About Qultura Connect

Qultura Connect is set up to address the issue of social division

peopleWe live in a divided society where morality has been often replaced by a value system based on money and property so that modern morality is based largely on monetary and material values. People are judged primarily by their current economic worth and value and divided between working and non-working. This division runs very clearly throughout society influencing cultural and social attitudes. Political parties make it very clear that they are interested primarily in the interests of working people, termed taxpayers, and such attitudes are also widespread throughout the media, our infrastructure and are generally socially acceptable. These attitudes are a key factor when it comes to social exclusion and social stigma.

Indeed the stigma from such attitudes is what facilitates social exclusion which has both environmental and cultural factors which determine not just the perception of someone's reality of life experience but the reality itself. Many non-working people live in a different environment, different reality and the nature and level of their cultural awareness may also be different not through personal choice but through social conditioning and engineering. As a result non-working people have restricted possibilities and opportunities.

The reason behind Qultura Connect

The above is just one example of the divisions which exist in society, and therefore in communities. There are others, divisions in terms of race, divisions in terms of gender, divisions in terms of sexual orientation, divisions in terms of physical ability, and so on.

But it's important to bear in mind that all these divisions are artificial and arbitrary, created mainly through social conditioning and social engineering and they are a motivating factor when it comes to social stigma and social exclusion. Society is made up of individual people, each with their own unique life experience, background, circumstances, personal beliefs and perspective. There isn't a social standard which is applicable to everyone. People generally go through life making it up as they go along.

Qultura as a charitable organization perceives people as individuals and doesn't acknowledge or recognize the importance of such divisions. We don't care what job you do, how much your house is worth, what your background or skin colour is, because we are a humanitarian organization committed to the respect of human rights and social responsibility.

Supporting people who are affected by social exclusion and social stigma, which is our mission and objective as an organization, requires the creation of new possibilities, new opportunities and new connections. Our work is focussed on bringing people together in spaces to make connections through social interaction and doing things together because this is what creates the social mobility which enables people to increase their cultural awareness and make changes they feel they need to their circumstances, environment and thinking.

Some people will need support, others will be able to give support, but sometimes in order to be able to give support, or to make better use of the support which is given to you, you need to have the same or similar cultural awareness and understanding of the environment as the people you have contact with.

This is why we have Qultura Connect. Qultura Connect is still Qultura, but is designed for people who have specific social, environmental and cultural needs which need to be taken into account by others. Please be aware that our global strategy is based on accessibility, empowerment and inclusion, and not integration, and Qultura Connect is a useful marker when it comes to being involved in our Reconnection programme.