Welcome to Qultura

The above video gives you a much more concise but detailed version of who and what we're about. Suffice to say we are the first UK community organization to advocate social and cultural change, at local community level, on the basis of the use and development of empathy between individual people.

We steadfastly refuse to do this on the basis of a commitment to a single cause, mission or ideology.

We are a reality based community organization.

Now you would think that after 10 years of development, close to 50 different versions of our website, where we've clearly stated that we promote cultural development, human individuality, human creativity, human diversity and local community development That we might have one or two issues with the system or individualism. That we might not be too much into conformity or following rules. But no. We have a steady stream of sheeple types telling us why we're wrong, deluded, nazis or should 'get a proper job'.

We've tried to keep this civil, friendly, open minded, and it's not worked. So we've just decided to be upfront and direct about this.

The entire system is fake

If you think that you have any clue as to what is happening in society, culture or politics then we have a limited edition collection of bridges over the River Thames going cheap. Ah but see - and this is our response to our critics, tiny as our community is right now it is international and, more importantly everyone gets along with one another and we know our values and associated methods actually work in everyone's favour. We don't have t kill anyone, attack anyone, lie to anyone, bomb anyone, demean anyone, starve anyone, abuse anyone or rip anyone off to make our community work.

But just to give you some idea of what we're really all about.

We aspire to archaic, indigenous social values.

This comes from a blanket rejection of modern social and cultural values based on individualism. In seeking to offer the opportunity to work together towards something newer and better we have to go back to what is universally understood to have worked and worked for everyone. This means seeking to go back to archaic and indigenous social and cultural values which have worked consistently throughout 305,000 years of the 320,000 year history of modern humans or homo sapiens.

This means a total commitment to community but not in any way which betrays our individuality and value, either as individual members of our community or our individuality and value as a community. .

A commitment to developing a real alternative community

Fundamentally what this means is that many of the social and cultural values seen as important out in the wider community or society are not really very important to us in our community. We don't care if you are working or not,. what your social status is, what colour your skin is, what your ethnicity or ancestry is, nor is your physical ability or lack of it, or you mental health issues or lack of them, or how you choose to identify yourself.

Your metaphysic, philosophy on life, or ideological preferences aren't that important to us either - as long as you're not seeking to harm anyone, abuse anyone, control anyone, or exploit anyone - you can still be left wing or right wing, religious or not, all we ask is that you keep your personal ideologies out of everyone's face while involved in our community.

However certain social and cultural values are important

However certain social and cultural values not recognized or valued in the wider (individualistic community) are much more important and necessary in our community. More than anything else, this is a community which is based on empathy, deeper connections between individual members of the community and trust. You can be anyone who you feel you need to be, at any given moment, and we will back you up as much as we can. But in return we exp[ect the same, and we also expect you to be committed to not just talking your talk, but also walking your walk and living your truth.

We favour humanitarianism over materialism every time

In our community generally there is very little focus on material or financial resources, and a much greater emphasis on individual human experience, individual human perspectives, on mutuality, reciprocity, on developing much deeper social connections, on such things as food sharing, exchanging favours, developing consensus through primary social interaction, and people being generally supportive and connected in a way which is deeper and far more meaningful than outside our community.

Our unique 'biological' business model.

Very early in our development we discovered that, no matter which strategy we adopted, there was no way possible we could successfully achieve our mission and objectives without running into a conflict of interest or without emphasizing the organization over the community. But we figured out a fairly simple solution - organization > organism. An organization, any organization is a top down authoritarian structure based on hierarchy, rules, fixed positions and policies, procedures, all of which we have sought to avoid. An organism by its very nature is egalitarian.

Consider this

Both the universe and nature work to the exact same principles. There is a core pattern developed and if it is successful it is repeated on many different dimensions and in many different situations all of which are based on Creative Law


An atom is a nucleus with electrons whizzing around it. On a different dimension a solar system is a start with planets whizzing around it. An individual human being is a brain, body, senses and a mind with an environment, community, life experience and possibilities whizzing around them. A galaxy is a black hole with constellations swirling around it. Likewise Qultura is the Qultura Core project with various groups, communities and projects evolving and revolving around it.

We have no need for a top down authoritarian hierarchy

Think about when you wake up in the morning. What happens?

You toss. You turn. You turn back. You lie on your back. You open your eyes. You stare at the ceiling. You look at the clock. You sit up. You cough. You shift your feet out of bed. You throw back the duvet. You stand up. You go to the bathroom. You fart. You pee. You flush the toilet, wash your hands, and head for the kitchen. You fill the kettle. You switch it on. You get a mug. You fill it with coffee or a tea bag. You wait for the kettle and think about what you have to do for the day.

