About Qultura



Some people are claiming that we've got 12 years left as a species. Some people are in denial but others are claiming that we could be extinct as early as by 2030. If this is the case it would be a crying shame if human beings went down without a struggle. We are not a lost cause. We have the intelligence, the compassion, the creativity, the capacity to love, the ability for friendship, and more than enough potential to turn this round and make something of it. Each and every single one of us. This includes you.

The bottom line here is that all this is a matter of choice. You have that choice.

The Qultura community is set up to be a community, an environment and a platform where you can find yourself, be yourself, and share yourself with other people as you. We're not here to fight anyone or promote a central cause, a belief system, an ideology, or something which causes people to have to conform. We're here to share theory, concepts with you, free of charge, so that you can take them and make your own changes with them in your life, in your community, in your reality. This means that our mission and objectives can also be your mission and objectives, but in your own unique, individual and personal way.



Qultura was first formed in November 2009 in Battersea, South London by Stella Baker and David Fisher. It was developed after Stella Baker, a former Fringe dramatist and stage director developed Creative Law, which is a theory of creativity which explains how energy works. Qultura was developed as a non-profit organization promoting human rights and cultural development which works in the public interest to share the theory freely with people who are seeking change either on a personal level or community. This took place after Stella Baker discovered that drama is related to consciousness and is opposite to trauma.

Why we exist

We are going through one of the biggest transformations in the history of Mankind, far greater than even that of the Industrial Revolution. However this is resulting in increasing domination by organizations - government, corporate, institutional and selected non profit - which is invading every aspect of our lives, destroying our culture and stripping many people of opportunities, rights and civil liberty. Civil liberty, cultural development and opportunity has been replaced by authoritarianism. This is creating a growing number of social, environmental and economic problems and it's not working.


We seek to redress the balance

It's not working simply because this is not how the universe works. Authoritarianism is never the answer. Out of Creative Law Stella Baker developed a Social Theory which is based on both Creative Law and Universal Law. Existence is based on energy, and energy exists on a spectrum between drama and trauma. Drama connects, trauma separates and divides. Humans are social creatures, and the central focus of human life experience is culture. Culture is never static. It can either develop, and bring humanity, community, opportunity, and progress, or it can decline, and you can have division, enslavement, authoritarianism, fascism, and social collapse. We have a choice here. Nothing is set in stone. Things can always be different.

The need for the primacy of individual human experience

People are struggling. Many people are having their lives wrecked. People are dying. Many people are committing suicide simply because they can see no way forward and feel they cannot continue living. None of this is necessary. We have all the resources, the technology, the space, the manpower for this to be different. We are capable of creating beauty, we are capable of compassion, kindness, intelligence, love, and humanity. Yet we are dying out as a species. Ideology cannot save us. The only thing which can save us is individual human creativity and recognizing the value and importance of individual human experience.

Turn the end into the beginning

But this is just the bigger picture. We face numerous threats and challenges to which there needs to be a response. Agenda 21, Brexit, Universal Credit, Social Credit, and 5G technology. Fighting is not going to work and will only draw us into conflicts without resolution. So too will pointing fingers and blaming others. This is not what Qultura is about. Qultura is all about human empowerment, human individuality, human creativity, developing community, taking the initiative, taking action. This is based on three simple premises:

  • Change, synonymous with creativity, always starts within.
  • Nobody knows or understands you better than you know and understand yourself.
  • You and your environment are one. Nobody knows or understands your environment or community better than you.

The Qultura community

We are working to build a community - the Qultura community - around a nucleus or core - the Qultura Core project. The Qultura Core project is based in Battersea, South London and is the organization part of the community to which everything is connected. However the Qultura community is not centralized but diverse. Everyone who joins the Qultura community brings something new to it in terms of their personal life experience and perspective. You can join the Qultura community online - through Facebook, MeWe or Groupbox - or currently by getting involved with the Qultura Core project in London. Qultura Core is not a hierarchy, it's a model and an example for other similar projects in the future in other local communities.


The Qultura community is made up of individual projects and roles. A Qultura project can be creative, social, cultural or connected with community support, but it is always based on someone's personal experience and perspective, and serves to further promote human individuality, creativity, and develop culture. People get involved in the Qultura community to get involved in different projects and if they cannot find a project which suits them they can create their own project.


Roles are flexible and fluid. It's your involvement in a project which determines your role and you can change your role depending on how you want to participate in a project. To take part in a project you just need to participate. However to develop a project, create your own or become part of the Qultura organization you can volunteer. If you need support from others you can reverse your participation. If you reverse your participation you can still take part in projects, create your own, and even create an appeal to either raise awareness or interest on a specific social issue or gather support and resources to support you out of difficult circumstances.