Qultura in black and white terms

What Qultura is all about really comes down to terms of black and white and either or. You either see the whole human species as just as important and significant as you are, or you don't. This is all basically I-Ching and digital thinking. To be or not to be?

The core of our social and cultural thinking is delusional

From my perspective there's some incredibly stupid assumptions that most people make at the core of their thinking. It's incredibly stupid to think that we have any influence or control over our environment and if you think that we have, then you very clearly don't understand that you are just a minor insignificant aspect of the planet. This planet has been in existence for roughly 4 billion years, there's been life on it for 3.6 billion years and we've been here for something over a million years. Neither the universe nor the planet are in any way human centric.

But this is where we have the core issue. Far too many people thinking that they can change things outside their being, their environment, other people, the political system, society, but life doesn't never works out this way. You're just creating conflict, screwing everything up and getting in the way of everybody else.

At some point the abuse has got to stop

We've got to stop abusing the planet, other animals and each other and get back to living on the basis of the core principles of nature and the universe. This planet doesn't do major credit cards or PayPal.

Community is your fallback option

Good societies, civilized societies, they are all based on strong, inclusive, empathetic local communities and community networks where people stand up for each other, stick up for each other, have fun, share food, where people tell it to each other straight, and where people come together to pull each other - where need be - out of the shit. This is how multiculturalism works in London because it's a mass of different local communities.

How are you handling lockdown?

Are you going out of your mind with the boredom or being driven to insanity with the flood of speculation and bullshit out on social media? Or are you doing as we are in the Qultura community, just chilling, getting stuff done, and connecting to each other?

Why not give it a go, find the others, get a community together and have fun and live it up a little? I mean what else is life all about other than to be happy, make friends and enjoy yourself?

About Qultura

Qultura is an empathy based community being developed to form a powerful, effective counter to human ignorance through the development of empathy, community, human individuality, creativity, diversity and the development of individual human experience, perspectives and consciousness. It is the first and possibly the only such community in the UK.

Participation in the Qultura community is completely free of charge to everyone and is a fully inclusive community open to everyone irrespective of location, background, circumstances. All you need is an internet connection, an open mind and a desire for personal, social and cultural change.