Appeals (and community support projects)

Appeals (and community support projects) are developed somewhat differently because they involve the gathering of resources, particularly material and financial resources, and are also make up a major part of Qultura's support system together with pledges of support which we get from people from outside the Qultura community. Appeals and community support projects are developed differently not just because they are considered part of our internal support system, but also because this is all done to provide an alternative to the established funding avenues which are tightly controlled by artificial scarcity.

Therefore this is also part of our mission and objectives.

Understanding appeals and pledges

Appeals are created by recognized reverse participants and in addition to having an individual mission and objectives loosely relative to our global mission and objectives, they also need to be somewhat relative to the cause or reason why we recognized the need to reverse participation. This is so as any material or financial resources which are pledged against the appeal are defined as support and not as income. This is because some members of our community are in receipt of benefits such as Universal Credit or ESA, and any resources they receive through an appeal would be regarded as income by the DWP which would lead to further deductions and loss of benefits and could trigger a compliance event where benefits are stopped while eligibility to benefits is examined. However appeals are fixed, once created they cannot be changed, and it would be very difficult for the DWP to assert that resources from an appeal are income, when very clearly the appeal was created to gather resources as support.

It is also clearly stated that Qultura does not do any fundraising and the only official means of donating to the Qultura community is via the link to PayPal on our Support page. You cannot officially donate to Qultura in any other way and we also make it clear that a donation is only to be made once you know exactly what you are supporting and why. Once created appeals are published in the support section of our website and a link to the webpage for the appeal is given to the reverse participant who created the appeal.

Then you have the issue of administration. All appeals are administered through Qultura Core and not by the reverse participant who created the appeal. All support for a specific appeal goes through our central bank account, Qultura does not make any deductions for administration - as no money officially changes hands between members of the Qultura community - but we cannot guarantee that our bank or other financial services we use, such as PayPal, will not make deductions. Whatever resources are pledged to a specific appeal go directly to that specific appeal. Things are done this way to comply with the Charitable Acts of the 1980's. While Qultura has been twice refused registered charity status by the Charities Commission because we are a community organization and refuse to commit to a single cause, mission or ideology, we still unilaterally comply with legislation and also with Charities Commission guidelines. For example when it comes to addressing practical barriers, such as homelessness, for accommodation or housing, we refer people to either the local authority or a homelessness charity.

Working with appeals

All Qultura appeals contain the following:

  • A memorable name.
  • A clearly stated mission and objectives.
  • A unique ID reference code.
  • A clear list of needs or support needed..
  • A backstory or context which can be taken from the original reverse participation recognition process..

All appeals once approved (and verified if needed) are published in the support section of our website. You can add photos, podcasts, videos and links to your appeal and once your appeal is published we will send you the link so you can share it further, for example on social media or through email or text.

What you can do with an appeal

You can use an appeal to solicit pledges, but not donations, however which way you want and you can also use your appeal to promote and share insight, promote awareness, understanding or simply share and platform your experiences and story with the wider community. Please note that while we would rather you didn't seek support from other members of our community (which can lead to conflicts) we encourage you to seek out support and promote your appeal outside the community to whoever, people, organizations and others.

How many appeals can you have?

While you cannot change the needs content of an appeal once created nor can you have more than one appeal at a time, there is no limit to the number of consecutive appeals you can create. For as long as you are a reverse participant and need support, you can create appeals. If you manage to get support for all your needs and complete an appeal it is considered 'spent' and can no longer be used. Once this happens it is deleted from our website. However if your appeal isn't working, or you still need support you can create a new appeal, as you can also cancel an appeal at any time. Therefore if you need to change something in your appeal, you can cancel the original appeal and create a new one from scratch.