• Supporting those affected by the misery of stigma and exclusion

Challenging social stigma

Qultura is a charitable organization which has been set up to challenge social stigma and provide effective and sustained support to people who are affecetd by social stigma and social exclusion. We do not accept social stigma has normal, we also do not accept either 'political correctness' nor common core or common purpose objectives. We work in the following ways.


Qultura works to raise awareness on social stigma and social exclusion through online campaigns, talks and advice designed to raise awareness and promote and encourage non-stigmatizing social strategies.

Campaigning and lobbying

Qultura develops campaigns and lobbies political parties and other figures to legislate against social stigma and to avoid developing policies which stigmatize certain members of the population.

Developing local community support networks

People who are affected by social stigma and social exclusion can often have little or no access to social support networks. They can also have little or no self-confidence or self-esteem, no motivation and be affected by social anxiety and depression and are thus unable to independently create or develop their own social support network. Qultura is working to establish a new online social media network using alternative social media and also works to develop local community support networks which provide those affected with opportunities for real time, face to face social interaction in an environment which is accessible, inclusive and non-judgmental.

Creating opportunities

In addition to developing local community and internal support networks Qultura also works to create and develop opportunities for participation in creative, cultural and social activities so that people can get to know one another. This is very important step where those affected by social stigma and social exclusion have opportunities for meeting different people and can develop response strategies without experiencing social stigma or being excluded. This also provides opportunities for people to learn different strategies for social interaction which do not stigmatize others.

Providing effective and sustained social support

Qultura works to provide people affected by social stigma (and social exclusion) effective and sustained social support on the basis of primary social interaction - i.e. social interaction which is positive, pleasant, and reaffirming. Our support includes individualized support and assistance with developing a stronger social support network and the ability to connect people who need support to others, including organizations and charities which can provide support.