5G technology


5G, like 4G and 3G, is a digital network which hosts the internet and mobile device networks. If you think that 5G is just another development on 4G I'd like to point out that it's not. Nothing of the sort. 5G is also referred to as the 'smart grid', 'broadband everywhere' or simply 'the internet of things' (IoT).

The paradigm shift in information technology

There are three major changes which make 5G technology completely different to current or previous technology systems.

  • 5G broadband networks are completely wireless. The 5G network is based on a 'cloud' with increased frequencies of 28GHz, 39GHz and even 100Ghz (up from speeds of 4Ghz). This creates much faster broadband speeds on all devices with instantaneous response and download speeds.
  • Machine learning capabilities. 5G also offers a paradigm shift in artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. This gives computers and processors the ability to learn and process information to make autonomous decisions. This means that computers, various devices and even smartphones will be able to learn from all human conscious thinking processes and be able to independently use language and make decisions.
  • Greater surveillance capabilities from new ways of identifying, processing and managing information. New 'smart' devices which are connected to the grid or the 'cloud' will have new ways of processing information. They will be able to read biometrics, bone marrow data, see through walls and solid objects, and with this technology there will be an increase in smart devices, including household appliances, which will be able to monitor, track, record and identify you.

What can be done?


It's hard to say what can be done right now because as yet it hasn't been rolled out to a significant degree and we do not know for sure how this is going to impact on how we live. That saying there have been tests and they don't look that encouraging. It also doesn't look that great either when you take into account the other issues from Agenda 21, Universal Credit and Social Credit either.

Technology can only be beneficial when it is balanced with human creativity

This is the principle we are working towards. There needs to be changes and there also needs to be far more cultural development and opportunities for individual human creativity made, with much more done to promote community participation and interaction, real time, face to face social interaction because this is what can help to mitigate the threats and hazards presented to us by 5G technology.

Why not get involved?

We are working to develop a community of people, volunteers and participants, people who seek change and want to share their experiences and ideas with others. Please remember this is about you, your life, your community, your reality, your experiences and your ideas.