Qultura Core

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Qultura Core is the central nucleus of the entire Qultura community. We're in the process of becoming a community interest company (CIC) with a developing relationship with a bank and probably a major property developer so are likely to remain totally independent from all political parties. Please note that until we ratify our new Qultura Constitution in October 2020 this page may be subject to modifications.

The fundamental principle of Qultura Core

The fundamental principle of Qultura Core is Creative Law and the universal principle of creativity and interaction common to both the universe and nature. This is a multidimensional principle which is dead simple to learn and understand. On one dimension it's electrons and protons whizzing around a central nucleus or atom. It's a solar system of planets whizzing around a star in a much bigger galaxy. It's a galaxy of heavenly bodies swirling around a black hole in a spiral.

Qultura Core is the Qultura community connected to a community hub in community space of between half a dozen and two dozen people who know everything there is to know about that local community. When we have a functioning Qultura Core project which is interacting with members of the local community and has secured access to community space the Qultura Core project mutates to create another Qultura Core project in the heart of another local community to do the exact same thing.

There is no ideology, no common belief system, because the Qultura community is all about developing truth, developing consciousness, developing empathy, and developing community.

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Qultura is not a 'white-washed' community

The Qultura community is totally inclusive towards all human beings regarding all human beings as being significant and important to the entire human species. We are all here for the same common purpose and that is to rebuild our culture, our communities, so that we can work towards a proper decent, functioning society again and it is on this premise that we're willing to work with organizations towards social and cultural values based on a higher than previously level of consciousness.

Are you so blind
That you cannot see?
Are you so deaf
That you cannot hear?
Are you so dumb
That you cannot speak?The Special AKA 'Free Nelson Mandela'

Established community figures

The Qultura Core projects all function on trust and community cooperation. Relative to the wider local community the Qultura Core community is a lot more indigenous and primal and I'm anxious to develop something of an archaic revival by entrusting each Qultura Core project to the wise and the aware among each local community. This means going back some 15,000 years in human history to a time when trust, community participation, egalitarianism, good relations, mutual support and human empathy were all fundamental, essential qualities for living in a community.

I'm therefore looking to develop Qultura Core projects with people who are known and recognized figures in their local communities who are already serving people in their local communities and who want to come together to create a Qultura Core project in their local community for the benefit of everyone living in that local community. You know and understand the social and cultural needs among people in your local community and together with others you're prepared to administer and coordinate a Qultura Core project for the benefit of everyone in that community.

Roles and projects

Qultura Core projects are to be for community development and building through different roles and projects (explained in more detail on separate web pages) as a means of developing discipline, empathy and community support projects to reconnect the people in the community who have for too long been marginalized, excluded, shut out, and isolated from the rest of the community.

There's obviously complete freedom of choice here because most people self-exclude and self-isolate themselves from the local community either because they're part of other communities, or because they just don't understand or recognize the importance of developing a mutually beneficial relationship with a community in their local community. This is because they've had it drummed into them that they're part of society first and foremost through the socioeconomic system and have access to a social contract which is generally, for most people, fake and illusory.

A project is any event, activity, interest group, meeting, discussion, or community project which brings people in the local community together simply for the purpose of social interaction, developing empathy, discipline, sharing interests and experiences, and getting to know one another as individuals. These projects are developed by people in the community taking on different roles based on volunteering, activism and reverse participation.

What is reverse participation?

Unlike in the wider community the Qultura community sees experience as just that - experience. There's no good and bad experiences, there's just the experiences you go through in life and these experiences can be either traumatic (which make your life much harder and much more of a struggle) or dramatic (which make your life easier and much more comfortable where you have more autonomy and freedom). If you come into the Qultura community we expect your life to be an experience which flows freely and where you can be yourself and express yourself, live your truth and be who you are really meant to be.

But there's a lot of people in our local communities whose lives don't flow freely and in many cases don't flow at all but is much more of a struggle and in some cases a crisis. There's an awful lot of people out in society who aren't accepted, recognized or valued for who they really are, they have to hide behind a mask of Good Model Citizenry and behind that mask is usually a real human being who feels isolated and alienated from others in the community. They face numerous barriers - practical, financial, social, emotional, psychological - and the focus of their life is on finding ways to overcome those different barriers.

Much of those struggles which people are forced to go through and which usually makes up their life is kept hidden or secret from public consciousness through stigma - various strategies of shaming, blaming, fear motivation, permissible hostility, persecution, discrimination, labelling, deprivation of opportunity, and denial of status and humanity. If you're reading this and feel that this is part of your life then reverse participation is where you come into the community, disregard the stigma because in this community there is no stigma (because stigma is ideology and a big no no in this community) and make whatever is depriving you of your autonomy and free flowing life your cause bringing it out into the open and into public consciousness.

Qultura is a totally subversive community and while we work to connect people and build communities we're also committed to 'telling it like it is'. You get your material support from the wider community or society - with our backing - and reverse participation is all about our solid commitment to the poor, the sick, the disabled, the weak, the mentally ill, the marginalized, the left behind, the shunned and the excluded.

Qultura Core - the bottom line

The bottom line of Qultura Core is to develop community and empathy so as to transform our social and cultural values to much more inclusive ones and to address the very real issues of insecurity to physical resources necessary to live, the use of fear and fear motivation to control the way people think, and to work against the trauma and abuse that many people are put through just for being themselves.

Being a Core volunteer isn't suitable for anyone who is a wannabe, a fake or a flake. I want to see evidence of some commitment to your local community. Over the past 10 years we have established a very positive relationship with people and also respect among certain organizations and institutions.

Human empathy is a very powerful, transformative ability, but it's also a skill which requires a lot of discipline and commitment. This is something I'm putting out there so you know up front. Qultura is not a social movement and we are developing a very specific new role in the communities we serve and society. It's time to make individualism history, and you can be a part of that history.

About Qultura

Qultura is an empathy based community being developed to form a powerful, effective counter to human ignorance through the development of empathy, community, human individuality, creativity, diversity and the development of individual human experience, perspectives and consciousness. It is the first and possibly the only such community in the UK.

Participation in the Qultura community is completely free of charge to everyone and is a fully inclusive community open to everyone irrespective of location, background, circumstances. All you need is an internet connection, an open mind and a desire for personal, social and cultural change.