Pledging your support

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What can you pledge?

You can pledge anything which can help someone break down a barrier or come out of isolation or help develop a connection or empathy. As a rough guide to our support needs for 2020:

Qultura Core support needs

This is a suggested list

  • web hosting and website security (£250)
  • refreshments and food sharing
  • flyers and handouts (£25 per 1,000)
  • books for community library project
  • 2 Pentium 4 computers for community access
  • community bank account

Qultura community anticipated appeal needs

It's difficult to predict what is going to come in from appeals for reverse participants but based on our existing support experience and the fact we have projects supporting the street homeless, Universal Credit claimants, a community library and others we anticipate the following.

  • groceries and toiletries
  • fuel top ups for gas and electricity
  • mobile phone top ups
  • replacement white goods
  • furniture and carpets
  • used mobile phones
  • footwear and clothing
  • books
  • access to a washing machine (for street homeless)
  • access to a shower or bath (for street homeless)
  • access to wi-fi and charging (for street homeless

How to pledge your support

Before making a pledge

We publish our appeals in this section (separate entry top menu) and Qultura community members who have reversed their participation also publish their needs on our community message board, but appeals are published on our website. When you make a pledge we can email you if we have a matching appeal with needs which match what you pledge but there is no obligation to support any pledge we send you. We share appeals only by email.

Making pledges

There's no obligation to follow through on any pledge, nor is there any commitment. You're simply identifying yourself as a supporter of the Qultura community and consenting to us emailing you matching appeals. It's up to you how many or which specific appeals you choose to support. Please don't pledge things which leave you short, and please ensure that - when pledging used items such as white goods, mobile phones, and household appliances - that all items are working and safe.

When you make a pledge there is a space where you can give additional information and detail what you are offering and the terms on which you are pledging your support. Are you pledging access to community space? On what terms? What dates and times? Who is the contact/ If you are pledging items, are you prepared to deliver? Or do you expect collection?

If you're choosing to support a specific appeal then you need the unique ID reference number or to make this known in the additional information. Likewise if you only want to support specific appeals you can make this known in the additional information.

If you want to change your pledge simply make a new pledge. If you wish to cancel or no longer support the community, simply message us.