Belief attachments

The central root cause of most issues in society and with the world are belief attachments


What is a belief?

A belief is consciousness in energy processed into an idea, a notion or theory by the left cerebral hemisphere and communicated through cultural means, whether it be through words and language, an image, a gesture or something else.

What is the difference between a belief and truth?

Truth is perceived consciousness in energy which manifests itself usually with a paradigm shift caused by a change in perception and an accompanying emotion or feeling. Truth is generally perceived through conscious thinking through the right cerebral hemisphere of the brain. The consciousness perceived by the right hemisphere is independent of belief and judgment and can usually be interpreted in only one way.

Truth is energetic and metaphysical in nature.

A belief as defined above is an idea, a notion, a theory, or an interpretation which is processed by the left cerebral hemisphere of the brain. Like truth a belief is relative to perception but not in the same way.

All beliefs are cultural and physical in nature.

Perception and interpretation

coloured words

Let's see if you can say the colour and not the word in the above image.

Having difficulty? This is because the right cerebral hemisphere of your brain perceives the colour of the word but the left cerebral hemisphere is making you read the word. Both are conscious thought processes. but there is a conflict in perception.

This is just like the main image at the top where you see a man with a long beard of flowing blonde hair but when you look closer you see a shorter blonde woman standing in front of the man.

This is because perception is necessary to perceive consciousness as either the truth or a belief, but your perception is relative only to your conscious thinking, your individual perspective and the Life Path which you have taken through life.

This means that you do not own or possess consciousness as many people believe. Energy is conscious, and the consciousness in energy requires perception on your part.

Attachment to belief.

We are all socially conditioned to become attached to beliefs. From our earliest memories we have various beliefs imposed on us by different people parents, family, friends, teachers, other relatives and also through education, the media, broadcasting, popular culture, advertising, politicians, and so on. This is the process of social conditioning and is often manipulated by social engineering. It forms the basis of culture and social attitudes.

Beliefs are processed in the left cerebral hemisphere of the brain, that part of the brain which has the voice inside your head, the part which is personal to you where you see yourself as individual and foster the concept of 'self'. Self is the whole, the collective, the single identity and beliefs become attached to your identity.

Social conditioning conditions us to think consciously according to set patterns which become habitual and relative to our Life Path and this is what affects our perception. We also tend to personalize our beliefs according to our perception and many people feel personally attacked and vulnerable when their personal beliefs are challenged or criticized.

Attachment to beliefs is also what forms the basis for intellectual property rights and copyright, because it relates to the conscious and creative thinking behind some form of creative output or expression. This is also a core tenet of Stella Baker's Theory of Creativity where individual creative thinking causes cultural change, through belief attachments, and this is what motivates social progress and human evolution.

Enlightenment vs. belief attachments

Enlightenment is more fully explained in Mirroring, but here is the creative cycle which illustrates the four stages of enlightenment.


Enlightenment is not a fluffy experience about being a better person, it is a traumatic, uncomfortable and painful process where conscious thinking is employed to increase one's power of perception. Conscious thinking done creatively requires a lot of energy and burns a lot of calories because you are trying to increase your powers of perception and have to suppress as much as possible your unconscious thinking. This is why seeking and discovering the truth is an arduous task which is often painful and traumatic. This is not just down to the effort involved, but also the separation anxiety caused by examining and discarding personal beliefs.


By comparison relying on belief attachments and personal beliefs is much easier. But when you start to rely on belief attachments for conscious thinking, you lose both cognitive functioning ability (intelligence) and the ability to perceive consciousness and process information. Relying too much on belief attachments is the central mechanism for both social exclusion and social stigma, and is also common to addiction, and it is this process or progressive loss of perception and cognitive functioning ability which diminishes your ability to perceive and differentiate between fact and belief, truth and falsehoods, leading to ignorance and loss of awareness and understanding with your environment and other people.


It's important to remember that the common factor here is energy. Consciousness exists in energy and requires perception and enlightenment (through mirroring) no differently than physical fitness requires diet and exercise. In fact they are directly related and based on a common principle. If you eat the wrong things and don't take exercise you can easily put on weight and become obese. Likewise if you believe the wrong things and don't make any effort to develop your perception or enlighten yourself you become ignorant and lose touch with your environment and others in society.

Attachments to beliefs are a central feature of social stigma, social exclusion and addiction. It's easy to become attached to a belief, but due to the nature of enlightenment and development of perception, the difficulty and effort involved, discarding or letting go of a belief can be very difficult. All belief attachments are recorded into memory and the Life Path and are thus permanent.

Belief attachments are a part of evolution.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but can only be changed in terms of frequency, wavelength and levels of consciousness. However evolution only takes place when  there is a consistent effort to develop one's perception and enlighten oneself.

The common factor in human conflict and all our issues.

cycle 2

Overreliance on personal beliefs and belief attachments is the common causal factor in almost all, if not all conflicts and issues people and Mankind experience together with a lack of cultural development, enlightenment and development of perception.

Possibilities always exist but they require enlightenment and development of perception through conscious and creative thinking to be able to exploit them. Over-reliance on belief attachments inevitably leads to conflict on a personal and social level.

This is contrasted in the case of social exclusion where someone wants to go through the processes of enlightenment and creative thinking, but lacks the opportunity and possibilities to be able to do so.