The common core principles of all addictions


All addictions are energy based. The root cause of any addiction is an actual or perceived inability of the left cerebral hemisphere of the brain to be able to independent;y modify or reduce energy frequencies.

Addiction reduces the ability to function effectively

There are a number of problems linked to this inability. Energy is essential to life and is measured in terms of frequency, wavelength and levels of consciousness. It is the creative component of the universe and the ability to be able to effectively perceive, detect, manipulate and transform energy is what separates living beings from inanimate objects.

Everybody functions on an individual frequency range of energy - think of a radio station broadcasting at a specific frequency on a band of a range of frequencies, such as 101.4 FM, or 1420 AM - all living beings, including humans function on the exact same principle. The energy in the atmosphere or incoming through the right hemisphere of the brain may not be anywhere in that frequency range so it's essential to have a way of being able to modify or change the frequency of other energy flows to match your individual frequency range of energy.

Therefore addiction reduces the ability and effectiveness of functioning.

Addiction reduces the ability to think and interact with other people.

The second set of problems is connected with the reduced effectiveness of the left cerebral hemisphere of the brain to be able to manipulate and transform energy. Being able to manipulate and transform energy frequencies is essentially what thinking is all about. It's a continuous process. This can impact on almost every area of someone's life from their ability to think creatively, solve problems, deal with stress, communicate, develop and maintain friendships and relationships, and feel certain emotions and feelings.

This is because the left cerebral hemisphere of the brain is the only means of being able to modify and reduce frequency levels of energy. But it is also that part of the brain which is responsible for perception of self, for language, for creative thinking, for forming beliefs, for interacting with others, for solving problems, and so many other things.

Our brains act like a processor on a computer. The left cerebral hemisphere of the brain is the control mechanism and that control is global - it controls not only how we think, behave and interact with others, it also controls and regulates the frequency of energy used by the body through the heart and bloodstream. The heart has a somewhat narrower frequency range than the brain and needs to function within a certain frequency range otherwise it stops working.

All addictions are progressive in nature.

We use energy all the time, but energy is expansive and requires constant creativity in order to maintain consistent frequency levels. But in the case of an addiction the ability to manipulate energy and change its frequency is being systematically reduced, so the longer an addiction exists the more damage it does and the less efficient the brain becomes in being able to manipulate energy and change energy frequencies.