• August 18, 2022

"People moving out, people moving in
Why? Because of the color of their skin
Run, run, run
But you sure can't hide
An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
Vote for me and I'll see you free
Rap on brother
Rap on
Well, the only person talking about love thy brother is the preacher
And it seems nobody is interested in learning but the teacher
Segregation, determination, demonstration, integration
Aggravation, humiliation, obligation, to our nation
Ball of confusion
That's what the world is today...

The Original Lead Singers of the Temptations, 'Ball of Confusion (That's What the World is Today'

I'm going to start this blog post with a song quote from the 1970's and The World, the last Tarot card from the Major Arcana. As you can see from the Roman numeral on the top it's numbered 21.

As I'm using the simplified Rider-Waite deck we go by what we see in the image. You have a naked woman dancing in the sky holding two wands surrounded by a wreath. She's being watched by the 'hayyoth' or four living creatures from Jewish cosmology; the man, the lion, the ox and the eagle. This is a kabbalistic reference because the four figures are representative (in astrology) of the four fixed signs of the zodiac:

  • The man - the Water Bearer from the sign of Aquarius, the fixed Air sign
  • The eagle - the Eagle from the sign of Scorpio, the fixed Water sign
  • The ox - the Bull from the sign of Taurus, the fixed Earth sign
  • The lion - the lion from the sign of Leo, the fixed Fire sign

These four figures are also present on The Wheel of Fortune, also from the Major Arcana, but which on that card are watching the Rota Fortunae, the wheel of fortune of the Fortuna, a goddess about which Italian composer Carl Orff wrote a song in Carmina Burrana. The Wheel of Fortune in the Tarot symbolizes and signifies Ten (10), the mystical principle of risk, opportunity and chance.

But coming back to The World, why do we have a naked woman dancing in the sky holding two wands? Well regular readers of my blog who are familiar with my work will know that sky is an English word for the Sanskrit word 'akasha' which also translates as 'spirit' which gives you an equally important Vedic symbolism to go with the kabbalistic reference from the four figures.

So what does The World signify or symbolize? It symbolizes flight, change, journey, migration, and a change of environment. When this card is reversed it symbolizes inertia, apathy, rigidity, stagnation, permanence, indifference.

So let's move onto reality

I'm going to try and give you an insight into what's going on in the UK right now because the environmental situation in the UK is relative to everything else in this blog post.

So here in the UK right now we have a so-called 'cost of living crisis'. Poverty, destitution, and homelessness are all spiralling out of control. We have migrants from other countries trying to cross the Channel in inflatable dinghies. The streets are filthy, with litter and rubbish strewn everywhere. Out in public, say on Transport for London, you get disturbing and Orwellian public service announcements, encouraging 'snitch culture'. I'm referring to the announcements about when you see something suspicious you should report it to the police. "See it, say it, sorted".

There's live facial recognition vans patrolling the streets, you get recorded on camera everywhere. On the streets. In the supermarkets. At receptions. The police record and monitor you constantly. You're also being constantly monitored on social media, each site has it's own algorithm monitoring all your content. The internet is chock full of tracking cookies which attach themselves to websites, and through websites, forms and emails. There's a certain fear culture being developed.

Public services are underfunded, understaffed, limited, and pretty much falling apart. Public transport is expensive and falling apart, our mobile phone services are quite frankly shit, and people are being constantly bombarded with relentless advertising and media information (which can be seen as propaganda). Doesn't matter where you are it's always there, in your face - texts, emails, push notifications, billboards, constant interruptions on videos, dressed up as factual articles, constant ads, constant promotions, everywhere, in your face, and there is no escape.

Taboo subject here

Steadily rising are suicides. More than 5,400 suicides take place every year. We have one of the highest suicide rates in Europe, which works out at over 20 people a day, across all ages, and for every woman who commits suicide three men also commit suicide. In London more than 100 people commit suicide publicly, one a week on the London Underground, and more than one a week jump into the River Thames. Popular 'suicide' bridges are Blackfriars, Waterloo and Vauxhall. A child commits suicide in the UK every six weeks, if you go by official ONS (Office of National Statistics) data.

