Are you looking to escape the living dead?

re you struggling to escape all that is mindless, lifeless and soulless?


Throughout society the living dead are among us. They can bump into you in the street as they focus on their smartphones, they can mess up your work, stifle conversations, and deprive you of opportunities and pleasant life experiences such as social encounters. The living dead love everything that's mindless, lifeless and soulless. They follow rules, obey orders, are focussed entirely on beliefs and make for extremely boring conversations. They are resistant to change. They have no concept of humanity. they are entirely focussed on themselves and their position in the economic system, which is why politicians love them. It is what's keeping the current system in place. But what to do and how to escape them? What can turn a human being into the living dead?.

Answering the question "Why?"

This is the effect of a combination of development of information technology on the one hand and authority delivered through a series of hierarchies on the other. To date we've all been living in a social system dominated by authority through hierarchy, which has always been about disempowerment of the individual human being, a derpivation of opportunities and deprivation of individual human experience.

Instead of making use of the technology through individual human creativity and advancing social progress further so we can all evolve as a human race collectively, people in authority have gone in the opposite direction and made use of the technology to further disempower people and create even further deprivation of opportunities and individual life experience. This is why more and more people are becoming homeless and destitute. This is why more and more people are struggling to make ends meet, This is why everything is becoming so mindless, lifeless and soulless. This is why everything has become about beliefs and ideology, and not about opportunity and individual human experience.

Separating illusion from reality

The simple fact of the matter is that most people in society, and probably the entire planet, are not participating in any meaningful way in society or the environment. They are participating in an economic system, one which is based on work and money, one which is dominated by governments and major political parties, banks, corporations and major organizations. Participation requires belief in ideology and preferably, a belief in external authority and this is what we are all conditioned to accept fromm our earliest experiences through social conditioning.

It's important to understand that politics, which influences our social conditioning and our eductaion, is based on tradition. Much of that tradition is still based on outdated 19th century concepts based on domination and control over both people and the environment. Those in authority still believe they can control the environment despite all the evidence that whenever we seek to control the environment we cause its destruction. This is why we still have aspects of 19th century colonial thinking in our mindset, based on the days of the British Empire when the White Man went to Africa and Asia to dominate the 'savages' and civilize them. This explains why we still have racism and sexism, why there's fighting in the Middle East, and if you pay enough attention you will understand that much of the fighting and conflicts are over abstract ideology. There is no danger or threat to anyone in the West from these wars. It's already been established that these perceived threats are based on lies.

Our political system is based on disempowerment of the individual human being through belief in external authority and a division between individualism, seen as the hallmark of Western democracy, and collectviism. Individualism is seen as important to Western democracy, belief in personal integrity and self-sufficiency and that all collectivities such as the State, organizations, corporations,a nd so on should be subservient to the individual. This gives the illusion of freedom because the emphasis in society is based on work and money, and working collectively for the economy to drive forward economic growth fuelled by endless cycles of consumoption. However individualism and collectivism is the same belief based on the concept that the environment and people are just a collection of cosmic flotsam and jetsom which need to be dominated and controlled. Therefore American individualism is the exact same belief as Marxist collectivism but looking from the opposite perspective. Likewise in the UK there's really no difference between the Cionservatives and Labour, both are focussed on one common objective, and that's upholding the hierarchy and keeping the economic system in place.

Now for the reality

The above system is based on individualism. Qultura as an organization promotes human individuality, which is totally different. The above system is all based on a belief in the illusion that the individual is separate from the rest of society and the environment. the reality is the individual human being - for example you - is part of the totality which we commonly understand to be the universe. You might think you are an individual encased in a body of skin, because you've probably been conditioned to believe this is true, but it isn't.

Can you breathe without air? How long do you think you're going to survive without water? How can you see without light? You are part of the environment, but it is also true that the environment is part of you. Just like the apple is produced from a tree, and the tree is produced from the earth and a seed, you are produced from the environment and your parents. It's all connected.

Likewise the same is true of your mind, which also exists outside the confines of your skin. We assuime that if you are reading this on a computer the computer is not physically a part of your body, right? When you walk down the street you can see other people right? Consciousness, energy and space are all coexistent, they all exist around you, and developing consciousness basically means increasing your ability to perceive consciousness in the world around you. This is what life is really all about, it's about connecting to other people and experiencing life, and increasing your ability to perceive consciousness around you as a result.

