural development is that you can explore the dreams, the ideas, and the fantasies to stimulate your imagination and perhaps find inspireation to create something concrete and real. The problem is of course when you confuse the illusion with reality and start believing that the illusions are reality.

The only things which you own in actual reality are your experiences, your consciousness and your perspective, and the connections you have with other people. These four things belong to you as an individual. Everything else is shared or communal, including your beliefs, your ideas, your words, and the resources you need to live. Your life is your own and determined by the choices you make. The only real choice is whether you take ownership of your life, your experiences and your identity and live freely, or you surrender them to ideology and authority and allow your life to be defined and controlled by those in authority.

Connect to others in a community

Being part of a community is fundamental to overcoming disempowerment.

Qultura is about empowering the individual human being to reclaim ownership of their individual human experience, choices and dignity and cultural development because until people recover ownership of culture there will never be any real peace, any real civil liberty or any genuine equality, there will only be dis-empowerment, conflict, struggle and inequality. .

You will never overcome dis-empowerment on your own or through ideology or belief. It doesn't matter if you choose religion, or politics, or some social movement, the ruling hierarchy and ideology will always come before your individuality and any opportunities to take ownership of what is rightfully yours. The Qultura community is different because you unite with others on the basis of your individuality and humanity, not what you believe or what ideology you follow. Beliefs and ideology are meaningless to us. What matters is who you are as an individual and what you can do. You empower yourself through empowering others because that's how life works. Through this we find community, we connect, and we are united in our respect for each other and ourselves.

We favour human evolution over excessive consumption

This is to do with reality and the fundamental purpose of your existence.

Qultura has been set up to create and provide opportunities for people to come together, connect to one another and work in their own unique and individual ways towards such objectives as cultural development, development of individual personal creativity, development of communities, acquisition of personal experiences, development of connections to others, creative self-expression, responsible use of technology, and working towards achieving peace both inside and out, harmony, equality and balance.

We are strictly non profit, strictly community, and work to promote mindful consumption, conscious living, personal enlightment, the development of social and environmental connections based on mutual respect enrichment of individual personal experience and the promotion of a better quality of life for everyone on the planet.

The change you seek lies inside you. Nowhere else. Only you can take the steps on your journey. It is after all your personal individual journey. Nobody else's. .Please feel free to join us and make the changes you seek reality.