Above I've just been writing about people who successfully commit suicide. I'm not referring to people who attempt suicide and survive. It's hard to give specific figures, because there's no official data, but on the basis of my research over the past few years for every successful suicide you can have as many as 20-30 attempted suicides. There's three RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institute) lifeboats stationed permanently on the tidal River Thames in Central London. These are the busiest lifeboat crews throughout the whole UK and Ireland. They're so busy unlike elsewhere, where the RNLI relies on volunteer crews, lifeboat crews in Central London are so busy they have to be employed and paid a salary.

Then on top of those who actually commit suicide, or those who attempt to commit suicide, you have the many people who are thinking about suicide. God knows how many people out there are considering committing suicide, how long they've been thinking about suicide, and how often.

Creative Law

The Omega Principle

As I stated in my previous post titled '84' creation, or the universe has happened 84 times. Each time from a Big Bang or similar event. This is the 84th time. Out of these 84 times 63 events or universes no longer exist, and only the last 21 universes exist in some way. This means that you have existed or lived at least 84 times, maybe more, but similarly your current life cycle is a culmination of all out your 21 previous existences or previous lives, and these can be traced to memory imprints which still exist today.

All existence is based on an energy vibration and the relationship between consciousness - the actual basis of all existence, and it's physical manifestation through energy. This is the basis of all existence, which is based on reincarnation and karma. Karma is physical action. Any physical activity and is based on the cycles of creativity and interaction which arise out of trauma.

Existence is a principle. Creativity and interaction is a process. This is what the universe and everything in it all boils down to - the Principle and the Process. This is the 'how' and 'what' of the universe, of Nature, of society, of everything. This is the basis of Natural Law, which is also the basis of Creative Law, which I developed at the end of 2009. The meme for Creative Law is above. Creative Law is the simplest explanation of how things work in the universe in existence. I challenge you to find a simpler explanation which applies to everything in existence.

While the Principle and the Process (and Creative Law) is very simple and fundamental - an atom is electrons and protons whizzing round a nucleus, and the exact same relationship can be applied to a galaxy swirling round a black hole, or a solar system of planets orbiting round a sun - it does not explain either the universe, or nature, or that much about our reality.

You see consciousness cannot be defined, or explained, or fully understood, or known. While we figured out the basic principles of physics at the start of the 20th century through Einstein's Theory of Relativity, we still have the issue of figuring out such things as scale, form, and dimension. This is where we get to the Omega Principle.

Any process of creativity and interaction starts from simplicity and increases in dimension and complexity with each vibration. All energy vibrations are based on the energy cycle (the Creative Cycle in the centre of the Creative Law meme) which is just one cycle of the vibration. Energy is a matter of wavelength, frequency and how it relates to consciousness.

What this means is - relative to our perception and perspective - the universe is expanding faster, and faster, and faster and faster. Creativity is never a linear process, but is always a multi-dimensional spiral which means that any process of creativity and interaction is a process which increases in complexity and dimension so that the frequency of energy escalates until it becomes space.

We do not understand our environmental reality

What I'm hoping is that in reading this post, you can begin to understand that we do not understand our environmental reality. The universe is coming at you as a vast multi-dimensional continuum of sensation and experience. Everything is happening everywhere all the time. Contrast this with the extremely narrow focus of your conscious attention, otherwise known as your Ego, which can handle maybe one variable, two variables and possibly three. The human focus of attention is linear in nature, we look left and right, up and down, and this is why basic education takes 12 years. This is because children have to literally scan hundreds of miles of text on various subjects and somehow learn something from it.

What I'm saying is that nobody is in control of anything, because nobody ever properly understands everything which needs to be understood in the environment. We in the West have been talking about climate change for many years as if it's some mysterious existential threat to our civilization and the planet. The reality is that climate change is the reason why this planet is a living planet, simply because climate change occurs in relationship with biological evolution. This was worked out some 3,500 years ago when eastern sages and mystics figured out that wind created sand dunes in the desert, and from exploring this phenomenon figured out that there were 64 different DNA codes or patterns repeating themselves throughout Nature across all species. This system of cleromancy, a form of divination, became known as the I-Ching.

This gives us two very important and fundamental mystical principles:

  • All existence is change. All existence is relationship.
  • The environment creates, the individual organism grows.

