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We also completely reject the notion of authoritarianism and the belief that it is somehow acceptable for one human being or a group of human beings to seek control and dominate over another human being or group of human beings.

This is also another outdated social and cultural value which comes out of monarchy and religion and the 'divine right of rulership' which comes from the belief in a false perspective of the universe as something created by God and that we are all part of God's plan. This was an aspect of Protestantism and the development of the King James version of the Holy Bible in the early 1600's.

This is a belief which is perpetuated even today in Western culture, which can be defined as domination culture and the rulership of various hierarchies and secret societies which controls our entire political system and therefore our socioeconomic system, dominating our social and cultural values.

There is actually no difference between a mainstream religious organization and a mainstream political party in a Western society such as an English speaking country. You have the same rulership, leaders, a hierarchy, rituals such as elections, you attend meetings just the same way as you would attend a church service, and you are preached at by members of the hierarchy.

This is part of a two party state system which is developed to give the illusion of freedom and democracy. You have no freedom or democracy but live in a completely authoritarian totalitarian system.

We need to emphasize human empathy.

While we are primarily an alternative community focussed on the development of empathy and cultural development, we are also extremely 'green' and share ecological values with other organizations such as Extinction Rebellion and possibly the UK Green Party. However we are unsure of whether the Green Party is actually ecological because it is structured and functioned no differently from any other political party and its structure is not much different from either of the two mainstream political parties. It appears to be much more focussed on political power than ecology.

Human evolution is the most effective form of climate action

This is where Qultura draws its line in the sand when it comes to green issues and climate change. Human evolution is motivated entirely by individual human creativity, the development of empathy and community bonds and the development of human diversity and this is evidenced by over 300,000 years of the 320,000 years of evolution of homo sapiens or modern human beings.

Western society is far more focussed on the relentless pursuit of financial and material profit and the concentration of material and financial resources into the control of various hierarchies to be considered civilized. Western society is stratified, and far too authoritarian to be considered either civilized or ecological. It is far too violent, self-centred, egotistical and materialistic to be considered civilized and if we were truly civilized we would be much more egalitarian in society and our society would be based on empathy and human creativity rather than corporate profit, control of access to natural resources, ownership of property and domination and control by a tiny elite over everyone else.

Sustainable cultural development is key to human evolution

You only have one life and it doesn't matter who you are, your life is here and now. Surely the whole point of life is to get to experience as much reality and truth as possible through the felt sense of immediate experience, to develop disciplines so that you can be happy and make others happy, to connect to other people and develop your perception of consciousness so that you can evolve on a personal level, participate in a family and or a community to create the social bonds, explore, experiment, learn, discover so that you build not just connections and bonds but also a soul to create a legacy when you die for others.

You are here to be happy, to experience love, acceptance, empathy, to have a constant stream of opportunities so that you can learn from your inevitable mistakes, misunderstandings, bad choices, and the inevitable traumatic experiences, conflicts with others and misunderstandings that you go through. Your life needs to be about your reality, your friends, your community, your interests, your passions, so that when you get older and more incapacitated you have people around you and your life is the life that you always wanted to live.

However all too often you are badly educated, conditioned to focus on things which are either not important or meaningless, taught what to think and not how to think, and from your earliest memories you are dis-empowered, deceived, cheated, exploited, enslaved to ideology and cultural myths, so that you are deprived of opportunity, your access to natural resources is restricted, your mind is controlled by organizations, so inevitably, your life becomes more of a struggle and harder as you get older. You only get to figure out what the truth is when it's too late, your life is set in stone, and there's not much you can do about it. Yet you are often judged and held responsible for the way your life turns out.