About community activism

Qultura activism is part of the Qultura Core universal volunteering system. However Qultura community activism is designed to function on totally different principles from community volunteering. Make no mistake Qultura activism is environmental activism. However Qultura community activism is also radically different from other environmental organizations such as Extinction Rebellion, Just Stop Oil and Insulate Britain. This is where you learn how.

For an insight into our universal volunteering system you need to see the webpage on community volunteering or visit the Qultura Core website. This webpage is designed to give you an introduction to community activism in the Qultura community.

Understanding the Bigger Picture

Without getting too bogged down in the environmental debate it should be patently obvious to most people that the way society is functioning is not sustainable, it's not environmentally friendly, it's not people friendly, and it's not even business friendly. We are in a period of advanced cultural decline and social fragmentation. It's very clear that the central issue is a conflict between the unrestricted flow of capital and the interests of multinational corporations on the one hand and environmental concerns on the other.

However it's also important to remember that nobody is in control and nobody knows what's going on. This is a fundamental truth about society and it's a truth which is often unspoken. Nobody is in control because existence is ruled by the equations of dynamics and chaos. Now there may be people and organizations who are seeking control but to seek control is to invite enormous amounts of aggravation and get bogged down in conflict. Do you need examples from politics? While many people may not understand this, we are living in interesting times and these are the times when the control freaks always seem to get caught out, chewed up and spat out.

Trying to control people, or society, or communities, is pretty much the same as trying to control a dream.

Think about this. If you are depending on some corporation or organization, or the Government or some local authority, to bring us out of the environmental issues and social collapse we seem to be heading towards, then you must be extremely optimistic. Or smoking some really good shit. Nobody's in control, not the Government, the Tories, the Labour Party, the IMF, the Pope, the World Bank or anyone else. Nobody has their finger on what's going on.

Therefore the first thing you need to understand before you get involved in Qultura activism is that we are not an organization, we are not interested in protest, we have no ideology, we are not seeking control, because we thrive in an environment of chaos, disorder, simply because it creates an infinite number of possibilities and opportunities.

Understand the basis for Qultura activism

Qultura is an alternative dreamweaving community and as such our role in the community, and ultimately in wider society, is to find ways to navigate the Culture of Constipated Reasoning and to find ways of drawing people out of the mental and emotional constipation which clogs up their minds and their lives. We do this through dreamweaving, through art, through creativity, through stealth, through subversion, and through infiltration.

We have access to so much digital technology through many different media and across different platforms. It was never intended that we should have such power, or such access to so much digital technology would end up in the hands of freaks such as us. However this is how it has transpired that we have such access to such technology. Now we have the means and the tools available to reach out and connect to each other in ways which were not possible 20 or 30 years ago. Nobody should feel alone or marginalized, or excluded, but all too often people are and often become isolated, marginalized, alone and excluded, because of the excessive use of ideology and labels.

This is where we come to the specific interest of Qultura activism. It is possible to make use of this technology for anyone, let's take you for example, to find your people and your community through our community. We are all walking round with different labels and societal badges which often seem as important to other people as our names, but it's important that we can use these badges and labels to seek and find affinity with other people who are similar to us and who share common experiences as we do and to bring them with us into community.

Find the others

So this is where we get to what Qultura activism is really all about. 'Find the others' was a great rallying cry from Timothy Leary, who was a psychologist and important figure in the US counter culture movement in the 1960's. We all need affinity, we all need social interaction and contact in community with people who can understand us and what we go through in life, and it is through seeking affinity with others through community, and through the Qultura community we can develop stronger, more inclusive local communities and address some very real and persistent social and environmental issues at their very core.

We seek Qultura community activists to do not much more than networking, connecting to different people, and developing stronger connections between people in different communities. The labels in themselves don't matter that much, because we all have labels, and in seeking affinity for you and using our community tio find your people and develop your community everyone benefits. There are different environments where you can develop your Qultura activism.

The wider local community

We all know people in the local community. There's people we meet on the way to shops, in the neighbourhood, on public transport, when we're out walking the dog. You can use the Qultura community to connect to and get to know other people.

On social media

You can also find people on social media and get to know them on various social media platforms. We will gladly give you access to our social media platforms. In fact we would benefit from having a few activists who know specific platforms.

Through organizations & groups

We also encourage and welcome networking between different organizations and community groups and are interested in developing connections between different groups and community organizations. We operate on a quid pro quo basis.

At events and meetings

We're also seeking Qultura activists to connect to people at different events, meetings, workshops, marches and demonstrations.

If you are interested

This is pretty much all about Qultura activism but you're welcome to check out the Qultura Core website. If you're just starting out please also message us. You do need to be a registered member of the Qultura community to become a Qultura activist.

About Qultura

Qultura is a developing alternative dreamweaving community centred in Nine Elms, London, so 'Qultura' may refer to the Qultura community itself, Qultura methodology or Qultura Core, the core of the the community. Our community is freely accessible to all interested, completely free of charge to participate in and make use of, and welcomes everyone to our meetings, workshops and on our Community Message Board.