Qultura activism

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Qultura activism is a specific role which is different from volunteering, because activism is not about developing the Qultura community through projects and the development of empathy. Activism is also not about participation or reverse participation, or dealing with trauma in a way to get beyond it.

Qultura activism is all about bringing people together and finding different ways of drawing individual people into the cmmunity. It's all about the message, both online and offline in the local community face to face. It's about seeking out different people, finding them, making the connections, sharing the message, making the sharing of the message very real, very direct and making the message as real and as relevant to as many different people as possible.

What to avoid as a Qultura activist

You have to be very careful as a Qultura activist to ensure that you are always relevant in your communication to others and your message. If you crease to be relevant in how you communicate to others and your message ceases to become relevant, then you are left with nothing more than an ideology and a belief system. This is where very many activists end up, repeating the same messages over and over and over again, pursuing the same agenda, and instead of getting people interested and involved, you end up turning them off, creating division and conflict, and pushing people away.

What works and what doesn't

We've learned that certain things don't work. Dropping leaflets don't work, canvassing and door knocking is threatening to most people and puts them on the defensive. Social media is often very divisive and you come across people locked mentally into their own ideologies, belief systems and specific interests and feeds move so fast that even a meme or a short video might get a few likes, maybe the odd share, but won't result in many people signing up to the community or taking that much initiative. You're dealing with vast amounts of mental and social conditioning, reality manipulation and social engineering.

You need to actually engage with people on a one to one basis as directly as possible. You have to dig a bit deeper and get to know them as individuals that little bit deeper. You have to use empathy, connect to people, socially interact with them,. develop social bonds, develop two way conversations. You have to reach out and talk to strangers, get them to share something with you about their lives, and inspire the interest to make them want to join our communioty, start the possibility of a friendship, break down and dissolve barriers, and get them to want to get involved in our community, take it to social media, get involved in a project, and take this all one step further.

How Qultura activism works

Unlike other roles in the Qultura community activism is much more experimental, creative, based on trial and error, based on figuring out what works and what doesn't. This is a brilliant opportunity for people who identify as people persons, who are keen on diverse and varied opportunities for social interaction, the talkers, the communicators, the writers, the artists, the creatives, the people who are good at taking risks, giving people chances and getting attention.

Our activist strategy

Our activist strategy is totally non confrontational, based on empathy, connections, infiltration, stealth, making people think, being avante garde, being different, taking the initiative, and trying wherever possible to keep this all one to one and non-threatening. Seek to engage, connect and where you cannot connect dis-engage and move on. Don't argue, don't fight. Don't try to convince anyone, change their mind, or transparently 'sell' them anything.

You do things in your own way and your own time but you understand that the more people that you - and other activists - get to join our community the stronger and more powerful our community becomes, the quicker and more beneficial the change, the greater the diversity, and the easier everything becomes for everyone. Also please avoid engaging with anyone in any sort of authority. They're not important. ignore them completely. Focus instead on the victims of individualism, the poor, the excluded, the marginalized, the people with the insight, personal experience, experience of trauma, and often a much closer perspective of why things aren't working and what needs to happen or at least attempted.

How you become a Qultura activist

As with any other role you become the change, take the initiative and make the first moves. However unlike the other roles you don't sign up to another mailing list but work together with Qultura Core to create a social media group, a closed discussion group, a place where all activists can work with our Core project and community to discuss various ideas and strategies.