Being undead

One of the biggest illusions and cultural myths out there is that we all somehow have a 'soul'. There is no scientific evidence whatsoever that anyone is born with a soul or that we are born with a soul and there's a lot of scientific evidence - hard scientific evidence - that this is not the case at all. Based on more than 30 years of research and study into the paranormal there is plenty of evidence of spirit but no evidence at all that anyone is born with a soul.

While much of what many people believe to be the paranormal actually isn't the paranormal but is nothing more than a shift in consciousness within energy which has a perfectly rational, physical explanation or cause. A draught, a gush of wind, something placed incorrectly on a shelf which falls, together with a hypersensitive mood or emotional state. There are some paranormal states and paranormal events which are paranormal and metaphysical in nature.

Paranormal events are real

Paranormal events usually take place within the first year or so after someone has died and are usually part of the residual energy - i.e. the places or spaces where the deceased person spent time habitually and also can be connected to their clothing or items of objects they used, including furniture, books, and you may get a sense of smell, see things, hear things, smell things or get a sense that the person who has just died is around you or still watching you.

What you are picking up on is spirit or trapped consciousness because when we die the body, mind, senses and brain become completely detached from our consciousness and perspective which floats off into the atmosphere. In most cases this isn't a clean break or separation but is usually rather complex and messy because the person usually wasn't expecting to die but died suddenly and the event took them by complete surprise.

This works on the same principle as if you have been driving a car for a long time or cooking for a few hours on a stove. When you switch the car engine or stove off it goes through a period of cooling down, during which the engine or stove will continue to make strange sudden noises due to the energy returning to its original frequency as it cools off. Likewise the residual energy left behind by the deceased person dissipates to be replaced by new energy until it becomes a portal, about the size of your hand at the exact location where they died.

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Cognitive functioning

The two hemispheres of the brain - mind and perspective - are physically connected by the corpus callosum which is a thick band of tissue physically connecting both hemispheres. However both hemispheres are also connected through cognitive functioning which is a set of very important skills necessary to live such as control of emotions, anger management, attention seeking strategies, risk calculation, impulse control, as well as the ability to focus, concentrate, pay attention, modify and direct one's thinking and also sense, feel and perceive.

It's important to understand that the brain is the target of your whole sensory nervous system and is only protected by your skull. Your thinking processes are actually extremely vulnerable and can be mechanical, chemical, physical or organic. Your brain isn't designed to function solely on the physical plane. This means that developing an existential dimension to your being and being aware of your conscious being is fundamental to good mental health.

The role of emotional and psychological abuse

Most people generally treat their brains like shit and think nothing of being abusive to themselves in terms of mental health or putting themselves in situations where other people can be abusive towards them. Most people treat their bodies with much more respect than they do their brains which is why mental health is not seen as anywhere as important as physical health. Imagine if you were lying in the street with a broken leg, in a lot of pain, unable to move, and you needed someone to call you an ambulance and people told you repeatedly "A broken leg? That's nothing, just get up and walk it off, you'll be fine." But that is very similar to how many people treat people with depression by dismissing a serious mental illness as just sadness or 'feeling down' .

When the brain starts shutting down

Please understand that while you are treating your brain like shit, and putting yourself and each other through ritual verbal, emotional and psychological abuse, you're putting your brain, a vulnerable brain, through stress, time and time again. But your brain is not like your heart or lungs, which if you destroy totally you die. No. Your brain simply starts shutting down your central cognitive functioning system to protect itself from further abuse. There's no warning but see, you're probably not going to be paying any attention when it happens anyway. Your brain just starts shutting down your cognitive functioning and you become mentally ill - just like that. No signs. No warning.

Understand that you're equipped with very powerful senses. The most refined sense in humans is taste which allows us to eat a diet which is far more diverse than other animal species. The skin is our most powerful sense because it can pick up on sensations from even beyond the Earth's atmosphere. If you don't believe me go volunteer in a hospital or police station, or prison, around the time of a New Moon or Full Moon. But this cuts both ways, as we have an incredibly powerful mind and brain. You can see stars can't you? You have a mind that can make you suffer over something someone said to you 20-30 years previously or which can trigger a mental breakdown over an event in the future. Both your mind and your brain is a lot more fragile than even most doctors will tell you. Energy is nowhere near enough to maintain a cognitive functioning system you need the consciousness and existential dimension that goes with it.

You see you have evolved to maintain a constant conscious connection to the universe and in developing consciousness you develop your perspective, you increase the range of energy frequencies which you can handle emotionally and psychologically and through your conscious awareness - which is your only real protection against mental illness because you need to be able to perceive your own thinking processes. But more importantly you draw on consciousness from the universe or environment and this negates any stress or tension from higher frequencies of energy. Your cognitive functioning ability is vitally important to autonomy and your ability to live. Most people in the West don't know how to maintain proper mental health which is why by the time they reach middle age they need support from artificial sources such as drugs - either prescription medication or drugs they buy from the street or the 'supermarket' drugs such as alcohol, nicotine, caffeine or the addictive processed crappy foods which supermarkets excel in supplying you with.

