The story of Mohammed's last ride

  • February 26, 2023
Deliveroo rider

Mohammed was a Deliveroo delivery rider. The following incident took place one February night around midnight outside an apartment block where Mohammed was supposed to deliver food.

Only Mohammed didn’t make the delivery, as he collapsed seriously ill and dying outside the apartment block. He struggled to make it to the entrance and tried to enter, but the concierge refused to let him into the building.

Mohammed was spotted by some people coming from a local bar who rushed over and attempted first aid. As these passers by were attempting to give Mohammed first aid his Deliveroo app was pinging him informing him that he was late for his next delivery. The concierge still refused to admit anyone into the building.

While the people from the bar were calling an ambulance and giving Mohammed first aid, they contacted the customers living in the block who were expecting the delivery of food. The couple waiting for food came down, took the bag of food off Mohammed, and found an item of food missing. They demanded that Mohammed look for the missing food items, despute the fact that he was lying on the pavement seriously ill, possibly dying, and receiving first aid from passers by from the bar. They did not care that Mohammed was seriously ill and receiving first aid. All they wanted was their food.

They stepped over Mohammed to check his bag for food, and then stepped back over Mohammed taking the bag of food and went inside the apartment block to eat.

Mohammed’s wife and family turned up while everyone was waiting for the ambulance to arrive, which took over an hour and repeated phone calls from the passers by giving first aid.

At the time of writing this article Mohammed is seriously ill in hospital and fighting for his life. He might not make it.

Mohammed’s family have asked for discretion and anonymuty so some details have been withheld when writing this article.

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