You do all these things spontaneously, automatically, without thinking about them, all in the space of just a few minutes when you get up in the morning.

So what is the most important part of your body? Your brain? So what about your legs? Your kidneys? Your bumhole? Your mouth? Your hands? Your stomach? Your lungs? Your heart? Are these not also vitally important too? Imagine how long it would take you to get up in the morning if you had to consider and make a decision on how to open your eyes, how to move your legs, which side you turn to first, how to walk, how to pee, and so on. You would never get out of bed.

Even worse, imagine that you came up against an unexpected situation and had to go somewhere and figure out how to deal with it.

KISS - Keep It Simple and Spontaneous

Fixed and rigid rules, organizations, hierarchies, policies stifle both possibility and creativity, restrict opportunities, and make it so much harder for anyone to get anything done. We much prefer to stick to universal principles wherever possible, keep things simple, flexible and fluid. Anyone participating in the community can switch between the community and Core organization and back again through volunteering, activism and reverse participation (getting community support) and back again.

Our business model is based on the human body

The Qultura community is the whole organism, the Qultura Core project the brain and the nervous system. Our mailing list is like the system of senses, our Community Message Board the sensory nervous system. Our activities arte based on individual projects and roles are flexible, fluid and highly individual to develop those projects. This is not the hive mind of everybody functioning in lockstep - this is not school - this is actual, very real human evolution in action and we're trying to make it as much as possible connected throughout the planet.

We understand the power of the choices we make

Everyone has the power to make choices, and the choices an individual make can be very powerful and carry an awful lot of consequences. We know this and we guess that somewhere deep down inside you know this too.

Choice is central to the human experience

Choice is something that everybody makes consistently in their lives and choice is something which is the central component of the human experience and which can determine the nature and quality of one's life experience. Choice is where you exercise your authority and your autonomy within the context of your life and your circumstances, and where you are denied the ability to make choices you will inevitably end up badly traumatized and your mental health will invariably suffer.

This is why people commit suicide. They feel that their choices carry no power. Choices are that important.

Choices have power and infinite consequences

You might think that the major choices are the obvious ones - buying a home, finding employment, getting married, having children. These are actually your small choices. But the big choices, the really big choices, the ones which determine your health, your thinking, your mental health, how other people perceive you, who you become known as, are all the little trivial (to you) choices you make while lying in bed staring at the ceiling or in the privacy of your bathroom. You might think these choices are minor and insignificant, but quite often in life these choices are often the most important and the most critical.

But see you know that choices are important and powerful. You don't need anyone to tell you this. You knew it probably all along ever since you were a little kid who answered back to your parents or did things you weren't supposed to. Making the choices maybe isn't even the problem. It's the consequences. It's how other people will react and how they will respond to you making your choices. We know just how powerful making a good choice is, and what it can do for us. But we also know how making a bad choice can really screw things up for us as well.

Therefore we seek to promote and raise awareness and consciousness of four very powerful choices that we, you and everyone else can make at any time.

We never ever betray our selfhood or individuality

This is all about making it real and keeping it real. This is not "Well I live a good life.." or "I'm a good person." Really? Define good. Life is not all about you. Our lives are actually about other people. This is a choice to make a commitment not just to talk the talk, but we also walk the walk. It's not enough to speak the truth, we live the truth by matching up what we believe with what we say and what we do.

This is about making a commitment to being real, and a commitment to living our lives on the basis of authenticity and personal integrity. We make our choices on the basis of what we believe and we don't just talk about it, we do it, and we don't tell other people who we are, we show them. But what this really means is that we are never ever going to betray ourselves. We are not going to compromise ourselves, we're not going to compromise our values.

But what this also means is that we make a commitment not to make another person uncomfortable, or diminish their dignity, or force them into a role which goes against them just to please us. We simply refuse to put ourselves into such a situation, and if we find ourselves in such a situation we walk, we leave, we quit, we do whatever it takes so that we are not in a situation which holds another person captive. We just don't go there because any such situation has no integrity. We never become someone else's oppressor, not out of ideology, not because of any commitment, allegiance or obedience to an organization, be it a corporation, government department, institution, religious organization or political party.

Qultura is, always has been, and always will be the standalone, non-conformist organization and we seek to transfer these exact same values to the Qultura community. Even if this results in a dozen or so people, Qultura never compromises on its values to appease anyone else.

