a new production featuring Charmaine Bourton and Tina Slaughter

Death is something that we all think about, but is death really an illusion?

Nicknamed 'the American play' because she wrote it within three days during Hurricane Katrina in 2005, 'Death' is the last play written by Stella Baker during her time living in Poland. It's also the only play she wrote entirely in her second language - Polish, therefore this is probably the only play written by a UK dramatist which is based on its translation into English that you have heard of.

'Death' is a dramatic portrayal of the theosophical vision of the afterlife where we have not one but two souls, so as our soul is released from our body through death it watches over our other soul which is reborn into new life. This play challenges one's perceptions and beliefs about death.

This new production of 'Death' features Charmaine Bourton and Tina Slaughter, two experienced London actresses who are preparing this challenging play as both a script reading and a stage performance.

An online script reading is planned for the autumn of 2021 with staged readings and performances towards the end of 2021.

This play was the first one staged by Qultura Fringe at The Duchess in Battersea at the start of 2008, and 12 years later this new production will be dedicated to the memory of those who have died from COVID during the pandemic. We are asking Wandsworth Council to consider creating a memorial garden somewhere in Nine Elms in memory of those who died due to COVID in the local community.