Where is the proof behind your 'All Lives Matter' stance?

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There's a lot of people at the moment who are coming out with the "All Lives Matter" statement. If you're one of these people then what you are saying is that you are totally inclusive towards the entire human species, right? You are making a statement that you see every other human being on the planet as being just as important and just as significant to the human species as you are, right?

Okay, so where are you?

We're three months or more into lockdown and on either side of the Atlantic in the UK and US the death toll is higher than almost everywhere else in the world. People have lost businesses, they've lost jobs, there's many people out there trying to survive without any income.

Where are you?

We've had many protests organized by Black Lives Matter which has raised public awareness against racism and violence against the black community. We've had the empty platitudes and gestures, the kneeling from various political figures. We now have Government ministers and officials more concerned with bailing out multinational corporations and stripping people of their human rights. People with disabilities are being starved to death in the UK, people are being thrown off Medicare in the United States, and politicians in both countries are now moving forward with plans to erase the transgender community.

Why you need to stop saying "All Lives Matter"

You need to stop saying 'All Lives Matter' in the face of oppression and social injustice because - assuming you're well meaning in your intentions to use the phrase - because you paint yourself as a fascist or worse, a nazi. Note that we are not calling you a fascist or nazi nor is this our intention.. But if you're going to use language properly - and many people aren't educated to use language properly - then you need to understand some very basic common principles.

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Words matter

Culture is the central reference point for life and life experience in humans. Culture is a major component of language, which is based on words - words are the fundamental basis of human intellectual thinking, they form the basis of our beliefs, the way we perceive ourselves and each other, and how we verbalize our experiences both to ourselves and each other.

Words are also the fundamental basis of magic. Billions of women worldwide have been killed worldwide for witchcraft which means that even the most basic and fundamental human right, freedom of self-expression and speech is soaked heavily in the blood of women.

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Even today many women throughout the world, particularly in developing countries are persecuted and killed for this basic and fundamental human right - they are punished for crimes such as witchcraft, apostacy, blasphemy, sorcery, enmity with and for these so called crimes they are imprisoned, lashed, whipped, flogged, caned, and put to death - beheadings, stonings, hangings, and by firing squad.

You do not own language.

You do not own the language you speak, even if it's your native language. You were not born with language, as it was something taught to you. Language is something which is common and shared between everyone who speaks it. Think of language as being public domain. You can use it, you don't have to pay for it, but you don't own it. It belongs to everybody.

Language is not enough - you need back up

Before we get into freedom of speech let's get into the most basic, most fundamental principle of citizenship - you are legally required to back up every single statement you make with truth. You cannot say as a business tell HMRC or IRS that you didn't make any money that year and expect them to believe you and not charge you any tax. You cannot simply email the Department of Work and Pensions and claim Universal Credit because 'I said so'. You have to back up your 'claim' (assertion) with concrete evidence that you're entitled to Universal Credit.

I think, therefore I am. -Rene Descartes

Freedom of speech

The quote from Rene Decartes is the fundamental basis of freedom of speech in the West. Freedom of speech is not hate speech, it's not slander, nor is it libel. It's freedom of speech, to discuss ideas, beliefs and other stuff. It's not a licence for you to cause harm or put someone on anti-depressants or send them into therapy.

Words are powerful. They are to be used responsibly. Just like knives. There's a lot of people out there who are suffering because of what someone said to them or how they were abused years ago and verbal abuse can be just as harmful and dangerous as physical abuse.

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However we do understand

However there are people who are only saying 'All Lives Matter' in response to 'Black Lives Matter' - they tend not to say 'All Lives Matter' at any other time. We understand why. We understand that it's mainly because you want oppressed people like the black community and others to shut up about their oppression and hardship which you're comfortable with and which quite often you benefit from and make a profit from.

We understand how talking about all this oppression in the system and dealing with the real life oppression, hardships and suffering people have to go through just because they're different from you might cause you to feel uncomfortable, especially when you're participating in that oppression and helping those in power abuse and even kill these other people because they're different.

We understand how it must be hard for you to accept that you are so willingly participating in crimes against humanity through your passive obedience to those in power who are rushing, as fast as they can, towards another new 21st century Final Solution scenario.

Why not "Only My Life Matters'?

Why not stop pretending and lying and just be honest - with yourself and others - and say instead "Only My Life Matters"? Why pretend that you're someone like the Dalai Lama or Mother Theresa when it's so very clear that you're not? You see from the perspective of someone who's black, or has a disability, or who's transgendered it makes no odds because you're so very clearly not on their side, you never were and you probably never will be. You very clearly only see yourself as important in society and maybe a few other people who are like you. You can join the half of the predominantly white population who are so clearly ignorant, bigoted and selfish and who have worked so hard to get ignorant, bigoted and selfish politicians elected into political power.

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But what if those in power who you support decide that you are just as disposable as the transgendered, the disabled and black community, and that you're just further back in the queue for extermination? What then?

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