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Get to know a complete stranger from your community.

You understand that you borrow a book from a library, right? So how about you borrow another human being from your local community?

This is essentially what a Human Library Project is all about.

The Human Library Project is all about getting to know people, developing empathy, figuring out new social interaction strategies and broadening your mind and perspective through having the chance to interact socially with people from outside your usual social circle.

You get to meet such people, who are generally other people from your community, at Human Library Project events which we organize in different places, such as community space, a local park (weather permitting) and local pubs and cafes.

This is a great way of getting to meet and know other people in your local community, in person, face to face. A Human Library Project event lasts a couple of hours and gives you the opportunity to get to know two people through shorter 45 minute conversations. In the first 45 minute session someone is randomly selected for you to get to know. Then after a short break you can then select someone else at the event and get to know them in another 45 minute conversation.

All Human Library projects are managed by a Community Facilitator who runs the events and acts as a resource if you have any questions or something happens, just so things run smoothly.

You walk away experiencing a 'buzz' from the social interaction, you get to know new people, they get to know you, and you never know, you might even pick up a friend or two from these events.

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