• August 18, 2022

The planet Uranus takes 84 years to orbit the Sun or pass through the zodiac. Associated with the eleventh sign of the zodiac, Aquarius, Uranus is the planet associated with sudden unexpected change, upheaval, and revolution. through this astrological symbolism I want to bring to your attention the significance and symbolism in mysticism of the number 84. How does this affect you?

Eighty four (84) is a significant number in our lives whether we are aware of it or not.

Existence has passed through 84 different happenings. The universe has happened 84 times. Out of these different 84 happenings 21 still have some kind of an existence. This means that 63 are completely gone and no longer exist. It doesn't matter how you see, but you can see them as memory imprints within your own system.

Existence is just a vibration of energy

This is a scientific fact. So too is reincarnation. A vibration is sound, it is noise, but see you cannot have a sound or noise without silence. Existence comes hand in hand with non-existence. Where there is a vibration there has to be a sound. Where there is a vibration it is also true that there has to be silence. You see you cannot have a vibration without energy, without frequency, and without wavelength. This means that:

sound + silence = vibration

This that fundamentally you are just a noise, a sound, no different from any other noise or sound out there. You're just a vibration. Please bear with me here. I'm trying to share an important insight with you, but I have to go step by step. Fingers crossed this will all make some kind of sense by the end.

In the beginning there was the word..

..and the word was God.

If you were raised in a Western culture with Western religion such as Christianity, Islam or Judaism you would have been taught about the Book of Genesis and the story of God creating the world, and then the Garden of Eden in which he created Adam and Eve. I've written about this specific scenario elsewhere but what this beginning was the word was alluding to was the fact that all existence comes out of vibration. A word when it is spoken is a sound right? Do you have any other way of relating to your environment or the universe other than through language? Can you perceive your environment or the universe in anything other than physical terms?

What you probably weren't taught was the fact that Eve taking the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge was a sin simply because God was a metaphor for the universe. I doubt very much that you were taught this simple fact in Sunday School because for one thing it would have put the Church out of business. I've gone into this a bit more in my previous post but suffice to say chances are the minister or Sunday School teacher kept quiet and let you draw your own conclusions.

The concept of divine grace comes out of the mysticism of Judaism and goes way back as far as the Bronze Age. The Torah was the law, and the Kabbalah the means of interpreting the law, because a word can have more than one meaning. Christianity started out as a cult of Judaism but later - around the 5th or 6th century AD aligned itself more with the Vedic texts of Hinduism, i.e. the Upanishads to become a faith based spiritual movement, on the basis of Christ being the central messianic figure and the Eucharist.


The created and Creator are one and the same

Anyone who has dug deeper into the nature of existence will have learned or understood that the Creator and created are really one and the same thing. You cannot separate the creator from the created.

If you separate creation from the Creator, creativity ceases to exist.

What I'm referring to is the mystical transaction between the totality and the individual, or the environment and the individual. I keep saying that the environment creates and the individual (organism) grows. You cannot have creativity without interaction, just as you cannot have interaction without creativity. This is an ongoing process or rather an ongoing happening (but I will get into this a bit later). On this basis of the mystical transaction you have duality and non-duality, the adwaita vedanta which arose out of the Upanishads and the Vedic texts, mutual or dependent arising of Buddhism and Taoism, the Dao of Taoism, and 'in the beginning was the word, and the word was God' from Genesis in all the three Abrahamic religions.

All existence is change. All existence is relationship.

Creativity is never ever a done deal. Above is another of my well worn mantras that I constantly repeat to anyone who will listen. In fact I got so fed up of repeating it over and over again I made it the foundation premise of Qultura. It doesn't matter whether it's the womb of your mother, this planet, your environment, or the universe itself, you simply cannot separate yourself from your environment or the source of your creation.

Creativity and interaction is a multi-dimensional continuum, which means that everything is happening everywhere all the time. It doesn't matter whether it's 3D, 4D, 11D or 36D it's still multi-dimensional and many of those dimensions lie beyond your capacity to perceive, let alone comprehend. But see, then again, your brain is a multi-dimensional quantum organ, the narrow focus of your conscious attention, that tiny bit of your being which you believe not only is your complete being but also somehow the centrepiece of this planet and the entire universe, is just a small part of your brain's functioning.

