As an alternative community

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We place a very heavy emphasis on our role as an alternative community within an existing local community because of the fact that suicide is a major cause of death and not just government departments but also all political parties have become indifferent to the high rate of premature mortality - i.e. people dying prematurely. This is before we go into the much more frequent issues of depression, anxiety disorders, mental illness, addictions, domestic violence, and people having to wear a mask (which the song was alluding to, in case you haven't figured it out)

It seems as a society we have become far too judgmental, bigoted, insular, ignorant and self-centred. Far too many people get judged for various reasons, their appearance, their body size, where they get their income from, their age, their sexual orientation and gender identity, their skin colour, their ethnicity, and so much more.

We are the fallback in your community

We started out a decade ago as an organization but due to austerity we decided to reverse the order and instead of providing showreel materials for professional actors and reggae musicians, which we started out by doing, we instead started to emphasize creating opportunities for people to come out of social exclusion and overcome social stigma.

The Qultura community is open and accepting of everyone. We are non judgmental, and unlike wider society and the wider community which are both stratified and where, if you don't need a social standard or conform to a stereotype, or have no money, you have no place, there is no ideology, no belief system.

The Qultura community is an egalitarian community where you can be you, and everyone else can be themselves, and we are all real, imperfect, accept each other for our imperfections, and we get along with one another.