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RAIN methodology is a simple universal tool or technique to recover from a traumatic mindset or move past an unpleasant social encounter or relationship if it's someone else who has the traumatic mindset. RAIN is of course spelled 'R-A-I-N' and is called such as to be a simple mnenomic device to help you remember the four steps.

Things you need to take into account

Before we get into the four simple steps there are a few things you need to take into consideration and keep in mind:

  • As per the Principle and the Process (third universal principle) it's important to keep in mind that your mind is an environment for your memory - which is physical - through which you do all your thinking. Thinking is a physical action. If you find yourself in a traumatic mindset and taken out of your Principle or Core Being, then you can use the technique below to let it go and move past the experience or the mindset and bring yourself back to your Principle. Mindfulness is all about keeping your mind free as much as possible and not cluttering it up with unnecessary thoughts about the past. The experience is recorded into your memory naturally, and ruminating or thinking about it, going over and over and over again is simply re-recording the same experience and pushing you deeper into the traumatic mindset.
  • Using RAIN is not about liberating yourself completely from traumatic mindsets or becoming impervious to them. Enlightenment is not something you need to think about because actual enlightenment always comes from your environment. Anyone who is telling you that you can become enlightened by your own efforts or conscious free will is bullshitting you and trying to sell you a place on their meditation or yoga course. You can only become enlightened by letting go of past karma and seeking out new experiences.
  • In order to become free from a traumatic mindset or past karma you need to find a way of breaking out of your existing thought patterns, belief cycles, and you can only do this by going through a process of individuation - exploration, experimentation, learning and discovery - by being connected to your environment and focussing on something that is not you.

The first step is to recognize that you or someone else is experiencing a traumatic mindset and generating karma.

The next step is to accept that you or someone else is experiencing a traumatic mindset and generating karma. It happens to the best of us.

If someone else is going through a traumatic mindset and you're the object or target of their nastiness or toxicity then the very last thing you do is engage them in some sort of conflict or try to change their mind. This will only escalate the situation. Simply remove yourself from the situation and move on as best you can. You have enough of your own karma to deal with without taking on anyone else's karma.

The next step is to investigate how come you or someone else is experiencing a traumatic mindset and generating karma. What is triggering it? What is motivating it? What was going on before the traumatic mindset developed? What's the story? What was the action or event (karma) which directly led to the traumatic mindset? Learn to dig deep into yourself or other people to get to the narrative and backstory. Don't give up until you have what you believe to be the truth.

Liberation from a traumatic mindset and resolution of karma comes from non-identifying and non-attachment to belief attachments, ideologies, outcomes, images, point scoring, and moral reasoning. You are not a physical object or being, you are not your body, your mind, your emotions, your feelings, your thoughts, your words, or your actions. You are your conscious Principle. You are here to experience the universe, this planet, life, and to be happy.