Recovery of individual human experience

Qultura is a community resource for creative, social and community support projects

Qultura is a community resource

We live in a society which is dominated by authority through hierarchy which is incompatible with technology. This is because technology supports human creativity and interaction, but authority delivered through hierarchy is based on a certain kind of instrumentality which many people find alienating, isolating and disempowering. This disempowerment comes from a deprivation of opportunity and a deprivation of individual human experience, which many people experience directly in their lives. Qultura has been set up as a community resource to enable people to interact and share ideas and experiences in a way in which they can recover their individual human experience.

The role of projects

Take an idea, any idea, find someone to share it with, and agree to do something about that idea to transform it into something concrete. This is a project. This is how Qultura functions - individual people having ideas which they share with other people through projects. Anyone can have an idea, anyone can share an idea with someone else, so any idea can become a project and something can result from that project. You might have an idea or something you'd like to do. You can get involved with Qultura completely free of charge, find other people, and make it happen.

The different types of projects

Qultura supports the development of different types of projects, which can be creative projects centred around a creative activity, or social projects which priomote social interaction in the local community, or community support projects, such as developing better community support networks and helping to connect people who need support with others who can give support. In this way we work to promote social inclusion and create platforms which enable people to interact with one another, share ideas, experiences, create opportunities and acquire the necessary life experience which they feel is meaningful and fulfilling to them.

The concept of social design

All of our projects are based on the concept of social design. Social design is about modifying or creating social structures at a local community level sob that they benefit individual people and is based on the principles of mutual arising. Any project developed should be of benefit to everyone involved, and if you become involved in a Qultura project there needs to be some benefit to you as an individual and also to someone else or others in the local community.

There are a number of different reasons why we choose to function in this way. These reasons include the increasing use of technology, automation and artificial intelligence and the need to restructure our communities and society. Then you have Brexit and the uncertain future as well as the increasing levels of social fragmentation and social divisions in local communities which cause many people to become isolated, alienated, and marginalized. There is a need for much better community support networks and a different perspective on poverty and inequality. We do not believe that those in authority will come up with viable solutions and strongly advocate people to start getting involved and developing their own solutions.

The concept of social design and principles of mutual arising work just as well for redesigning or reshaping one's life. You can find out more about social design by following the links below.

This is about you - the individual

Qultura is an organization which is set up specifically to support human individuality and creativity. It doesn't matter whether you succeed or fail, what is important is the experience, knowledge you gain as a result of trying. Life is all about developing consciousness and making the unknown known. Your life is here and now and you only live once. If you don't make the attempt or try you will never know and the opportunity is lost forever. Also if you are struggling and facing barriers in life which prevent you from doing what it is you want to do we can support you to overcome those barriers. You set the agenda, not us.

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