Get involved

Here's how you get involved in Qultura Fallback

Getting involved in Qultura Fallback is completely free of charge for everyone. There's no membership, no subscriptions, nothing you need to buy or pay for, and no money changes hands between members of the Qultura community. We also won't send you emails asking you to chip in, or telling you what to think or believe. So no hidden 'surprises'...

Looking to get involved? Here's what you do.

Register on our community Message Board

This is what makes you a member of the Qultura community. You access the message board from the top menu 'Message Board' on this or any of our other websites and if you're doing this for the first time all you need to do is register, just as you would for any other internet message board.

Once you've done that you can introduce yourself by creating a thread in the Introductions section and if you feel like it you can also start a thread and post in the Qultura Fallback section. But you can start threads and create posts anywhere you like.

The community Message Board is where everything starts and most things happen in the Qultura community.

Reversing your participation

Once you're part of our community and if you feel you need to, you can reverse your participation and become part of the Qultura Core network. Once you've reversed your participation you will be able to create official appeals through the Qultura Core network.

You can find out how to do this by visiting the Qultura Core CIC website and clicking on the 'Community support' tab. But you need to be a member of the Qultura community to be able to reverse your participation.

The Qultura Core CIC website

Turn up at one of our Community Drop Ins

You're also welcome to come along to one of our Community Drop Ins for a tea or coffee and a chat and access the same community support face to face.