Those no longer with us

  • February 10, 2023
Saddlers flat

The March edition of The Magic Tree, the local community newsletter will focus on those who are no longer part of our lives but who we remember and think about. Some people in Battersea may remember Chris Saddler, known as Saddler, who died as a result of a fire in his flat on the Savona Estate in January 2018. Despite the fact that he was airlifted to hospital and kept on life support Saddler died from his injuries early in April 2018. More than 200 people attended his funeral.

Many people living by Battersea Power Station remember the collapse of a tower crane onto a row of shops in Thessally Road back in September 2006. The cab and jib of the crane collapsed on Michael Alexa, 23, killing himand trapping his body beneath the debris. The crane driver Jonathan Cloke also died.

There is a saying – ‘the dead govern the living’ and nothing quite makes you you as losing someone you love to death.

In the March issue of the newsletter we are suggesting the creation of a new memorial garden somewhere in public space, for example Battersea Park, where people can lay stones in honour of lost loved ones and also a space for reflection, meditation, and contemplation.

About Qultura

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