About Qultura


If you've come to this webpage you're probably new to Qultura and probably not much aware of what it is we do, why we do it and how. This is why we have decided to share our introductory video on this page right at the start. It's less than 10 minutes long but gives you a solid basis of who we are, what we do, why we do it, and what we're all about.

We understand that 'change' can make many people nervous and even frightened. We've reached the point of giving up talking about cultural change because so few people seem to understand what it really means, and the phrase 'social change' puts many people on their guard and makes them suspicious.

This is why we've gone into such detail in this website. However please bear in mind that we're strictly non-profit, we work in the public interest to serve all types people from all walks of life. WEe don't have an agenda. We're not here to try and change the world, impose our own new world order on anyone. It's just that we've made some discoveries, learned a hell of a lot, and we know that individualism, the basis of Western social and cultural values is a lie and a complete crock of bullshit. .

We're here to offer you an opportunity

We're not about any agenda. If anything we're all about life, individual lives, your life, our lives, the lives of the people in your life, your neighbours and your community. Life to us is really all about the journey, the flow, the process, the felt sense of immediate experience each of us goes through and the unique and individual perspective we develop as a result of our individual journeys and experiences of life.

Now we've all been socially and mentally conditioned to embrace individualism and adopt certain social and cultural values which has led us to believe we are all separate. We've all been told so many lies, half truths, myths and fairy stories which has been presented to us as facts and reality that we need to go into such great detail to give you just a faint idea of what the reality is. We're not here to attack anyone, blame anyone, or accuse anyone, because that doesn't make any difference and besides, we're all complicit in this because we just didn't know any better.

We're here to share our awareness, understanding and insight completely free of charge and offer you a place in our community, also free of charge, where you can connect to others in your local community and just like we have done, figure out your 'individual' truth and reality without needing to rely on individualism. This is all about Individuation (i.e. becoming more yourself) than individualism and having to conform to arbitrarily imposed social and moral values just to fit in with an imaginary and mythical version of reality. So what this really all comes down to is whether you wish to start changing your life to live on the basis of reality to experience the universe for what it really is, or you wish to cotninue living someone else's lie on your knees, dis-empowered and enslaved to some ideology. Your life. Your choice. It's no skin off our nose either way.

Qultura defined

Qultura is the first community organization in the United Kingdom, and possibly the world, to advocate social and cultural change using a natural, humanist, evolutionary strategy centred around the use and development of empathy and human creativity. We are anti-establishment, anti-authoritarian, non-ideological, non-conformist and non-confrontational. We demand change only from within ourselves in order to develop the empathy required to revolutionize and develop social and cultural attitudes in ways which can be either progressive, evolutionary or radical.

Together and collectively we are the initiative. We are the change. We are the way forward. We are the growing community of people evolving naturally to move past our toxic, divisive, abusive, exploitative culture.

There are three components to Qultura.

The Qultura organization is focussed on the empowerment, development and coordination of the Qultura community. The organization is the activists, volunteers and reverse participants who work together to develop the Qultura community.

Community resources are designed to raise awareness, share insights and promote understanding of creativity, reality and the root causes of cultural decline to empower people to take back control of their minds, their lives, their reality and their culture.

The Qultura community is Qultura, the community of everybody working to achieve the broad Qultura mission and objectives in their own individual way in their own individual local communities. These are the people who are empowered, aware, creative, and proactive and who seek to empower other people outside the Qultura community in the wider community and society.

The fundamental premise of our work

Human evolution is motivated by individual human creativity and cultural development. We humans thrive on diversity, creativity, and cultural development. Our deepest and strongest emotional need is a need to belong, to a family, to a community, to a society. We need to feel accepted, to feel valued, recognized and most of all relevant to both our environment and our community. This is how we develop, this is how we mature, this is how we grow, this is how we evolve. We are all in this together.

Only we're not evolving because we're all enslaved

We are all enslaved and have been for centuries. For centuries we have been ruled over by various hierarchies, organizations and institutions who have enslaved us through various ideologies and through the delivery of authority through artificial scarcity, deprivation of opportunity, social divisionism and denial of individual human experience.

However those at the top are also enslaved to their addictions to the relentless pursuit, acquisition and accumulation of power, of financial wealth and access to financial, material and natural resources. As we admire this addiction as a society and look up to the people who are the most addicted because - slaves that we are - we are conditioned to do so we meekly do as we are told we are conditioned to perceive addiction to money and personal power as a virtue, and not as an addiction. Particularly in the West, this has given us a culture and social beliefs which are toxic, addictive, abusive, compulsive and exploitative.

