Get involved

How to get involved in Qultura Connect.

Register on our community Message Board

In order to get involved in Qultura Community Libraries all you really need to do is to register on our community Message Board.

On the Message Board there is a dedicated section for Qultura Connect.

From there as a member of the Qultura community you can interact with others who are also interested in Qultura Connect - there is a dedicated section for this specific community project - as well as interact with other people and get involved in other community projects.

However within the Qultura Connect section you can post about what you're trying to get rid of, what you need, what you'd like to borrow, what you have available to lend, and what you'd like to share.

Please pay attention to some obvious no nos

Please don't create posts which involve any of the following:
  • any kind of commercial activity or transactions, i.e. buying, selling, swapping, requiring some form of payment, etc
  • please don't offer anything which is defective or not working, or dangerous, or hazardous
  • please don't offer food items which are opened, partially used, half eaten, etc
  • if you need something fixing and the repair involves obtaining or buying some kind of spare part, then it's down to you to obtain whatever spare part is needed
  • please don't involve children, i.e. under 18's in any way in any form of lift sharing
  • please don't offer or ask for anything that is living, i.e. plants, animals, pets
  • please don't not offer any clothing you would not be comfortable with being seen wearing in public

Please remember that the general principle is that the one who receives the item is responsible for collecting the item.

Creating a listing

Qultura Connect is designed to work from within our community Message Board, which means that it's essential to be a member of the Qultura community in order to participate. However you might not find what you're looking for from others on the community Message Board so what we have done is we've created an opportunity for you to create a listing, which will be published on the front page.

Anyone who is interested can register on the community Message Board and contact you there via your username or Message Board ID. This avoids any need to make your address or phone number public. Also if there's any problems or issues we can step in and help you sort things out.

If you're already registered as a member of the Qultura community, you can go ahead, create a listing, and we'll publish it.

Create a listing