What reincarnation is really about

  • August 10, 2022

To properly understand reincarnation for what it is in reality, I'm going to ask you to work with me on three different situations in life. Okay? You won't have to use your imagination as you've probably experienced all three situations.

Are you ready? Okay let's begin.


Let's start with the most immediate and obvious life experience there is - breathing.

What I want you to do is to try and stop breathing for as long as you possibly can, and observe what happens. If you have asthma or COPD please ensure you have a working inhaler to hand. Or maybe don't try too hard. It also doesn't matter if you try to hold your breath in, or try to hold your breath out.

Assuming that you haven't died, what you should find is that you get to half a minute, maybe a bit longer, then something happens which forces you to start breathing again. Right? This is the first example of reincarnation. Breathing is physical action or physical activity. You cannot stop breathing indefinitely, and as one cycle of breathing in and breathing out ends, another cycle of breathing in and breathing out starts.

Or it could be a cycle of breathing out, then breathing in. It doesn't matter. Breathing out and breathing in are both part of a cycle. Where the cycle begins or ends is entirely arbitrary. It's still an energy cycle. It's still physical action, and it's still reincarnation.



So we move on to the next example or life experience which is sleep. I'm assuming that you sleep, right?

So let's go through this cycle or rhythm of sleep. It gets late. You become tired. Then you become sleepy. At some point you go off to bed. You fall asleep. Unless you have a dream then nothing much happens. Then you wake up. But what happens when you wake up? Are you not feeling refreshed and full of energy again?

Can you see how it's the exact same cycle? The exact same pattern? The exact same process? Sleep and wakefulness is just reincarnation in another dimension of existence. Nobody has died. Nobody has come back to life. Yet reincarnation exists. Are you with me so far?



I could have written about death, but given the fact that none of us know what happens after we die it's pointless writing about it. Better to stick to what we know and understand and the way we experience death is generally through the death of someone else and bereavement. People die all the time. But the way we experience death is when someone who is close to us or with who we have some kind of relationship dies and we go through the emotional loss, pain, bereavement and grief of losing someone close to us.

So let's think about this.

This is the exact same pattern and cycle as before with breathing and sleep. It's still reincarnation. Only it's happening in reverse to the cycle of sleep. Whereas when you go to sleep you wake up being fully conscious and energetic. But in bereavement you were previously consciously aware of someone's existence and had some kind of physical relationship with them, only after they die they no longer physically exist, so you're left with the emptiness, space and absence. You're still conscious of that person, the relationship remains the same. The only thing that's missing of course is the physical presence of that person.


Consciousness is the basis of all existence. Consciousness is also space, and in order to expand it must interact with energy, which is the basis of physicality. From this we get the foundation premise of Qultura - all existence is change, all existence is relationship. Reincarnation is therefore the fundamental basis of existence when you take into consideration both consciousness and energy.

sinking building

In life perspective is everything. Take for example the image above which is taken from Montmartre, a large grassy hill in Paris which is near the Sacre Coeur church. From the perspective of Montmartre, a nearby building looks as if it is sinking into the ground. But this is only possible from a distorted perspective.

You have a similar distorted perspective on life which is as a result of all the social and mental conditioning you have been put through throughout your life.

impossible triangle

Through your social and mental conditioning you have been taught various things as truth when they're not, and you're also led to believe that certain things are possible when they're not. As a result, just like the impossible triangle illustrated above, The triangle above is known as the Penrose Triangle, and it illustrates the fact that while something might seem possible in terms of a concept, in reality it is not possible.

These distortions from your skewed perspective affect pretty much all aspects of your life - the way you think, the choices you make, how you feel about things, what language you use, and so on and so forth.

Liberation from Ego

When things go wrong in life, or don't turn out as expected, most people (and you might be among these people) look to their environment as to the reasons why. It's often the case that this person did this, or that person did that, or it's the Government, or someone is to blame, or it's someone else's fault, or some reason based on a meta-physical illusion - it's God's will, it's fate, it's destiny, and so on and so forth.

Even when you look towards yourself and look inward, you still often think you made a mistake, you got something wrong, or you misunderstood. It's this way because in being conditioned to believe that there's certain societal rules which are sacrosanct and always right, we make the assumption that who we are is based on our Ego, our sense of self, our sense of identity, and we never really call this into question.

This is important because the Ego is all based on assumption and is nothing more than an illusion. The Ego is a concept, an image of who you think you are and believe yourself to be. It's a social construct. Please keep in mind that the Ego is based on the assumption that there is some permanent, unchanging 'you' that exists in reality. You cannot believe in 'self' without also believing that 'you' are separate from everything else, everyone else, and that you are somehow permanent and unchanging in some form.

Rubin's vase

Consciousness has no physical form

I'm going to give you here a third (and final) optical illusion. This one is called Rubin's Vase. What do you see in the above image? Do you see the black Rubin's Vase, or do you see two white faces in profile facing each other? It's possible to see both. The first thing you saw was what your focus of conscious attention connected to - the consciousness in the image, through which you created a physical form. What you didn't see was the background, which you also created.

So if you saw, for example, the two white faces, seeing the white faces was only possible by discounting the black Rubin's Vase in the centre and discounting it as space. If the black Rubin's vase was white you would see nothing. The exact same thing is true if you saw the black Rubin vase first and discounted the two white faces as space or emptiness. Likewise if everything is black you would see nothing.

I'm just showing you this to illustrate just how important your individual conscious perspective is. You understand that consciousness exists I'm sure just as you understand that space exists. Your life is your individual experience of existence. You create that experience through your individual conscious perspective and what is known as the Felt Sense of Immediate Experience.

It's not important to understand what consciousness is and isn't, just as it's not important to understand everything about space and reality. Both consciousness and space are infinite, and they change much faster than you are able to perceive. Let's be very clear here what I'm saying - neither existence nor reality can ever be fully understood, known, explained or defined. Forget it. All you have to go by is physical form, or energy, but see energy and physical forms constantly change. Your body is constantly changing, your environment is constantly changing.

But if you're going through life with a distorted perspective not understanding who you really are, and not understanding how things work in reality, then you leave yourself wide open and vulnerable to all sorts of illusions and false beliefs. This is going to inevitably affect the nature and quality of your life experience.


The Principle and the Process

So let's take existence - all existence - and strip it down to the basic, most fundamental principles. The 'how' and 'what' of existence. Existence is a principle. Creativity and interaction is a process. That is all there is to both life and existence - the principle and the process. What something is and how something exists.

The universe has a principle and a process. This planet has a principle and a process. Everything in nature has a principle and process. You have a principle and process. I have a principle and process. Everyone else has a principle and process.

Now if you can accept that reincarnation means a great deal more than some swirly life after death belief in the Afterlife, and you can understand that everything that is real about you has no physical form then you can begin to understand the truth about your existence.

Qultura is a system through which you can learn about the basic, fundamental mystical principles of existence. These mystical principles are arranged into a relatively simple methodology which has been made freely accessible to you. If you are prepared to explore, experiment, learn and discover with nothing more than an open mind, then you will learn the secrets of the mystical principles, develop mystical insight, and be able to find your way back to a natural state of mindfulness without needing to make much effort.

About Qultura

Qultura is a developing mystical community resource which is both an alternative dream weaving community and a Human Library project. Centred in Nine Elms, London we offer free access to Qultura methodology, the Qultura community and regularly scheduled Human Library events. Through what we do we offer opportunities to develop consciousness, mindfulness and community to anyone interested in exploring and developing ways of living alternative to modern mainstream social and cultural values.