About Qultura

Imagine for just a few minutes you have nothing - no money, no home, no food, no income, no job, and beyond this no friends, no family, nobody you can call, you have nothing and nobody. There's just you alone in the world with everything else all around you. It's bitterly cold because it's the middle of winter. The temperatures are subzero, and the snow is deeper than your ankles. You stink, the clothes you're wearing haven't been off your body in weeks. You're tired and sleepy because you're scared to sleep for more than half an hour in case hypothermia sets in and you lose consciousness and freeze to death. You're struggling to even walk but you know you have to, otherwise you will most likely die.

What would you do in that situation?

Surely if you were thinking with any degree of common sense you would be looking to find someone who can help you and you would be looking at the faces of people walking past you in the street hoping that you could find someone with who you could connect to, right?

But what would be the first thing you would ask them? Please remember that you have nothing and nobody, you are alone in the world and penniless.

This is the point

If you have been thinking about being in the above situation and what you would say or do then you will understand the point of Qultura. Reality boils down to being in a universe in which everything is made of of just three things - energy, space and consciousness. However what shapes reality in human terms is very much language - words, culture, beliefs and ideas - all of which can change and be changed.

A different type of human rights organization

Qultura is a human rights organization which works to empower individual people through cultural development and community participation. We are set up to function not as an organization but as a community of people which is freely accessible to anyone in any community in any society anywhere in the world. We feel that there needs to be an organization which stands up for the individual human being against an increasing amount of organizational power be it state, corporate or institutional. Only 'we' as an organization don't stand up for people per se, but instead empower people to stand up for themselves as part of a local community. The main points of how we function are explained in this section.