Belief in external authority

the hierarchy is incompatible with technology


For centuries we have been conditioned to live under a hierarchy and have also been socially conditioned to accept authority and to submit to it willingly. However authority through a hierarchy is delivered with a certain type of instrumentality that many people find disempowering and alienating. The development of technology has given us many different ways to communicate and interact with ojne another and create communities. But it also means that information is a new currency and if technology is allowed to develop with authority in a hierarchy we may stand to lose many of our freedoms.

Authority is based on tradition

Most authority structures are based on tradition and maintaining a status quo. This is counter productive yo human evolution and the functioning of the universe, which functions in the basis of individual experience, creativity and interaction and a development of consciousness. All our authority structures are outdated by centuries. The most modern is the left wing labour movement, and that dates back to the start of the 20th century. For capitalism you have to go back to even before the 19th century. Religion also dates back centuries. There is no authority structure in existence today which is relevant to our society and the way we live.

Outdated 19th century social and cultural beliefs

This forms the basis for authority in our modern 21st century. This is the basis for the Agenda 21 strategy of the United Nations. You can see the desire to seek control over the environment, despite the fact that all our attempts to control the environment have resulted in its destruction. There is the same 19th century beliefs when it comes to people, the same landowner or peasant relationship where if you don't have property and assets you have to work to live. There is the same division between work and play, the same attitudes to the poor, to the sick and the disabled. The 19th century workhouse would not look out of place in our modern society.

The illusion of authority

At best authority is an illusion, at worst a dangerous lie. It is a belief in authority that leads to an abidcation of personal responsibility for one's choices and decisions. It also involves a surrendering Selfhood, a denial of opportunity and deprivation of individual human experience. Authority has no interest in your personal experience or your dignity because what authority wants is your servitude, your consumption and your following. Nobody is interested in leading you out of the darkness of your ignorance and into the shining path of truth and enlightenment. Nobody in authority is that altruistic to want to save you and the others who make up the masses.

Control is the endgame of authority

The fact that authority structures are so outdated is evidence of the fact that they are interested in control of the masses and their strategies have all been working for so long. This is a continuous process where people are kept from enjoying opportunities to connect to one another and lead fulfilling and meaningful lives based on their individual life experience.

But what about the chaos and disorder?

Those in authority use the threat of chaos and disorder to keep you playing the game and so they can continue to carry out their plan for you which is that you will serve the system and the hierarchy, often working in some job for an organization such as a corporation or institution and then have money to spend on other organizations and corporations for their profit. What are you getting back from this? Where are the opportunities for your individual experience? You freedom and the acknowledgement of your personal dignity? The system is all about your servitude to the hierarchy and - if you're not working - making your life so miserable and so difficult that you become desperate to work and to serve. The chaos and disorder they threaten is already in existence - the disempowered are living that chaos and disorder as some sort of example to others to keep them serving the system.

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