We develop and pass on insight, not issues or suffering

We share your perspectives, and our insight and wisdom, but not our suffering. We have a choice. We can either pass on the insight and wisdom, or we can pass on the suffering. This comes down to whether we want to be a victim or a survivor, and we choose the latter. What do you want to share with other people? The trauma or the narrative? It's up to you, it's your life, it's your choice. You can pass on whatever you like, but again, this comes down to the choice.

This doesn't mean that we all become stone faced and commit totally to self-sufficiency, because this defeats the whole purpose of our mission and objectives. Humans are never meant to be self-sufficient, but we're also not meant to mindlessly cause harm to others either and pretend that we don't have issues or baggage when we have. Lose the unrealistic social standards imposed on us through individualism. It's not realistic. Be yourself, cope with the issues can carry the baggage you cannot deal with properly, accept that you get stuck, reach out to community for support, but the Qultura way is to work through the issues and the trauma however which way you can and turn the experience into a story or narrative.

If your life is so messed up that you cannot deal with anything don't run away and hide in isolation and compound your suffering even further. Reach out to community and connect and get yourself into a situation where you have enough support to start moving forward. Even if you're dealing with really heavy trauma never ever give up on yourself and never ever let the trauma win. But see there is trade, you also need to commit to sharing insight, experience and developing empathy while you're receiving the support.

Taking risks and giving chances

This is making the choice, and a commitment, to taking risks and giving chances in life. This is important. While choice is central to the human experience, trust is central to the human connection. Don't play safe, don't hold out for proof. Take risks. Give people chances. Follow hunches.

You see if you ever become incapacitated, or become ill, or weak, or stifled, you're invariably going to go through a stage of regrets. Whenever you get held back or incapacitated you will always hit the regret stage. You will always hit that stage where you say to yourself "I should have done this." Or "I should have listened to so and so." You will always hit that place each time you hit a position of weakness. It doesn't matter if you're going to recover and come back. You will always hit the regret stage or as we refer to it the Could Have Should Have But Didn't stage.

This is true even if you just come down with a cold or the flu. See whenever you feel your strength and stamina slipping away you always start to review the life we feel we should have had if we had taken risks and given people chances. This is the life we would have lived had we listened to someone, had we not been afraid of being wrong, of being humiliated, afraid of being rejected, afraid of being let down. There may be other questions. What if we couldn't follow through? What if we couldn't take the consequences? What if we run out of money? What if 'I' end up alone? Yeah. What if?

We don't it safe. When making decisions about life, looking backwards for guidance is pointless. The past doesn't exist any more. The reason why you are where you are now and can look yourself in the face in a bathroom mirror is because that part of your life is over. It's history. It's pointless trying to create your future out of your history. Don't go there. Avoid it. See when you have to make a choice or a decision in your present time, that's when you need to open your mind, get out of your home, explore, experiment, seek out new faces, new experiences. Don't go back to who you were, what you did, and back into the past. It will pull you back and drag you down. You'll be going back to images of yourself which are false.

Life is short. Very short. In fact nobody knows how long they're going to live or even how and when life changes. A lot of opportunities aren't going to come back a second time, or if they do, you're probably not going to be in that position to take them up. Within this is a choice between regrets and mistakes and failures. There is a difference. You can get a lot of wisdom and insight from mistakes and failures, even some laughs, but not from regrets.

Understanding the importance of language and culture

Language is powerful. So too is culture. Very powerful. Both influence beliefs and your choice of words can carry consequences which can impact on your life as much as the choices you make.

Words are powerful

Words are powerful. Very powerful. The fundamental basis of the human experience is language, culture and beliefs. Think of the power a single word can have when it is spoken to someone else. Now think of the words which have power over you, whether you are the one saying that word, or it is a word spoken by someone else.

Think about this

Now what are the words you use which you should never say to yourself? What are the words you should never use? What are the words you should never even have in your mind? Think about this. Think about the words you use, and the toxic parts of your vocabulary, and how the toxic part of your language affects the energy around you, fills your mind, shapes your brain. How do these words affect the energy between you and someone else? Think about the effects of that toxic vocabulary put into words and sentences and shared or used against people, and how it serves to create divisions, hostility, shuts down discussions and discourse. How is the political discourse the politicians and media are feeding you affecting you in your community? How effective is that political discourse in getting you and others where you need to go in life?

Think about this. You wake up in the morning and you are angry. You are hostile. You see your life as not enough. You see others as not enough. Your first reaction to everything is critical. Your first reaction is that "This is not good enough". These people are not good enough.