Human extinction may be much closer than you think

We are at an advanced stage of cultural decline. Forget about climate change and environmental catastrophe. Many of us may not live to witness it. Cultural decline is a process and this process is being speeded up by the development of technology. Unless something happens to reverse this process of cultural decline we face a certain future of either totalitarianism or civil unrest, or quite possibly both. Totalitarianism means widespread oppression, a police state, eugenics, the forced imposition of a rigid monoculture and of course genocide for all those who don't fit the parameters of socially acceptable.

We seek to reverse the process of cultural decline

This is the main focus of our work - the trauma, the people who have been adversely affected by the cultural decline, the people who have been marginalized, excluded, dis-empowered, stigmatized, isolated, and exploited. We work to empower such people to bring them together into the community, to empower them and platform them so they can share their truth, their experiences and their narratives with the wider community and society.

We are not interested in protests, waving placards, marching, demonstrating or organizing mass movements. We are dealing with people who are addicted to money, they are addicted to power, they are addicted to control. It's an addiction. Getting in their faces and demanding that they change their behaviour is about as effective as demanding that a bunch of alcoholics stop drinking and stay sober. All you're going to get is the same addictive response patterns, the same lies, the same empty promises of change with no follow through, the same cheating, the same lack of concern for anyone and everything other than the object of addiction.

This means one thing

This means that we have got to be the ones who take the initiative and lead the change. We have to be the ones who are the change we want to see in our communities and our societies. This is what ultimately Qultura is really all about.

Qultura is the creation of founder members Stella Baker, Ian 'Fibbo' Fibbens and David Fisher. Stella lived in Poland between 1993 and 2005 where in addition to teaching English and later translating she worked in alternative Polish theatre supported by students and former members of Polish Solidarity which inspired the subsequent drama workshops which later became Qultura Fringe and part of the 'design aspects' of Qultura. Ian Fibbens or Fibbo was a former City trader and session guitarist from Hertford who previously lived in London but who later became ill through depression and complications with diabetes and who was recovering from a drink issue which he overcame while becoming involved in Qultura. Fibbo was very influential in developing the structure based on organization, resource and community which he developed until his unfortunate death around Christmas 2013 from complications of diabetes.

Our strategy

The core principles of the Qultura strategy are individuality, empathy and solidarity. We stand for the shifting of an emphasis away from ideology, centralized belief systems and consumerism towards much more natural lifestyles which are focussed on human creativity, community, face to face social interaction and a heavy focus on individual human experience and civil liberty.

Fundamentally at the core we promote non conformity, individuality, creativity, radical freedom, and we strongly encourage people - everyone - to explore, experiment, research, ask questions, and commit to developing disciplines in life. We define discipline as a total commitment to seeking out opportunities for pleasure, happiness, personal fulfillment, and personal significance in your life and your connections with other people.

We are the antithesis to the social movement, protest movement, political party, religious organization, and anything and everything that is mainstream and geared for the masses. We advocate the blanket rejection of modern culture, "modern" (*cough* 19th century) political system and all forms of excessive consumerism - excessive material consumerism, excessive consumption of mass produced culture, all following, watching, in favour of social interaction, involvement in art, artistic and creative activities and community involvement and participation.

We seek to develop the Qultura community because it is extremely difficult to develop empathy in the community and society because modern culture strongly discourages empathy between people. We take the Buddhist approach here and step out of the existing community to form our own alternative community. Empathy may not matter to people in wider society but in the Qultura community empathy is a big deal.

We also advocate and promote civil disobedience in the face of oppression and authoritarianism. We do not advocate rebellion or confrontation because we are not a large social movement, we are not an army and we cannot confront the authorities on equal terms. Instead we go underground, we use stealth, and we advocate the creation and churning out of large amounts of subversive art in various forms.

We are the change in the community.

Our structure

Qultura is set up along almost entirely universal and biological principles. Everything radiates out from a nucleus - the Qultura Core project in London - which serves as a pattern or model for everything else. We stick to universal or natural principles as much as possible because they work, because they are simple and easy to understand for everybody and this allows for the diversity which necessary for cultural development in different local communities.

As a general guide to what we mean by universal principles. New or different is usually (but not always) better than old and habitual. Successful patterns are repeated across different dimensions, just as in nature and the universe. For example an atom is a nucleus with electrons whizzing around it. On a different dimension the same pattern is a solar system with planets whizzing round a star, or a galaxy with everything swirling round a black hole.

Nothing is copied, replicated or "produced" repeated to be the exact same as everything else.

Likewise the roles within the Qultura community also follow a simple pattern. To participate in the Qultura community you simply participate. To help develop the Qultura organization you become a Qultura volunteer. To help develop the Qultura community you become a Qultura activist. If you need support from the wider community and others you reverse your participation and if you need to you create an appeal to get the support you need.

Note that the roles in the community are designed to be fluid and flexible around individual projects, events, activities and appeals. As the Qultura community develops it will become a dynamic, fluid, flexible community where there's always something going on, always something happening, always something developing, and always an opportunity to get involved.

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