The issue at stake here when it comes to the environment is Mankind's abusive relationship to the planet, to the environment, to other species, and quite often to each other within our own species. This is what needs to change, and it needs to change as quickly as possible. Our survival as a species is not guaranteed. In fact looking at our current situation I would even go as far to say that it is looking increasingly improbable. We need to do two things:

  • We need to find ways and learn how to live with the finite natural resources of our planet and find ways of harnessing energy and getting our resources without polluting or destroying natural habitats and natural environments. This is not just about us and the planet. We are a relative newcomer to this planet and in order to survive we need a high level of biodiversity, simply because we are dependent on a great many species for our survival, e.g. insects, birds, trees, plants and so on.
  • We need to find ways and learn how to coexist with each other as a species and also coexist naturally and peacefully with other species. We are all dependent not just on other species for our survival, but also very much on each other.

homeless woman

We are on the brink of societal collapse

I'm not sure about you but I'm sceptical about calling the current situation a 'cost of living crisis'. I have my reasons and one of them is an understanding of the Omega Principle. We face an escalating number of different environmental, economic and political issues. Any one of these issues on their own is difficult and complex to resolve. But we have many different such issues, all of which seem to be escalating. The longer they continue, the worse they're going to become. This is the Omega Principle again. Any traumatic process - which is still creativity and interaction - escalates.

Now the issues aren't with our infrastructure or a lack of resources, material, natural or financial. While things are bad we are far from being a Third World country. There's plenty of money out there. We have plenty of technology. Lots of infrastructure. Lots of space.

But what we don't have is the humanity, the empathy, or the community, and we don't have any of these things simply because we don't have the culture nor the cultural development.

We've got far too many people in positions of authority and power with the wrong attitude, the wrong approach, and the wrong culture. There's far too much lip and attitude, far too much hypocrisy, too much finger pointing and blame, lots of empty promises, lies, half truths, far too many excuses, way too much flannel, and what I can only describe as 'guff'.

But such people in positions of authority are only where they are because of other people. Politicians don't walk into political power off the street, do they? They are all selected by other people and voted into political office by many more people. Most of these other people are no different from the politicians and people in authority. People who are resistant to change, afraid of death, afraid of other people's opinions, unwilling to compromise, unwilling to be open to others, unwilling to cooperate and unwilling to think about or open themselves to anything outside their ideological bubbles.

It stands to reason we're in the mess we're in. This is not rocket science I'm writing about here. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out, this is the principle of all existence - give and take. When you have everyone purely on the take and hardly anybody willing to give, it stands to reason that everything is going to fall apart at the seams and go pear-shaped.

The false illusions of separateness and permanence

The Buddha claimed that dukkha (suffering) arises out of:

  1. a lack of permanent self.
  2. change.

My take on this is different because there is a difference between trauma and suffering. Trauma is inevitable, natural, and manifests throughout our lives as sickness, ageing, disease and death. Suffering is not natural. It is conceptual, and arises out of separateness, division, and a belief in continuity and permanence. When someone you love dies the grief comes from their permanent lack of physical presence in your life. The death of course is significant, and you mourn their loss and are shocked by the finality of their death. But the grief is also coming out of the separateness and your perception that the relationship has ended.

When someone doesn't die, such as when a significant loving relationship ends or you lose a close friend, you go through the exact same grieving process. This hits teenagers especially hard when their first loving relationship ends. The trauma cuts deep, but much of the heartache comes from the fact that the relationship is over and you are left with only separateness and division. The suffering comes out of the attachment to memory and past experience.

So when we employ the Omega Principle to another social issue, poverty, inequality, or social exclusion, we see the exact same principle and process going on but the trauma and suffering is a great deal more widespread and involves many more people. Out of trauma and suffering we get fear, insecurity, doubt, anxiety and worry. Nothing distorts your perception and perspective like fear. Fear is what takes you out of your natural state of mindfulness, so instead of being connected to the present and the here and now, to your environment, to others in your environment, you're constantly thinking about the past and the future. Neither the past or the future exist as anything other than thoughts in the present moment.

So inevitably the karmic processes repeat themselves, and what you invariably do is end up making your past your future. It's a never ending cycle that most people get caught up in.

