About the Community Message Board


The Community Message Board is something we had since before the COVID pandemic but as we were a London wide community which met in real time it never took off. Then when there were different lockdowns which deprived us of access to community space we decided to emphasize use of the Community Message Board by treating it like a virtual online 24/7 community centre.

We further retained it when we started having issues with our Facebook page and community (posts going missing, other Facebook issues) and also as a way of connecting members of the community while also providing a way people could become members of the Qultura community free of charge without developing a login or a subscription service. Participation in the Qultura community and making use of our mystical resources will always be free of charge for everyone and we have no intention of sending out spam emails or newsletters trying to get people's attention or telling people what to think and believe, or some other nonsense. That's not what Qultura is about.

What this is really all about

You see on some level this is about you. This is about encouraging and promoting individual human experience and individual human creativity. Creativity is all about you transcending the levels of normal and the mundane and seeing things in a way which you feel nobody else has ever seen things before. This is what dreamweaving is all about. It's a way of dissolving boundaries in a community environment of like-minded people through social interactions and finding connections.

People talk about virtual reality as if it's some futuristic concept connected with digital technology. The truth is we've been living in a virtual reality for the past 6,000 or so years. This is especially true if you live in a city such as London where you have very little or no contact with Nature or the natural environment. We're all taken from a very early age and pushed through an education system where we are told what to think, what to believe, how to behave, what to do. Almost every single aspect of our lives has come from human thinking, human imagination and human concepts, none of which are our own.

It's important to understand here that culture, language, and social and cultural values tend to become traps and a kind of invisible or mental prison. You're taught to become a cog in a machine, with your labels of Good Model Citizenry to get Widespread Social Respectability. Yet culture and language can become platforms for enormous freedom and liberation - if you understand what it's all about. What it's really all about is you. You are the centre of the mandala. You are not marginalized in any way. Marginalization comes from the labels we carry around with us as part of an Ego. This is what society and culture teaches you, that you are marginal, that you're nobody special, that you are just a cog in a machine and you're here to work and serve.

The Community Message Board is our 'organization'

From the outset it was always envisaged, felt, and assumed that the Qultura community could and would develop naturally and organically without any organization, without any hierarchy, without any structure and without any rules. We have existed in various forms as a small community since the end of 2009 and for much of our previous development we were based in an industrial unit in Sleaford Street in Nine Elms. But as things change and the organization takes more and more control of society - keep in mind that the most powerful social institution is the multinational corporation opportunities for people to not conform and do their own thing are becoming fewer and fewer.

Therefore what we decided to do is to make the Community Message Board the organization. This is where we develop as a community and where you need to be registered if you want to be a part of the Qultura community. The Community Message Board has various uses.

A Message Board

The Community Message Board is first and foremost an online environment where you can freely post your thoughts, feelings, emotions and experiences and engage in dreamweaving activities online. It can also be used for discussions and threads and posts about the mundane and the physical and the deeper, meta-physical subjects for which you would struggle to find a platform elsewhere. Here it's understood that access to mystical resources on the website makes us all mystics and gives us all a unique perspective, so it's understood that we develop organically as a community of different individual people and individual manifestations of the same humanity.

Social networking

The Community Message Board can also be used as a social networking tool, pretty much like social media was supposed to be but isn't. It's important to understand that increasing social media encourages the worst aspects of culture, is often an exercise in corporate groupthink, a means for various institutions and corporations to keep tabs on you and try to sell you stuff you don't need. The Community Message Board is not a suitable environment for any commercial activity but if you want to sign up to let people know what you're doing in the community or creatively, you're very welcome. Explicitly the Community message Board is a tool for social networking and finding affinity with others just like you in the wider community.

Universal volunteering

The Community Message Board is also the social environment and organization for the Qultura Core community and our unique system of universal volunteering for community volunteers and activists. Unlike most other places and every organization we don't offer volunteering or activist roles, because fixed volunteering roles become like unpaid jobs and generally lead to people being exploited. Instead what we prefer are people who volunteer or get involved in activism because it's what they want to do. This means it's an extension of their dreamweaving activities and based on some experience they want to go through. This is explained more on the Qultura Core website and also on the pages about about community volunteering and about community activism but generally what you do is 'move into core' and propose a volunteering role and make your arrangements on the Community Message Board.

Content creation

If you're reading this then you're reading this on the new Qultura website which has a new layout which enables web publishing. We are able to publish blog posts based on audio, video, images and text and we're looking to develop the existing blog into a new community blog and platform for members of the community to share their creativity and creative output. Therefore the Community Message Board is also an environment for content creation and we welcome people with an interest in art, music, photography, creative writing, drama, poetry, and so on to become part of the community and share their creative output through our website. You're also welcome to share posts from the Community Message Board as a blog post and it will be published on the website.

About Qultura

Qultura is a developing alternative dreamweaving community centred in Nine Elms, London, so 'Qultura' may refer to the Qultura community itself, Qultura methodology or Qultura Core, the core of the the community. Our community is freely accessible to all interested, completely free of charge to participate in and make use of, and welcomes everyone to our meetings, workshops and on our Community Message Board.