Avoiding consumption

consumerism keeps you from participation in society

Reclaiming individual (personal) experience requires participation and the creation of opportunities for otyhers so they too can participate which creates further opportunities. This requires a rejection of consumption, particularly excessive materialism and consumerism which is a substitute for personal experience and what is upholding the system and driving it forward, which in turn is destroying the environment and our natural habitat.

This means reducing consumer purchases

Central to the expansion of the current system - and it is expanding particularly with regard to control over the individual - is the belief in perpetual economic growth fuelled by endless cycles of consumption and the purchasing of consumer goods. This causes a depletion of natural resources and can lead to human rights abuses such as slavery and exploitations as corporations seek to sell goods and products cheaper while maximizing their profits. This is also fuelling wars and military conflicts in the search for resources. None of these consumer purchases lead to happiness or the fulfillment that comes from getting out and meeting people, having a real time social network or participating in various activities in your local community.

Much of this consumerism produces wastage which in turn is another environmental issue. The planet is currently drowing in a sea of plastic. Food wastage is another environemntal issue which costs money to deal with. Qultura advocates buying second hand or used wherever possible, recycling, restoring, and as part of our activities we are looking to set up such initiatives as food sharing, furniture exchanges, reconditioning and redistribution of things such as household appliances and computer equipment. We have enough space, money, resources and technology for everybody which could make a difference if it was better and more evenly distributed. There are no excuses for the amount of poverty and deprivation we see today.

This means not following others

We strongly advocate a rejection of ideology and external authority. Authority is at best an illusion, at worst a lie which will lead to your further disempowerment. In believing in ideology and external authority you make your life all about beliefs, not about having real time connections to people and having personal experiences. Nobody is going to bring about the social change you're hoping for, nobody is going to come up with the amount of altruism to want to save you and everybody else. They're too busy having their own experience and enjoying their connections at your expense. We strongly encourage you to believe that you are your own highest authority in life, to believe in yourself, trust yourself. There's nobody who;'s better at being you than you.

It's important to understand that a lot of what is termed activism is basically virtue signalling and getting involved in ideological conflicts and squabbles - it is all based on beliefs, not on participation and activity. This is why, for example, despite several years of anti-austerity movements we still have austerity and the people who have been the most affected by austerity remain forgotten and in many cases neglected. Many have died and committed suicide. Furthermore the path of enlightenment requires a process of unlearning and becoming grounded ih truth and reality, not replacing one set of beliefs with another. Nobody else can elighten you, you have to enlighten yourself.

This means not watching

When you are watching - or surfing the internet - you are not participating and not involved in that what is going on around you. Watching is a somewhat voyeuristic activity which is disempowering as an experience. Many people watch ior surf the web because they believe that there's too many people doing, or that what they can do is not good enough or would be acceptable to other people. Of they simply don't have access to opportunities. This results in many people living semi-larval, unfulfilled lives divided between work and watching or browsing, making online purchases and shopping, and these people are not participating in what is going on around them. Everyone is happy. These are the consumers who are upholding the system because they consume the television, the trends, the videos posted on Youtube and other sites, they share articles on social media and perhaps add comments and all the media articles and information about public figures and politicians.

When you become involved in Qultura and one of its projects you become involved in your local community and participate, shifting the emphasis away from other people back to you and your life, your personal experience and your connections with other people. You end up with a purposes and can try out new things, learn things, share your ideas and experience with others, and actually do something positive which is beneficial to you and other people.

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