About donations

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When and how you can donate

While you're completely free to make a donation without pledging your support first but if you do you have no say in how your donation is used or who or what it goes to. You might be okay with this. We are too on principle, despite the fact that it increases the chances of us needing to purchase something new. Please note that we avoid getting involved in fundraising as much as possible, we never use third party fundraisers, we do not make phone calls or house calls to gather resources and we never deal with cash.

About making a donation

The only official way to donate to Qultura.

Making a donation via our secure page on PayPal is currently the only official way of making a donation. This can be accessed by clicking on the social media icon for PayPal in the bottom left hand corner in our footer. We don't need or store any of your personal or account information on this website as we are fully GDPR compliant.

When making a donation

Please be sure to complete a description for the transaction when making a donation. If you are donating to a specific appeal please be sure to include the unique ID reference so that we can transfer your donation to the account of the reverse participant who created and maintains the appeal. Otherwise we have no way of knowing that you wish to specifically support that appeal.

Please use the word 'support' to describe the transaction

This is especially important when supporting an appeal created by someone who is either street homeless or who claims Universal Credit. Your donation is, in legal terms, support. If you do not clearly state support in the transaction this can result potentially in a benefit sanction, a Universal claim being stopped or suspended or a compliance meeting arranged by the Job Centre to examine the eligibility of the claimant to claim Universal Credit, which can disrupt their claim and cause financial hardship.

We are asking this because Universal Credit is fully 5G compatible and is also linked to the new algorithms of Social Credit and if you do not clearly state 'support' in the transaction some algorithm or machine can interpret it as income, triggering disruption in the claim.

After you have completed your transaction please ensure that you close down all browser tabs relating to our PayPal page, your personal account and any pages on this website relating to the transaction. This is to avoid online fraud and phishing.