Without the constant interaction and creativity of your environment, how would you even be able to live? What is life anyway if it is not this continual process of creativity and interaction, sensation and experience, between you and your environment? It cannot ever be separated or become separate.

Which brings us back to the beginning - and in the beginning was the word. Consider that..

  • tat tvam asi - Sanskrit, meaning you are the universe, the universe is you.
  • 'In the beginning was the word, and the word was God..' - the opening of the book of Genesis
  • omkara - Sanskrit, denoting Brahman, the basis of all existence and the highest universal principle

..all refer to one and the same thing, and that one thing is eighty four (84), a number.

From non-existence into existence

Out of this we get reincarnation. The clue is in the word, RE-incarnation. Going from non-existence into existence over and over and over again, or going from unmanifest existence into a manifestation of existence and physical form. In the beginning was the word.. The baby emerges from the womb of their mother, and the baby cries, and from this sound takes their first breath, and a new life cycle begins. The first sign of any existence is the energy vibration, a sound, a sensation, a feeling.

The scientists agreed that the universe started from the Big Bang. As a child this bugged me no end. If the universe started out as a Big Bang, then where did everything come from to create such an explosion? But then again how do we know that this is the only universe in existence? How do we even know that this is the first ever universe in existence? Do you see what I'm getting at here?

A bang is a sound, right?

This brings us to Rudra. Who or what was Rudra? Way way back in ancient India, before Hinduism and Brahmanism (out of which Hinduism developed) there was Rudra, the cosmic deity, the 'Roarer'. Please don't ask me when this was, because I couldn't even begin to put a date on this. All I know is that Rudra came before anything else in India, and this could be going as far back as maybe 10,000 years, maybe more, maybe less.

But what I would like to point out that a roar is a completely different sound to a bang, and is a completely different energy vibration. A bang is short, a roar is longer. Id' like you to consider the relationship between Rudra and the Sanskrit term 'omkara', which relates to the word 'aum' and denotes Brahman, the highest universal principle. If you try to say the word 'aum' you will notice that the sound (or vibration) starts somewhere in the back of your mouth and goes right through your mouth to your lips. The word 'aum' is a very common mantra and is widespread throughout meditation practices and yoga.

On top of this I'd also like to challenge your understanding of the present, as in the present moment and the here and now. You probably see the present moment as a split second. Or the second on a clock, there and gone in a brief moment. But this is only because you've been socially conditioned to believe in separateness, in continuity and cause and effect. So you break everything down into neat, precise categories and your life into a sequence or process of different short unconnected and often unrelated events. But what if I were to suggest that the present and the here and now is a whole day? An entire year? All your life as one big event? There's nothing to disprove this other than the argument for separateness, continuity and cause and effect. But see all these three things are illusions.

I'm bending your mind here to somehow communicate the eastern concept of dependent arising or mutual arising, which relates back specifically to the Dao in Taoism and omkara, the eastern concept of Brahman and non-duality, and all this in turn relates back to Rudra the Roarer, arguably the first deity in the history of Mankind.

Creative Law

So what is the Omega Principle?

The Omega Principle is essentially what was before Qultura. I developed the Omega Principle out of Omega Point, which was the vitalist theory promoted by French philosopher and Jesuit priest the Reverend Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955). The Omega Principle is a primary reason why, when developing Qultura, I sought to take a completely different approach to the transformation of consciousness and mindfulness. It was from the Omega Principle that I arrived at Creative Law.

So here's how it works. The basis of all existence is consciousness. However the basis of all physical existence is the energy vibration. These two statements are not my opinion. They're established scientific fact. This means that all physicality which manifests as an energy cycle or wave arises out of consciousness. The Omega Principle is about the relationship between consciousness and energy. We know since Einstein that energy is a constant. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It simply changes relative to consciousness. Unlike energy, consciousness is infinite, random, spontaneous and cannot be explained, defined, understood or known. It just simply is.

To make this simple let's strip this down to the Principle and the Process. Existence is a principle, creativity and interaction is a process. The basis of all existence is consciousness, out of which we get energy vibrations and physical form.

However creativity and interaction is never a linear process, but forms a kind of a multi-dimensional spiral. This means that the universe is expanding faster, and faster, and faster, from Zero Point and simplicity, to increasing complexity.