Life is short. Very short. There's only so much you can experience in a lifetime, and only so many people you can be connected to if your life has to have any meaning or value. Life is all about the journey, having the opportunity to walk your own path through life, and make something of your life to create a legacy to leave behind when you die. This is the entire reason for your existence.

Understanding the living dead

The living dead aren't actually the living dead. These are people with exactly the same value and significance as you, but they too are disempowered like the rest of us, and maybe, just maybe they never got as many opportunities to connect to people, experience life and develop a better perception of consciousness. They're trapped in their belief systems, ideologies and distorted perception of reality. It's important not to try and change their beliefs, or struggle with them, because it's down to them to figure out what they're life is about and whether or not they want to have a more meaningful life and stop acting like ..well.. the living dead. Some might wake up at some point, but some will invariably die or grow old before they realize that they never really took the chances to live.

Life is all about making choices

The current situation in society and the world is no different. We have a choice. Things will never ever be the same as they once were. We can either accept the control and surrender even more of our humanity, freedom, under increasing control, increasing ideology and belief systems, and end up controlled totally as automatons and thinking only about money night and day in an existence diominated by conflict. Going down that path may involve the destruction of the planet, it will probably increase the mass extermination and genocide we see today, and will probably lead to our extinction as a species.

It's important to understand tat the universe is an autonomous, self-regulating, conscious system with a common objective shared with both evolution and life to develop consciousness. the vast majority of animal and plant species on the planet fail to evolve sufficiently and become exitinct. Human beings are no different. It's important to understand that domination and control can only get you so far in this universe, but at some point you have to learn to become part of the universe and indispensible. bBacteria has learned this lesson, which is why it's one of the oldest surviving forms of life on the planet.

Or you can choose, as we have, to move forward and return the focus of attention to our evolution, both in personal terms and with regard to human evolution as a whole. This choice is somewhat harder, because you have to dispense with all belief in external authority, ideology and belief systems and learn to focus on developing your perception of consciousness through walking your own path in life, connecting to people, developing your personal creativity, gathering life experience, and seeking both truth and reality.

What is our solution

We don't have any solutions, and what's more we're totally comfortable with not having solutions. We work on the basis of social design, which is working with other people to develop better social structures in the local community. This creates opportunities for individual people to gather experience, creates connections with people, and benefits the local community. We work on the basis of individual projects, anyone can start one, anyone can become involved in one, and our focus is on real time, face to afce social connections between people. We are a human rights organization but we are not concerned with politics or religion, or arguing, and we don't fear a totalitarian regime because trying to get control of different projects which might be happening, happen for some time, or change is going to be a drain on their resources.

We also understand that, in the current situation, working towards personal enlightenment can be difficult and requires the support of others. We offer a supportive environment in a community based culture based on trust, confidence, communication, mutual support, reciprocity, and good relations. This environment is kept free from ideology and belief systems and there's no authority over you or rules to follow. We trust you to be able to follow your own principles. We understand that others aren't always receptive or supportivve of this, that it can be difficult to talk, and that, as you develop your perception of consciousness further life can get harder and you can face more tests and challenges. You will not find what we can offer you in either a religious organization or a political party or movement.

In this way we work to empower ourselves and other people, taking back individual human experience and creating opportunities so other people can do the same. It might work out, it might not, but it's worth a try and it's worth a try because we believe in humanity. We have the technology, the resources, the space, not to mention the intelligence, compassion, creativity, humanity, empathy and humanity to create something new, something different, something better. We are not a lost cause... yet.

We leave you to decide what you want to do. We're not you. We don't live your life. We don't share your reality or your perspective. We just advise you on two things. Firstly any conflict or struggle deprives you of energy and power which is wasted on fighting. The key to accessing power is letting go. The key to finding the truth and reality is often unlearning. Clue - energy comes out of consciousness. Secondly whatever change you are seeking starts somewhere deepm inside you. It's down to you whether you want to find it and share it. You're welcome to explore and browse our website.

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