Qultura Core

Qultura Core is the central element of Qultura


What is Qultura Core?

Qultura Core is the central core of Qulttura, based in London it's purpose is to provide governance, administration and support to the entire organization.

How Qultura Core is structured

Qultura Core is structured around a Governing Body of Trustees who act as the body public working together with the Primary Administrator and Founder, Stella Baker, and a small number of volunteers. Nobody gets paid or receives expenses.

The Governing body of trustees

The Governing Body of Trustees meet quarterly in London on a  pre-arranged Wednesday evening in January, April, July and October. One meeting, currently the January meeting, during which emphasizes financial matters, is accessible to the public. The April meeting has a special focus on theory and development of the theory of creativity (which is updated annually)  The July meeting has a special meeting on the Qultura Constitution and policies. The October meeting has a special focus on Qultura's infrastructure.

The Governing Body of Trustees has a minimum of 3 Trustees and a maximum of 12 Trustees and supervises all aspects of Qultura's functioning, ensuring that Qultura works towards its mission and objectives, acts in the public interest, and that there are no conflicts of interest. Trustees serve for fixed term periods of either 2 years, 3 years or 4 years sand Trustees are appointed by the other Trustees, but can be provisionally appointed by the Primary Administrator subject to confirmation by the Trustees. All decision making is done by a process of consensus and settlement which results in a single unified position taken by the Governing Body as a whole. Qultura Trustees make all financial decisions relating to both income and outgoings as well as all matters of policy. Once Qultura Trustees have taken a decision on a matter that decision is regarded as final.

The Primary Administrator and Founder

Stella Baker is the Primary Administrator and Founder of Qultura, who created Qultura as a vehicle for her Theory of Creativity, which is shared freely and made accessible to people through Qultura and its website free of charge for non-commercial and non profit making purposes only. The theory has never been published, has never been funded,  and while it has helped many people Stella Baker receives no official income for sharing her theory. Developing Qultura is Stella Baker's life work. It was something she sought to do since the 1980's, work on researching the theory started in 1996, the first theory of creativity was formed in 2009 when she discovered the basic principles of energy.

Stella Baker provides Qultura with leadership, guidance, supervises its administration, provides immediate decision making, manages the development and functioning of Qultura and is very much the creative force within the organization. She has also developed legacy provisions so that, in the event of her death, the Governing Body of Trustees will meet to appoint a successor so that Qultura will continue to function as an organization.

The Primary purpose of Qultura Core

Unlike most other organizations Qultura Core does not expand or grow in size, but serves as an example or model for all other Qultura projects and community initiatives. Provided the mission and objectives are strictly non-commercial and not for profit, others may emulate or even copy elements of Qultura, its functioning and principles for similar community  or cultural objectives. This can be done free of charge provided 'inspired by Qultura and Stella Baker' is visible in a statement clearly visible on a website, social media and in literature.