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Qultura Fallback is all about first contact unconditional community support.

Qultura Fallback is the community support project being developed from within the Qultura community. In most local communities this is something new but the whole point of Qultura Fallback is to create opportunities for people to be able to liberate themselves from whatever trauma and suffering they're experiencing in their lives.

This means that this is all about first contact unconditional community support for whoever needs it in the community.

It starts with involvement on our community Message Board and becoming part of the Qultura community. But once you're involved in our community you can quickly and easily reverse your participation in our community to highlight the fact that you need community support, and from that create appeals which are published on the Qultura Core website if you need practical, financial or professional (qualified) support.

We do of course offer you community support in addition to other organizations such as the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), Universal Credit, Personal Independence Payments (PIP), local authorities and other organizations and charities and of course the NHS.

In London we are working to open our first Community Drop in project at the ROSE Community Centre in Nine Elms. This will be open for 2 hours a week every Wednesday between 11am and 1pm and will be where you can turn up and drop in for tea and coffee and to talk with someone about what's going on in your life. If you can't make it during the day then you can also drop in during any other Qultura community activity at the ROSE which takes place in the evening around 8pm.

This is also the meeting point for Qultura activists who are coming together to provide the same level of first contact unconditional community support out in the community and on the streets such as the street homeless. This is something that we're preparing to do from later on in the year when we have sufficient numbers of activists to be able to provide sustainable and effective community support.

This is so that nobody is left starving, unsupported, alone, living in fear, and contemplating suicide.

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