Here you have two power words 'blame' and 'deserve'. I blame them. I deserve this. You feel entitled. These are three words which are lethal and toxic to humanity - blame, deserve and entitled. If you could erase those three words from your mind, completely, you would have no idea how much better you would feel and how much easier things would become. If you never ever used those three words again I tell you things would be so much easier in your life, you would not be so apathetic. You're not entitled to anything. Blaming others, or blaming anything, it dis-empowers you. You might as well lock yourself in shackles and handcuffs. Seriously. It opens your mind to the mental health virus known as ideology and when ideology takes root your individuality and integrity will be eaten away. Your perception will become distorted.

This is the whole issue of following an ideology. Any ideology. You set yourself up as having a solution - usually someone else's solution - and blaming other people for some sort of failure, be it a moral failure, political failure or any other sort of failure. You place yourself into a position of social conflict. Rest assured that if you are blaming someone else, other people are blaming you. Have you ever thought of how many people there could be out there blaming you and pointing the finger at you? How would you like to dwell on that thought? If you are blaming others, then someone is also blaming you.

But also choices can have an infinite number of consequences. If you are blaming others, rest assured that someone is taking anti-depressants because they know you, or they have developed social anxiety, or depression. Someone has changed their perspective of other people because of you. How would you like to dwell on that thought?

There's nothing wrong with being a young conservative or debating the principles of socialism while you're in your 20's, still trying to figure the world out and also still trying to get your shit together. But there comes a point in life where you have to find your own way to a laundrette, figure out your own life script, your own game plan, create your own language, culture and community, and walk your own path through life without needing to suck on the tit of some external authority.

Using empathy

This is it. This is the meat of what Qultura does and what Qultura is really all about - the use and development of empathy to create opportunities for people to connect to one another at a local community level to develop connections on many different levels, through neighbours, friends, social connections, social networks, social support networks, community support networks, developing stronger more inclusive local communities...

But we don't just stop there because we also seek to connect communities and develop connections between different local communities, not just across a city, or a region, but also internationally and globally.

But why?

We understand. 95% of people we come across in society either don't get it, don't get how any of the content of our website could ever relate to them, or they just don't understand it's sheer importance and necessity when it comes to living in a community or society. For centuries we have all been conditioned to live in a society on the basis of social and cultural values based on individualism. But over the last half century or so due to free market neoliberal culture individualism has become hyper-individualism to force neoliberalism ideologies to work. The 5% of people who get it are much older people who lived through the post-war social consensus and who were raised to understand just how vitally important empathy, culture, creativity and community were to society and it's functioning. But this social awareness has been all but erased from our collective perspective of consciousness.

The same figures hold true right across the social spectrum among all political parties. 5% get it, but 95% either don't, don't want to or can't. Same reason. Individualism. But while we understand we are deeply saddened by the sheer waste of human potential which comes directly from the artificial scarcity, dis-empowerment and deprivation of opportunities as a result of the tight control and grip various hierarchies maintain over everyone in society. But for a small change in attitude life could be radically different for billions of people all over the planet if only it were to become accepted as culture.

But what is empathy?

Empathy is quite simply the ability to step outside of your unique and individual perspective and perceive the world, and the universe through someone else's unique and individual perspective. You feel what they feel. You experience the same emotions as they experience. You think what they think. You place yourself - through hypothesis - as the central character in their life story. Basically, you walk their walk and in walking a mile in their shoes seeing the world through their eyes you expand your own unique and individual perspective on life, the world, and everything in existence.

As a result you develop a genuine and very real connection to another human being. Each time you do this you experience a shift in your own individual perspective.

This is the most important life skill you could ever develop, because it relates directly to your ability to survive as a human being. No other skill you can think of comes close to having the ability to connect to other human beings. This is especially true today when there are so many people dying. Why are these people dying? Simply because too few people are developing empathy. They are either keeping their struggles hidden or they simply are unable to connect to another person to understand or even perceive the level of harm or trauma they are causing them.

Returning to the question of why

Empathy gives you a very natural and easily accessible source of power which is not controlled or restricted in any way by any external authority or hierarchy. How much money you have, how much property you have, whether or not you are employed, unemployed, healthy, sick, disabled, how attractive you look, how ugly you feel yourself to be, and where you stand in the social spectrum makes no difference because you are born with everything you need to develop and make use of empathy.

Empathy is where anyone can become liberated from the system at any time, without even uttering a single word of dissent or protest.

