a new series of short dramas by Stella Baker

Revelations is a new series of short dramas being written by Stella Baker about the social reality of life during and after the COVID pandemic.

The series is based on Revelations 13, a chapter from the Bible and each one of the ten short dramas is based on a mystical principle, which means that each short drama explores a specific mystical principle. For example Revelations 0 (zero) explores non-existence or space, Revelations 1 explores unity, Revelations 2 explores duality and morality, and so on.

This is a long term project which will create texts which can be read as part of script readings, staged as short plays, made into short independent films, or which can also form the basis of drama workshops.

This page will be further updated as the project develops. Initial performances and script readings are planned for late 2021.