About Qultura social media

Participating in Qultura social media is radically different to the general social media experience because consumption of existing culture, following, watching, and just passively accepting content from whatever source is a big no no. This is because if you are constantly posting links to stuff and content which has already been created by someone else, or you're following someone else such as a political party, politician, media personality, celebrity, or content about some published author you are dis-empowered and not focussing on what you need to be focussed on, which is your reality.

The whole point of the Qultura social media experience is to return the focus of attention back onto you, your reality, your life experiences, your community, your friends, your family, you struggles, your successes, your achievements, your failures, your issues, and your unique and individual perspective.

Something to think about

Approximately half of all adults in the UK have no close friends. Even more do not get anywhere near enough opportunities for social interaction. For an astonishing large number of people social media is their social life and their only available opportunity for social contact. It comes down to either a mouse and a keyboard, a laptop, or a data connection and a smartphone. This for an increasing number of people in society is a social life and if they are not online or have restricted access to the internet, many are totally and completely cut off from their community and socially excluded.

Something else to think about

Many of these socially excluded people are also heavily stigmatized by society for various reasons - they have a disability, they are struggling with mental health issues, they are on the spectrum and are either autistic or have Asperger's, or a learning disability, or they are obese, gay, transgendered, intersexed, unemployed, and have no opportunities for any social interaction whatsoever because they don't have work or any occupation and spend a lot of time in complete and total social isolation. They have been completely rejected by a society and culture based on individualism and many of these people struggle even for the will to live. Many would kill for the opportunity of just some social interaction, maybe even a friendship or two, but they are often scared and fearful of reaching out because they constantly have to struggle with being labelled, stigmatized, ridiculed, exploited, abused, put down, and rejected. It reaches the point that just for a pleasant conversation they have to struggle and go through a lot of hassle. Many give up because it's just not worth that amount of hassle just to be listened to or to have someone give them, even for five minutes, their undivided attention without demanding or expecting something from them or that they conform to some cultural or societal standard of being a Good Model Citizen.

These people are a valuable resource for change

Truth is relative to perception, so unless you have gone through inequality or the process of being stigmatized, poor, or excluded from society, you simply don't have a clue of any of the struggles or hardships involved. You don't have the direct life experiences or have experienced the numerous barriers which make your life much more complicated first hand. You can only guess, make assumptions and judge, which is what most people do because they so totally focussed on themselves and their own social importance and relevance. The whole point of the Qultura social media platforms is to reach out to such people and offer these people a safe online community, both compassionate and accepting, where they can share their experiences to those who are prepared to listen and get to know them.

This is after all what developing empathy really means - getting to know other people who are different from you, who often cannot offer you anything, and making the effort to get to know such people and learn to see life and society from their perspectives. This is of course a two way street. But most people aren't interested in doing this because they are so focussed on themselves and getting attention from others without giving anything back in return.

Accessing our social media platforms

Below we present the information you need to access our social media platforms and online groups. Our focus is on the three main platforms of Facebook, MeWe and Groupbox. When we have developed a significant community on these platforms then we can consider expanding to other social media platforms. Of course this all depends on the numbers involved as there's not much point in developing an empty social media group.

Facebook is perhaps the easiest because so many people have Facebook profiles. You can access our Facebook page from the first social media icon in the bottom right hand corner of any page on this site or if you are on Facebook by simply searching for 'Qultura'. Click to like our page and you will have access to our main feed.

However we also have a discussion group on Facebook. Under our header image you will find a button on the right hand side inviting you to click to visit our group. Click on it and you will become part of our Facebook community.

Our Facebook community page

We also have a group on MeWe, which you can access from the link in our footer or by searching for 'Qultura' if you have a MeWe profile.

If you click on the link in our footer without having a MeWe profile you will be invited to create one. You have to figure out for yourself whether it's worth signing up for a MeWe profile. It's a smaller social media network but it's much more people friendly and less corporate intrusive than Facebook.

Qultura on MeWe

Groupbox is an alternative social media platform which is non corporate and created by a man in the States as a social media site for people to maintain connections to one another. It's completely free of charge to use.

A Groupbox profile comes with a lot of whistles and bells. You can upload and share photos, you have a feed, a calendar, a chat facility and pretty much everything which Facebook offers you. Only you cannot post links unless you've built up a certain number of points.

You have our various groups on Groupbox which you can also access through clicking on the links below.

You can easily get a Groupbox profile with an email address and a simple password. It's all completely free of charge. Below we have provided a link in our footer to the Groupbox profile and once you have your profile, you just need to click on the links to our discussions groups on Groupbox by clicking on the links which are also below.

The Groupbox website Qultura@groupbox QultureCore@groupbox