The only thing you need to be able to use empathy is an understanding of Natural Law, or Universal Law, or Creative Law, and an understanding of people. This is because you are accessing power from the universe itself, from nature, and you can access this power any time you like. Everything you could ever need or wish for to make use of empathy is published right here on our website and is accessible to you free of charge. You are surrounded by close to 8 billion other human beings on this planet. So whether or not you decide to access this inexhaustible access to power comes down to your own individual choice and decision. Nothing more.

But finally, to answer the question why completely. Unlike accessing money, property and the natural resources to live through our current cultural values based on individualism, there is no restrictions on how much power you access through using empathy. Like creativity - which you also use to be able to connect to people to use empathy, the more empathy you use with different people, the more empathy you have to use because the more empathy you use, and the more your perspective shifts, the easier it becomes to use empathy with other people. There are no limits to the amount of empathy you can use, the amount of people you can use empathy with. This means there is no restrictions or limitations on the access to natural power through empathy.

The benefits of using empathy

Using empathy involves various benefits. Empathy is opposite to apathy so if you're using empathy to connect to other people, or having people use empathy on you, the connections you make or develop cuts right through any apathy you are experiencing. This is because you're getting your deepest and most powerful human emotional need fulfilled - you feel accepted, included and valued by other people. Nothing gives you a bigger kick up the backside than having different people show genuine concern for you and your wellbeing.

Using empathy is also mutually beneficial. You cannot use empathy on someone else without receiving equal share in the benefits. You benefit from making someone else feel valued, accepted and significant.

Using empathy increases your worth and value as a human being. Understand that your value and worth as an individual human being has got sod all to do with how much money you have in a bank, how much property you own, what car you drive, whether or not you are in a relationship, how many kids you have, how big your family is. Your value and worth as a human being is all about how unique and individual you are, how you make other people feel, how special and important you can make other people feel. It's these things which draw people to your funeral or cremation, it's these things which cause people to express grief at your loss, and its these things which cause people to remember you and hold you close to their memories and hearts. This all comes from empathy.

Using empathy also, in developing your perspective, also enhances the quality of your life and also your mental health and emotional wellbeing. Like apathy, much of what mental health issues are all about, as well as self-confidence, self-esteem, and other emotional baggage, lies in how included you feel, much much you feel valued, accepted and understood by other people, how well you feel supported, needed, relevant, included, and all these things are enhanced by empathy.

The social benefits of empathy

Developing empathy between people in your local community develops connections between individual people in your local community and makes your local community stronger and far more inclusive. This places you, as a community, on equal footing to any other organization, be it a corporation, institution, property developer, local authority, religious organization or political party.

Part of the reasoning behind developing the Qultura community as a global alternative community - the first of its kind ever in the history of Mankind - is the ability to be able to organize and cooperate as people in any local community possibly quicker and more efficiently than any other organization. This alone could, if this all works out and we develop a large enough community across borders quickly enough, force any political or religious tyrant with plans for a regime to stop in their tracks and rethink their strategy.

Using empathy as a powerful social and cultural tool

Qultura is neither ideological or political in any way, simply because we don't have to be. We see no reason whatsoever to change this. Nor do we see any reason to interfere with the decision making processes of the political system provided the political parties are prepared to work with us and give us some time and freedom to develop a community so people can connect, and through empathy develop new social and cultural values and attitudes to replace the false and toxic social and cultural values of individualism.

Using the power of forgiveness with regard to politics

Understand that we are already beyond the division and strategies of seeking social and cultural change through protest, demonstration or demanding change from others, specifically political parties. We reject individualism as a culture and we are taking the initiative to do something meaningful and constructive towards changing it. However if any political party wishes to persist with individualism and resort to the current situation by introducing further totalitarianism and authoritarian control among people, we are fully prepared to stand up and stand in defence of people and further oppression. We really don't want to do this but if push comes to shove we will develop as a movement of passive resistance and the Devil take the loser.

However we are far more motivated towards forgiveness towards political figures who like us, see the reality for what it is and are not prepared to play along and take any more shit from those who could have done something, should have done something but didn't, but who see politics as a golden opportunity to engage in criminality and causing harm to people by choosing to go against Natural Law.

We are making our choices and acting on them. We hold every political party responsible for their choices and their actions as well. Be very clear that our decision to use empathy as our means to achieve social and cultural change does not make us doormats or entitles anyone to trample all over us. We're making this clear up front so everyone knows where we stand.

Exploring further

If you want to get deeper into our organization click on the link to the Qultura Core project. To go deeper into our community, click on the link to the Qultura community.

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