About us

The Qultura community blog is a free web publishing project.
The Qultura Community Blog is a freely accessible web publishing project created so that you can showcase your creative output and share your individual perspective freely online without needing that much technological skills or knowledge.

You access it by becoming a member of the Qultura community - which is simple, you simply register on our community Message Board.

You can use our Community Blog to share your perspectives, experiences, thoughts, feelings, and also your creative output - photography, art, music, poetry, verse, stories, essays, sculptures, and any other form of creativity. However if you create spoken poetry, comedy, monologues and such, you might be better off using Qultura Fringe.

We will publish your submissions on our websites and you will receive a link for each submission we publish which you can share on your social media or wherever you like. It's your work. You own the copyright. Do whatever you like with it.

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