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All existence is change, all existence is relationship

This is the foundation premise of Qultura. Existence is a principle. Creativity and interaction is a process. This is all you really need to know about existence, about life, about anything.

Nature does not make mistakes. You were born with everything you need to get you through life - a physical body, physical senses, a brain, something known as a mind, a natural environment, a society, and a community of people. Nature does not have an objective, a purpose, or a goal, and neither does the universe. Nature is as it is, just as the universe is as it is, just as you are who you are. But if Nature did have an objective or a purpose, that objective or purpose would be acceptance, because acceptance is equilibrium and equilibrium is the starting point for change.

Conformity v. non-conformity, acceptance v. non-acceptance

Qultura is a complete system created to address the fundamental issue and conflict in life between the natural, organic nature of your existence and the social and cultural nature of your existence.

You were born naturally as a human being. As a small child mindfulness was not an objective or a goal to be achieved. Mindfulness was simply how you lived. You lived without concept of time, of past or future, you lived entirely in the present moment. You were fully connected to reality, to others. You were full of wonder, curiosity about everything happening all around you. Everything was important. You sought to explore, experiment, play, learn, and discover.

Then came social and mental conditioning, development of Ego, upbringing and education and everything changed permanently. Mindfulness was lost and from that point forward you were surrounded by people who had ideas about who and what you should be, what you should think, what you should believe, and how you should behave. You learned how to fit in with society, what was important in life, you grew up, and you became much easier to live with and be around. But this cost you your natural equilibrium and mindfulness, and created an internal conflict deep within you where you aren't always sure who you are and you have a deep inner sense of isolation, alienation and loneliness. 'The Logical Song' by Supertramp is a popular 1980's song about this socialization process.

Qultura is a newly developing mystical community resource which enables you to resolve this internal confict created from your social conditioning and process of Ego development and the various illusions and false beliefs which you have accepted as truth or reality, but which aren't.

Qultura is therefore an opportunity for you to be able to:

Change your level of consciousness

Recover a natural state of mindfulness

Resolve past trauma and karma to heal and grow

Unconditional acceptance of self, other and environment

Qultura is made up of two things - a methodology (a collection of mystical principles) and a community. As is explained in How Qultura works there is no belief system, method, or ideology for you to follow. This is not primary school. Neither me nor anyone else is interested in teaching you anything or telling you what to believe or what to think. You either make the effort and you figure it out for yourself or you don't. After all who is the one who is living your life? Me? You? Or someone else?

It doesn't matter one iota what you think and believe, or what ideology you may choose to follow. The moment you become emotionally or psychologically attached to a concept or a belief, and you start believing that whatever concept or belief you hold is as real as what is going on either within you or what's going on all around you, this is when you lose contact with reality and let go of your humanity and presence of mind. Presence of mind and mindfulness is not possible if you are not centred or rooted in your environmental reality and you are emotionally and psychologically invested in a belief, a concept, or attached to an outcome, an expectation, or a desire.

Qultura is therefore a system created to empower individual human life experience, promote mindfulness, good mental health, emotional well being, development of community, of social networks and social support networks. Non-conformity is encouraged as is any process of individuation, for what is being promoted here is human individuality, human diversity, and self-realization. You have been born into a principle and process, and it is your process which determines the principle just as much as the principle determines the process. The principle and the process are inseparable because they are both one and the same thing.

Therefore Qultura is all about you becoming real and figuring out a way to talk your talk, walk your walk and live your individual truth. You are no different to me or anyone else. We are all our individual conscious perspective and a story. But for our stories to become real there has to be a solid basis of truth. Therefore your starting point when it comes to Qultura has got to be unconditional acceptance of self, other and environment. Without this unconditional acceptance no perception of change is possible, no mindfulness is possible, and no truth or personal growth is possible.

Below are the four basic components which make up Qultura:

Qultura methodology is the interpretation of Natural Law and fundamental mystical principles from which you develop your own Qultura methods. Qultura methodology is not especially difficult or complicated, and is compromised of four components:

  • Natural Law
  • Universal Principles
  • Combined Numerology
  • Unmind

Qultura methodology is freely accessible either in the form of a free e-book titled 'The Principle and the Process' (97 pages in PDF format) or is accessible on four webpages in the 'Learn' section of this website.

The other major element of Qultura is the Qultura community which is an empathy focussed community which connects people interested in Qultura. Like the methodology the Qultura community is freely accessible, open-minded, non-judgmental, and is accessible both online and - if you're in London - offline in real time social events and meetings. You can access the Qultura community in one of three ways:

  • a Community Message Board
  • social events and meetings
  • a Whatsapp group

The Qultura community is very much the practical aspect of Qultura and is based on Unmind, primary social interaction, unconditional acceptance of self, other and environment, and being both focussed on empathy is an esoteric community where trust and mutual support is of paramount importance. Nothing is planned, we make everything up as we go along, and there are no rules, no hierarchies, no power dynamics and no bullshit.

You're welcome to come along, meet people, connect to community, get to know people, let other people get to know you, and get involved in conversations both frivolous and trivial on the one hand, and meta-physical and deep on the other.

It's through the Qultura community that you develop a Qultura method.

Developing insight is a fundamental part of developing a Qultura method - which means connecting to your environment and other people, paying attention to what's going on around you, getting to know other people, getting to know their insights and perspectives on life, and also finding ways to share your insights and perspective with others in various ways.

This is how we evolve - as individuals, as communities, as a species - making connections, networking, making friends, sharing experiences, sharing stories and narratives, and making connections through community involvement and community participation.

In addition to the methodology, the content of this website and blog posts I've written six mystical insights under 'Insights' to get you started. I would love for some of you to get involved in community, either through the Message Board, or through social events and meetings, and get to know your insights and perspectives. This is how we evolve, develop, grow, together, as individuals and as communities.

Qultura Core is quite simply the 'core' of the Qultura community, the central nucleus or hub around which everything revolves and out of which everything evolves.

Expanding on the sharing of insights so as to develop a Qultura method... if you are at all serious about developing your own Qultura method, then you're going to need a vehicle or discipline through which you can share insight with other people. Developing a discipline through Qultura means one of two things. It can mean nourishing a community through individual human creativity so as to connect to others - art, music, writing, drama, and so on, or it can mean serving others in community through service to others, community support, and developing community support networks.

Qultura Core is a community within a community, it's both esoteric and subversive - all subversion is about the outward creative self-expression of individual truth. As there is no hierarchy, and Qultura Core is freely accessible, and you can move in and out of Qultura Core as you wish. You can find more information on the Qultura Core website.