To give you a clear example, let's look at the process of climate change and biological evolution. Some 3.8 billion years ago this was very much a lifeless planet, but due to climate change and cyanobacteria life began to form and develop, and evolve, until we reached the dinosaurs some 65 million years ago. Then a rock hit the planet and almost all life was wiped out. But see, 65 million years later, in the present day, it's all good and we're living on a planet with even greater biodiversity and different species than there were back when there were dinosaurs.

So how does this affect you?

The Omega Principle affects you in so many different ways. The same universal principles, known as Natural Law, or Universal Law, apply to everything in existence. Therefore if the universe has existed 84 different times, and there are somewhere out there 21 different versions of the universe still in existence, then it stands to reason that you have lived through at least 84 previous lives or incarnations, of which 21 still have some existence as memory imprints today in your physical being.

Chances are you've been going through life thinking that your Ego is the centre and sum total of your consciousness and you're on some life experience which is taking you from the maternity ward to the grave, and that's it. Only you do not know for sure that this is really what your life is all about, do you?

Chances are you know a lot less about the reality of your existence than you think you do.

But see your life is defined by your karma and process. Reincarnation isn't just about coming back to life as a different person. Reincarnation is about consciousness manifesting as physical form again and again and again and again. A vibration is not just one cycle of energy, is it? It's an entire sequence of energy cycles giving you a frequency and a wavelength in a kind of a pattern or rhythm. Memory isn't just something which exists ion your brain, memory exists in every single biological cell in your body.

Reincarnation is the basis of vibration, rhythm and pattern. This is the basis of your entire life existence or are you living your life totally randomly and spontaneously? An atom is electrons and protons whizzing around a nucleus. But see you have the same pattern and rhythm when you have an entire galaxy swirling round a black hole, a solar system of planets orbiting round a sun, the seasons of winter, spring, summer and autumn, the female menstrual cycle, the phases of the Moon and the rise and fall of the tides, alternating cycles of sleep and wakefulness, alternating cycles of life and death, and even breathing in and breathing out.

Understand that memory and karma is the fundamental basis of existence.

Principle and process

Examples from the Principle and the Process

So let's start from simplicity, okay? Let's start with the Principle and the Process. Now please keep in mind here that I don't accept the Ego as a basis for identity. Your Ego is who you think you are, and who other people think you are, it's a social construct, an image, a concept. Are you a concept? Think about it. The Principle and the Process is Qultura 101. This is the foundation universal principle. Everything in existence has a principle and a process. This means that everyone in existence has a principle and a process, no different from the universe or any other living being.

See from the meme above, your Principle is the sum total of consciousness from all of your existence. Karma and process is your physical being - your body, your brain, your senses, your thoughts, your feelings, your words, your actions, your decisions everything. Your process is your life cycle. Your Ego is part of your karma and process. When you die your physical being dies, together with your Ego. Only your Principle remains.

Now if you think back to the entire course of your life, right the way back to Zero Point and the point of conception, you should find that the Omega Principle applies to your life. You started out in life as soon as you became relative to an environment, i.e. in your mother's womb as a foetus. Now please keep in mind that conception is a process which starts in the womb and continues until you as a child achieved full autonomy, around the ages of six and seven. Following the mystical principle of 'the environment creates, the individual (organism) grows', most of your conception took place outside the womb.

However from the time of your birth until today and the present moment, your life has become increasingly complex. You started out as a small baby, you slept, you were fed, you cried, you filled numerous nappies. Can you truly say, hand on heart, that your life is really that simple today?

But see the moment you were conceived and the moment you were born is also the moment you started the process of dying. Life and death are just two sides or aspects of the same experience of existence. Think back to the statement above about the environment and individual (the mystical principle). What is environment and what is individual is entirely arbitrary. You exist in the environment of this planet and the universe, and yet your body is also an environment. You think you have had the same body throughout, and I'm here to tell you that you have no idea just how many times your physical body has died or reincarnated. All you saw was pattern, form, shape, but to retain that shape, size, hundreds of billions of different biological cells have reincarnated from hundreds of billions of dead biological cells. What you think is death is actually a process which starts somewhere in the middle of your life when fewer cells get replaced.

But see when you look at your face in the mirror, or what you assume is your face, you have no idea where the different aspects of your face - your eyes, your nose, your ears, your mouth, or your hair has come from. Every single physical aspect of your being has come from someone else. This could have a relative, but it could also just as easily have come from who you were in a previous life. You have no way of knowing who you were in a previous life.

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