About volunteering



Qultura is an organization which is based on a community structure so as to promote human creativity and human individuality. We are consciously set up to function in an economic system which is based on a Universal Basic Income, despite the fact that very few people have evolved to this stage of social and economic thinking. Therefore volunteering is not so much about work, or unpaid work, but about sharing ideas, skills, abilities, and functioning in a way so as to develop our community through becoming part of the organization.

Understanding Universal Credit and Social Credit

These are two very different systems which are designed to remove your personal autonomy and freedom of choice over your life. Both are part of Agenda 21 and Agenda 30.

Universal Credit
Universal Credit is the new simplification of the benefits system in the UK which is a replacement of older 'legacy' benefits such as ESA, JSA, tax credits, and Income Support. This is currently being rolled out over a ten year period between 2013 and 2023. Universal Credit is based on a harsh system of conditionality where you are expected to work in a new corporate economic system and you face benefit sanctions between 7 days and 3 years which results in a loss of income if you do not meet the criteria of your Claimant Commitment and conditionality. You have less and less say over how you work and how much your income is, which is increasingly decided between the Government and your employer.
Social Credit
Social Credit is a new points system which is separate from the benefits system but which is linked to your online presence and social media accounts which is based on a points system. Under the Social Credit system you are awarded points on the basis of how well you cooperate with authority, the Government and corporations. Your Social Credit score, which is tied to you as an individual, indicates how cooperative and trustworthy you are as a citizen. Social Credit is a global system and will become more common once 5G technology is rolled out from 2020.
You can be awarded points which results in a higher score. If you have a higher score you can be awarded greater privileges and freedoms and also have access to greater resources. However you can also have points deducted and face greater restrictions. These can result in you being seen as less trustworthy and becoming more socially isolated. The restrictions you can face under Social Credit include restrictions on what you can purchase online, restrictions on where you can travel, restrictions on opportunities where you can meet people, restrictions on dating, restrictions on renting somewhere to live, and restrictions on where you can be employed and how you can earn an income.

The Qultura system of volunteering

The Qultura system of volunteering is a way of promoting personal autonomy and freedom when it comes to the development of skills, abilities and activities. Essentially it is a trade off. You get the freedom to develop and practise your skills and abilities, being able to volunteer when and how you like, mix and match your roles, perhaps learning new skills and developing your abilities along the way, and you also gain administrative rights and become part of the Qultura organization. In return you help to develop both the organization and community for the benefit of yourself and other people. No money changes hands either way. This is far more about humanity and community, though we will do whatever we can to support you in your efforts to gain employment and obtain paid work in whatever skills or abilities you seek to develop.

What we need in terms of volunteers

Qultura always needs volunteers both online and offline and we also currently need volunteers for our Qultura Core project in London. Volunteers are needed for administration, community support, networking, campaigning, voice overs, video presentation, project management, project coordination, IT skills and web management, giving advice, and much more.

The prerequisites for volunteering with Qultura

The prerequisites or requirements for volunteering with Qultura are shown below.


When it comes to being part of the Qultura communities on Groupbox we prefer volunteers to be signed up to either the Qultura Connect and/or the Qultura Core communities. If you are in London you need to be part of the Qultura Core community.

Communication and use of apps

Volunteering with Qultura is developed to make use of technology using either a personal computer, smartphone or other mobile device. On a personal computer we make use of Groupbox communities and email and on mobile devices we make use of the following apps which can be downloaded for free.

A Groupbox profile is needed to access Qultura communities online.
This is a mobile app for messaging and free calls between users.
Please don't use video calling to call someone else.
This is an alternative to Whatsapp. Again no video calls.
This is a workgroup application which can work as an alternative to Groupbox for specific projects or via mobile. There is a Qultura group on Slack.

The basic information

We have summarized the basic information necessary below for you to be able to figure out a proposal.

Offline or online?

Offline volunteering is usually tied to a project but you can also volunteer online as many roles offer opportunities to volunteer in the comfort of your own home or in your local community. You are also welcome to create or start your own project as a volunteer.


There are no set or fixed hours as a volunteer as everything is done by arrangement. This means you can volunteer when you want, when you have time and when you want to volunteer.

How often?

Again this is completely down to you. You can volunteer as often or as little as you like. All we ask is that whatever activity you undertake to do or agree to do is completed and not left half done or undone for someone else to have to complete.

Role and activities

When you make a proposal by filling out a form we ask you for details of everything you're good at, capable of doing and enjoy doing. This is the range of activities you will be volunteering in. As a volunteer you can create your own, unique role, mix and match different roles or specialize in just one role.


Qultura trustees are the group of trustees which fulfil the legal requirement for a governing body as Qultura is a not for profit organization. Qultura trustees are an autonomous group based in london, tied to the Qultura Core project, and meet every three months on a Wednesday evening in January, April, July and October.

They monitor every aspect of Qultura's development and ensure that there are no conflicts of interest. Qultura trustees serve for fixed terms of 2 years or more.

There are various restrictions on becoming a trustee. You cannot have a criminal conviction related to violence, fraud, theft and you need to be at least 19 years old. You also cannot be a reverse volunteer nor can you be a serving politician.

You can apply to become a Qultura trustee by messaging us and telling us why you want to become a Qultura trustee.