Social design

reclaiming individual human experience

What is social design?

Social design is all about reclaiming individual human experience. To date we have lived in a society dominated by various hierarchies, government, religious, corporate, monarchial and living in a hierarchy means that many people are deprived of opportunity and deprived of individual human experience.

What has never happened

We have never worked together to properly design our society and social structures with a sense of aesthetics and balance. Everything that we have is what those in some sort of authority have decided to provide for us and that what is provided by organizations such as corporations, at a price. This is what causes the deprivation of opportunity and loss of individual human experience which so many people are experiencing today

How does social design work?

Social design is not about designing a whole society, but about working toghether to create things which are benefiical to people in a local community through various projects. The whole idea is to develop projects which create opportunities and engage people in local communities. The idea is to allow individual people to take back their individual human experience through participation and involvement in their local community.

Key concepts of social design

The aesthetics and balance of social design is based on the concept of mutual arising. We feel it's also important to be aware of empowerment of the human individual, and other aspects of social conditioning which have given rise to the collectvist-individualist mindset, envirinmental ignorance and we have provided and example of how they affect people's thinking in welfare benefits, which is a good example of a social structure which is neither balanced nor aesthetic.

Think of something

The idea is to think of something which connects people and improves the quality of living in that community while being accessible to everyone in that community. It could be based on a creative activity, something which promotes social interaction, or developing a community support project for people who have been disempowered and deprived of opportunities, experience or both. You could also do soemthing to develop a community support network.

The importance of being inclusive

It's important to be inclusive and open so as to develop connections between people in a local community and not fall into the trap of categorizing individual people. Keep projects open for people, and let the individual people figure out for themselves if they want to participate or not. Please always remember our priority on the importance of individual human experience and individual human experience which comes out of personal experience.

Making it happen

Then once you've thought of something get involved, find people and make it happen. being creative is all about trying different things out to see what works and what doesn't, making mistakes, meeting people, learning, learning from mistakes, being silly, having fun, and when you've run out of all possible mistakes, failures and reasons to mess up your project being successful. It's therefore important not to get too attached to ideas or individual projects. You can always have another idea. There can always be another project.

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