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taking first contact community support out to the streets

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According to CHAIN statistics, approximately every 2 hours someone in London loses their home and is thrown out onto the streets. The season doesn't matter. The weather doesn't matter. Every 2 hours someone in London loses their home and becomes a rough sleeper on the streets. There can be as many as 3,000 rough sleepers in London on any given day.

In the winter of 2018 into 2019 some 770 homeless people froze to death on streets in the UK.

It is not uncommon to find someone sleeping on the streets for more than 5 years. It's possible to find someone who's been sleeping on the streets for more than 10 years.

Can you make friends with the homeless and destitute?

This is exactly what we're asking you to do.

We're looking to recruit lots of volunteers and activists who are prepared to meet up and go out and make friends with people who are street homeless in central London. We want you to work together to hang out with such people. Get to know them. Gain their confidence. Earn their trust. Treat them as fellow human beings, no differently as you would anyone else.

Then find out how we can support them.

What the roles involve

There's actually two roles involved here.

Everything is centred around involvement on the community Message Board and using Slack. We also meet up at the ROSE where necessary as the ROSE Community Centre acts as a resource and rallying point.

There's a short self-study induction course in Qultura methodology when you start and we back this up with a lot of mentoring, resources and support.

The hours are flexible, because everything is discussed and arranged online, and you can choose whether you wish to be involved remotely and focus more on the volunteering (resource) role, more on the activist role or be involved in both roles simultaneously.

You will also be interacting with other organizations such as local authorities, The Passage Day Centre, and other organizations and charities.

We're putting this out there together with the opportunities for project coordinators role for Qultura projects at the ROSE and also our other opportunities for community support volunteers to support people through our Community Drop In project at the ROSE Community Centre.

Get involved

If you're interested and would like to get involved then please complete the form below and we will get back to you. Please note that you will need to be a member of the Qultura community (i.e. registered on our community Message Board). Please note that all fields marked with a red asterisk are required and need to be filled out (the form won't work unless they are filled out).