Consider you might not need so many artificial substances if you bothered to develop an existential dimension to your life and properly developed a social life. Oh and got enough sleep. But most people are so preoccupied with money and work and status and position that proper mental health gets tossed out the window. Or they spend too much time in front of a television.

Rebuilding your perspective

Becoming mentally ill isn't like being physically ill. This is not like you can go see your GP and get a prescription for a bandage or some antibiotics for your brain. This is more like you or someone else swinging a big sledgehammer while they move through the rooms in your house smashing things up. The house here is a metaphor for your perspective. The perspective is pretty much the same as it always was, but so much about the perspective is broken, smashed up and no longer works. Mental illness is a bit like a friendly neighbour who comes round and helps you sort though stuff and reorganize it, putting it back together. See your brain forces you into mental illness to prevent further damage to the brain.


What usually triggers the onset of mental illness is trauma or a traumatic event or experience which shatters your perspective causing it to break down - because the general effect of trauma is to break down consciousness - and this creates a kind of division between old and new in your mind and perspective and a feeling of disconnection. To overcome this disconnection you will end up focussing on your past and not being in the present moment of time. The further you get driven into your past the greater the feeling of disconnection.

Stigma and mental illness

But because people are generally ignorant, bigoted and ritually abusive towards one another anyway people with mental health issues, who generally need large amounts of space, rest, compassion and empathy as well as discipline and opportunity to recover, tend to be singled out for further ritual abuse and persecution. This can increase the sense of disconnection, alienation and isolation, causing those with mental health issues to want or need to kill themselves because they can see no way out of their predicament nor are they being afforded any space, freedom or autonomy to be able to accelerate their recovery from mental illness - bearing in mind that mental illness itself is largely the protection the brain puts in place to protect itself, which means that the symptoms of any mental illness are part of the recovery.

Mental illness and ignorance

Recovery from mental illness is an illusion because the mental illness itself is the recovery process all in itself. We only think in terms of recovery from mental illness because we're conditioned to believe we're superior to both the planet and the universe - despite the fact that we treat each other and everything we perceive generally like shit - and we're conditioned to fight illness. But there is no way of treating mental illness other than through conversation, and this is because the mental illness itself is the recovery process which you're expected to go through. You take tablets for mental health primarily to ease the symptoms and prevent you from being a danger to yourself or other people. But if your mental thinking processes are fragmented and randomly chemical, physical, mechanical and organic how you do expect a doctor, a psychiatrist or anyone else to be able to figure out what's going on inside your head?

But what you do need to be able to recover from mental illness is an existential dimension to your being. This is because consciousness is information and defines energy (all thought is physical in nature) and you need a fairly well developed perspective to be able to reorganize your shattered perspective and resolve the disconnect within you. But if you're without much perspective because you haven'y made any effort to develop one or develop an existential dimension to your being you're screwed and until you seek to develop such a perspective your recovery from mental illness is going to be slow, insecure and fragmented. This is because you're relying on physical thinking alone and such is the nature of physical thinking and beliefs.

Being undead

It is actually possible to destroy your brain without dying and to show all the vital signs of life but not actually be living. You simply destroy your cognitive functioning ability to the point where you will always be subject to your thoughts, always subject to your mental illness, you still recover but you cannot resolve the disconnect in your shattered perspective. Your perception becomes distorted. You have less and less control over your anger and negative emotions and become very bitter and anti-social. When this happens you start to drain energy from other people because your own energy frequency is too high and traumatic.

When you become undead you die prematurely and suddenly because without the existential component to your life you cannot either reduce your own energy frequency or create energy out of consciousness. This is because your brain has very limited capacity to pick up on or feel consciousness because your focus is on energy from other people. Death is a terrifying, deeply traumatic and lonely experience and you die fighting and trying to cling to life. But you have no life to cling to. There's just a physical body and spirit.

Much of the spirit doesn't move on, because you are clinging to the past and what you believe was life, but isn't. You become tied to the energy and terrified of moving on. You have no body, no mind, no senses, no brain, and you become trapped. Eventually you will move on, but it takes years and years and requires energy from other sources.


I have had paranormal experiences and most paranormal experiences are from disembodied spirit and random fragments of consciousness which are either seeking attention or trying to communicate something. This something is something which usually relates to their past or a conflict they're trapped in which isn't anything relevant to the current situation, but relates back to when they were living. I've yet to experience a spirit which was in any way happy, settled or resolute. Most are angry, bitter, desperate, suffering deeply, conflicted and trapped.

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