But see this is how we're all conditioned to think through our process of socialization, social and mental conditioning, education, and upbringing. We are all trained and conditioned to think in terms of how the past relates to the future. We're taken out of our natural state of mindfulness by our parents in early childhood who are trying to 'raise' their children to be ready for school. So we end up growing up into adults who are constantly seeking experiences and looking to other people to somehow compensate or mitigate past experiences. Our perspectives by the time we have reached adulthood have become extremely narrow. We all have things we believe are important and matter which we focus on, discounting everything else. So cultural decline and social divisions, not to mention political divisions, become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

You see on the one hand you get caught up in the karmic process of your life experience. You're always attached to your karmic process and become bound to your extremely narrow focus of conscious attention, or your Ego. The basic interaction between your Principle (individual conscious perspective) and your focus of conscious attention (or Ego) is no different to the electrons and protons whizzing round a nucleus in an atom, or a galaxy of stars swirling round a black hole, or a solar system of planets orbiting the Sun. When you are constantly going back and forth between your past and your future according to the same belief system and the same ideology or set of beliefs, you're not evolving, you're simply treading water.

This is where the Omega Principle becomes important. Your environment is changing all the time, and it's changing at a rate you just cannot keep pace with mentally or emotionally. So what happens, and this is true for most people, is that as you get older, your life becomes increasingly more and more complex and complicated, and the more you try to cling to your conceptual reality and Ego - the more ignorant you become and the less you begin to understand your environmental reality. As a result, your life becomes much harder and ends up becoming more of a struggle.

When the Omega Principle is multiplied by many people in a community, or across society, all of who are going through unique and individual karmic processes but according to the same mystical principles, there can be no other outcome than cultural decline and a sense that you're losing control of your life.

Without empathy, community and radical political reform all attempts at addressing climate change are futile. Culture needs to evolve and develop, and do so constantly, if we are ever to evolve as a species.

Stella Baker, 9th Future Vision Conference, Wandsworth Council

We need to empower individual human experience

If you're thinking I'm trying to make some kind of political statement here, this is where I disabuse you of that notion. I do not support any religious or political ideology. Ideology is bankrupt. Ideology is toxic. Ideology is what is stifling human evolution, thwarting social progress, and creating vast amounts of human suffering, human misery, and constant wars, social divisions, political divisions, not to mention inhumanity, cruelty, bigotry, hate and other forms of nastiness.

Human beings have been trying and failing to develop civilization through various civilizations starting from the Chinese dynasties, and going right through to today's modern global neoliberal free market ideologies. None of them have worked. All of them have failed. Sure we might have the trappings of civilization, technology, cars, computers, but we are not any more consciously aware of our relationship to nature or our natural environment. We are still as thuggish, brutal, tribal, violent and ignorant as we were back when we were living in caves and chasing wild animals with pointed sticks.

Why do you think climate change is such a big issue to Mankind right now? Is it not because the ever changing nature of our environment threatens the existence of our primitive concepts and notions of civilization and challenges our perception that we are somehow a special case on this planet? Climate change is in itself is not the issue. Planet Earth is simply being Planet Earth. The whole issue when it comes to climate change is human beings trying to be in control of everything including the planet. Nobody is in control, simply because nobody can be in control.

Now we can continue to destroy everything, our society and our environment in a mutually destructive massacre of scapegoats, finger pointing, blame shifting, and refusing to accept social and environmental responsibility. Or we can accept the fact, take a step back, and try to work together somehow to find a better way.

I don't believe that I'm making any controversial statements here by pointing out the reality of our situation. It's very clearly not working out. Understand that you can only be as consciously aware as you can put into language and if you're consciously aware of the problem, then it stands to reason that you are not sufficiently consciously aware to address the problem. Trying to find 'solutions' and quick fixes isn't leading us anywhere meaningful.

We very clearly need to get back to basics, and the basics are humanity, empathy, individual human creativity, and getting back to being proactively involved in our local communities. I cannot even begin to quantify the loss of human insight and loss of individual human experience that has taken place over millenia through our addiction to ideology and top down authority systems. This planet is not a concept, it's our only reality but before we can even think about the planet we need to get back to being able to relate to each other as equal members of the same species and equal to other species out there.

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