What is Qultura?

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Qultura is the first community organization in the United Kingdom to advocate social and cultural change through the development and sharing of empathy in the local community. Qultura was created out of a small Fringe theatre based at the Duchess pub in Battersea, South London which was set up to provide opportunities for people who were stigmatized and marginalized from the local community through social exclusion to find a way to rebuild their lives through being involved in the performing arts and working with professional actors. Qultura was created out of this small Fringe theatre, which was known as Qultura Fringe, at the end of November 2009.

Qultura defined

Qultura is what is known as a 'goodwill' organization. It is officially a sole trader organization which is strictly not for profit, non-commercial and non-political and seeks to benefit the individual in a community through the provision of access to Creative Law and various resources as well as opportunities to become engaged in and participate in a community for the benefit of themselves and other people.

Ten years on

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We work to create opportunities and projects for people to come together in their local communities and to connect to other people in their local communities through working with other organizations, charities and local authorities. In this way we help and support people to overcome such issues as loneliness, social stigma, isolation, marginalization and we help to inspire people to develop deeper, stronger social bonds and develop empathy to bring about change on a personal, social and cultural level.

Now we want to get more serious and develop a global community based on empathy, stronger local communities and a shift in emphasis away from ideology social division towards better, more healthier ways of socially interacting with one another.