Get involved

Here's how to get involved in Community Libraries

Register on our community Message Board

In order to get involved in Qultura Community Libraries all you really need to do is to register on our community Message Board.

On the Message Board there is a dedicated section for Community Libraries.

From there you can interact with others who are also interested in books, reading, and developing community libraries.

Can you be a community librarian?

We need a couple of Community Librarians to help us maintain the ROSE Community Library at the ROSE Community Centre in Nine Elms, London. If you live close to the ROSE and can spare an hour or so each week, and don't mind doing a bit of organizing of books on shelves, this would be ideal.

Keeping the books in order takes around an hour, it's easy and we don't mind you doing it with a friend or someone else. You can do it while drinking tea and coffee and we don't mind when you do it, just as long as it's once a week.

If you can help us out with the ROSE Community Library we would be eternally grateful.

Please send us a message

Donating books to a Community Library

We're more than happy to receive unwanted books which can go towards creating another Community Library. The easing of the COVID pandemic and lockdowns is more than likely going to transform into a period of all kinds of emotional, psychological and mental health issues so if anything we are looking to create even more Community Libraries.

Think of the hours of escape which can come from a good book, and thus the hours of relief. Think of how even a few books can bring different people together.

Please note that currently we are primarily collecting only (until we have secured new community space) but we always welcome donations of books.

Click here to donate unwanted books