About Qultura

What's your story?

Everybody has a story to tell. Everybody has a life which is made up from different experiences, memories, relationships, and choices they have faced in life. This is what makes culture so important and central to the human experience of life. It is our stories and the stories people tell each other which brings people together, promoting insight and understanding, because it is our stories and our life experience which gives us the ability to be able to relate to one another.


The current destruction of culture, of communities and instances of poverty, sickness, deprivation and hardship has not happened for the first time in history. The above image is from the Warsaw Ghetto, which existed between 1939 and 1943 as part of Warsaw which was occupied by Hitler's Nazis. At that time culture changed in occupied Warsaw and it was a time which changed the culture of Warsaw, where Poles collaborated with Jews, some collaborated with Germans, and people did what they could to network and interact with each other in different friendships and communities just to survive.

Similar cultures existed throughout much of continental Europe, in France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Italy, Hungary and other countries. The wartime experience in Britain and the US was much different and so we have never had to create networks, communities and collaborate so much in modern times against foreign occupation or a dominant ideology.

But this doesn't mean we cannot learn to create such a culture. Not everything has to be the way it is decided or set up to be by people in authority. It can be different, indeed so very different, if people would only take the first steps and learn to interact differently and collaborate, and not compete, with one another. We can create networks, new friendships, even create and build new communities and a new culture. All this needs is simple participation, an open mind, and a willingness to explore, experiment, learn, discover, and share our unique and individual stories and experiences with others.

The need for a new type of organization

We are at a time when we face a growing number of social, economic and environmental problems. Have you not noticed that everything has become all about ideology and money? We are being constantly failed by those in authority. We are being lied to, exploited, cheated, and all the ideology is failing. As a result our communities and society is becoming increasingly divided, people are becoming increasingly isolated, marginalized, excluded, lonely, and people are also increasingly struggling. They are struggling to feed and clothe themselves, to pay bills, to keep their homes, to create and maintain friendships and relationships. The fabric of our society and communities is crumbling, and an increasing number of people are reaching out for support, for companionship, for a sense of community and not finding it.

Qultura, the organization, the resource, the community

If you are looking for a ready made solution to even a handful of the growing number of social, economic and environmental issues we face there isn't one. But this doesn't mean that solutions cannot be found. They can. Qultura exists to empower the human individual, the root of change, and we do this by working to empower individual people and promoting human creativity and individuality. In this way we combine human rights and cultural development to act as a community resource, working to ensure that everyone is able to participate, get involved, share their stories and experiences, create culture, and bring about changes in their personal lives, in their communities, and in their networks.

Please don't be afraid to browse, explore and discover

There's no central ideology within Qultura, no hierarchies, power dynamics, rules to follow, and getting involved is completely free of charge. We have various pages, various online communities, different resources, and we are completely inclusive. Qultura is about people, individual people, their stories and their experiences, and connecting people to one another. If you see something we need or something which needs change, please feel free to get involved and bring about those changes.