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Nothing brings a community together quite like a community library.

All you need is an empty shelf somewhere in some community space which can support books. Then find some books. Put the books on the shelves so that they're accessible freely to other people in the community and you have the start of a community library.

The same principle applies to everyone. If you see a book you like and want to read it, then take it, read it, and bring in back when you're finished with it.

There's no need for anything such as membership, registration, library cards, or fines because everything works on the basis of trust. Trust in yourself, trust in others, trust in your community.

This is a community project created and developed by Charmaine Bourton for people who love reading, love books, and love libraries. She started the first Qultura community library at the ROSE Community Centre in London in 2019 and it went from a dozen or so books on a shelf to an entire wall of the community centre of filled bookshelves with several hundred books for all ages across different genres, fiction and non-fiction. This is our most popular and most widely used community project.

Think of what you can do with a book

Books are of course there for reading. You can read a book yourself of course, but you can also read to other people. Children, especially small children, love it when someone reads them a story. Not just children either. There's a lot of other people who love a good story and love being read to. Then there's the elderly folks who also love a good story. In fact it's probably true to say that we all love a good story, don't we?

Books are what bring people together and getting involved in reading and stories is a great way of developing your imagination and developing empathy and connections with other people.

You can of course create many different community projects out of a community library. You can create various story telling projects, create a book club, you can write a play or a script which is based on a book and use it in one of our other community projects Qultura Fringe, and do many other things. Think of a cookery club trying out the different recipes from just one recipe book, for example.

Find the space, find the books

This is a community project which is focussed on creating new community libraries wherever we can find the space, the shelving and the books.

Seek out and find community spaces, community centres, youth clubs, cafes, pubs, GP surgeries, even reception areas in other places. You just need to find a space and a shelf and if everyone is happy start filling it with books.

Does this sound interesting? Why not get involved?

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