About Qultura

Qultura is a relatively new system for developing conscious awareness and mindfulness through dream weaving and community participation and involvement. It's designed to be simple, natural and effective. Therefore Qultura is a new developing mystical community resource.


Qultura is a relatively new system for developing conscious awareness and mindfulness which is based on dream weaving and community participation. It's similar to other more traditional systems such as Buddhism, Taoism, and Hatha yoga in what you can do with it but has a radically different way of how you go about developing consciousness and mindfulness.

By far the biggest difference is that Qultura is not a 'method' or philosophy you follow. You already have your own existing model, philosophy or belief system which you're using to explain reality. You do not need to be given another one. Qultura methodology, which is a complete methodology, is a set of mystical principles arranged into four components. Instead of following someone else's method, what you do is create your own Qultura methods from learning the four components of Qultura methodology.

Therefore Qultura is designed to give anyone quick and easy awareness of important mystical principles from which you can develop your own existential and spiritual dimension of your life experience.

Qultura is a deliberate misspelling of 'culture' and the tree in our logo is symbolic of the Kaballah and the Tree of Knowledge. Developing a Qultura method is designed to be simple, natural and effective. Much of what you need to do to develop a Qultura method you're probably already doing anyway. You probably just need that additional mystical awareness to add that existential dimension to your life.

Qultura is a community based system

Qultura is designed so that anyone can develop a Qultura method through the mystical resources accessible on this website (see 'Methodology'), through a practice known as dream weaving (see 'How Qultura works'). Both our mystical resources and access to our community are made accessible to everyone completely free of charge. As long as you're looking to develop your own Qultura methods and are willing to accept our Community Standards it's all good.

Qultura does not offer you anything, such as enlightenment, other than a deeper mystical awareness. It is assumed that you are already as enlightened as you can possibly be in your circumstances. It is also assumed that as a complete human being the answers to all the questions you're asking can be found somewhere deep within you from your own conscious awareness and past experience.

However in order to find those answers through dream weaving you need to be connected to both your environment and community. This is because who you are as an individual is dependent on other people and who they are. Therefore the more you find out about your environment and other people, the more you find out about yourself. To understand this a bit more we need to understand The Human Predicament