Change something

Here is where you can make whatever changes you need to make in the Qultura community. There's no need to ask anyone's permission first or fit into anything - unless you're creating an appeal which by law needs to go through our governing body. You can reverse your participation or make a proposal to volunteer without asking anyone first. Likewise if you've come up with an idea and got a couple of people interested you can start a project or create an event. Just as long as yoyu let us know.

What can you change in the Qultura community?


We've worked to create the basis of a dynamic community. Here is where you can change pretty much anything you like, from the online community you participate in, through your role in the community to what you become involved in through projects, which you can either take part in the existing projects that other people have created or start your own projects.

About roles

Qultura has been set up to function in a system based on a Universal Basic Income - even though very few places have reached that stage of civilization and are still stuck with a system which was developed in the 17th and 18th centuries where money was seen as far more important than people. Therefore people are generally stuck in the mindset that they have to stick to one role. However in reality you take on different roles in life and the same can be true of Qultura. The basic roles are shown below.


Participant is the default, plain vanilla role but it is no less important than any of the others. Participants are the ones who populate projects, provide the opportunities for personal experience, and transfer the insight and knowledge gained from the creativity, the sharing of experiences and so on out into the wider community and society.

Reverse participants

Reverse participants are somewhat different from regular participants in that they have direct personal experience of a social issue and therefore have been subject to a greater degree of dis-empowerment than other people in their community. This gives them both insight and awareness not shared by anyone else in the community but also a greater need for community support from others.

The Qultura community needs to be open and accepting to the degree that anyone who is experiencing or has experience a social issue can feel empowered to turn to the community for at least initial support and acceptance. There's a lot of people out in the community who are alone and isolated, some end up either dying unnecessarily or committing suicide, simply because they didn't feel that they would be accepted or had someone who was prepared to listen to them and give them some time and attention.

We have worked to develop a system of pledge and support so that anyone who feels the need can reverse their participation via Qultura Core and get support from others. This can be either relative to a specific issue or globally for support with everything. They can also create appeals and solicit pledges of support (but not donations) for material and financial support. The applications go through the Qultura trustees and take a few days unless someone has what we term nil income status in which case the applications go through the Primary Administrrator and are processed far more quickly. Often the decision comes within 24 hours if there's no backlog.

While we may not be able to resolve the material and financial issues within the community - as such support needs to come from outside the community - we can at least provide opportunities for connection to the community, practical assistance and support, and a willingness to listen, give someone attention and understand. These thinbgs cost us nothing.

To emphasize the importance of emotional support and acceptance we give the example of homelessness which in practical terms can be resolved within a day giving someone somewhere to live, but recovery from the emotional trauma of homelessness usually takes years.


Anyone can become a Qultura volunteer just by filling out a form and proposing a role. Rather than applying for a role as what happens usually when it comes to volunteering Volunteering with Qultura is completely different due to the simple fact that you're volunteering for a community and not primarily for the organization. It's designed this way to encourage people to become proactive about what happens in their local community and not to be passive and waiting for others or an organization to do things for them. This is after all your community which like society you live in, the planet you live on, and the universe you live within you have equal rights to ownership to. Your social position and status within Qultura is meaningless. Your certificate of equal ownership of your environment is more commonly known as a birth certificate however due to the fact that we require life experience to some degree the minimum age of a volunteer in the Qultura community is 18.

Becoming a Qultura volunteer gives you administration rights and equality with the Qultura Core project. While this does not grant you any authority over anyone else in the Qultura community as a long term signatory of the KVV keep Volunteering Voluntary agreement it means you have freedom and flexibility over when, how and how often you volunteer.

Volunteering should not be anything like paid or unpaid work. It should be something you want to do, or even need to do, for your own personal benefit and reasons and it also needs to be of benefit to other people as well. It should be fun, enjoyable, meaningful, and also enable you to acquire and develop the experience you feel is necessary to learn about other people and life, and through this learn about yourself.

Qultura trustees

If you have significant experience of community or cultural involvement or significant experience of a social issue, and you are local to Battersea in South London, you can apply to become a Qultura trustee. Qultura trustees together act as a governing body and the interface between the Qultura community and the wider community and society. Their primary role in the community is governance and ensuring that there is no conflict of interest between the Qultura community and wider society. This is very much a legislative role but instead of setting rules, policies and procedures Qultura trustees follow the Qultura Consensus on which everything in the Qultura community is based, and out of which we form our principles an policies.

Qultura trustees meet quarterly on a Wednesday evening in January, April, July and October at the Qultura Core project community space together with the Primary Administrator to discuss the progress and development of Qultura. Elsewise they decide matters online but are free to take on any other roles except that of a reverse participant. They are self appointing which means you need to apply to the governing body directly. This can be indicated on your Volunteer Proposal or by direct message.

Qultura KISS

Qultura KISS stands for Keep It Small and Secret. Qultura KISS is the order of Qultura activists. It is female led and esoteric. You cannot become a Qultura activist voluntarily. You are chosen by a Qultura KISS activist and are offered a specific task, mission or objective which is based on direct positive community action.

If you accept and agree to carry out the mission or objective then you become a Qultura activist specifically for that mission only. Whatever is to be done is to be done in confidence and by following the instructions. If you break the confidence or fail to complete the mission you cease to become a Qultura activist.

Qultura activism is based on conscious living and social design (explained in Theory) and activists are usually chosen from volunteers. )Your identity is insignificant because Qultura KISS is not exclusive, it is just female led and it is this way to balance the patriarchy in society.


projects flow

The above image shows how projects develop within the Qultura community. Projects are essentially the units of activities or actions which make up and define the Qultura community. You start by getting people interested in your ideas, then you figure out space - space is essential for creativity. then you figure out your projects or activities and then once you've got things going you go out after resources if you need them. A project can be anything from a single meeting between people to a complete project such as the Qultura Core project.

It's important to remember that Qultura is all about human creativity, individuality and creativity and working with different people irrespective of who they are, their backgrounds, and how they live. There's a lot of people for example who are stuck on benefits because they don't have the opportunities to do what they really want to do in life and they cannot make use of existing opportunities. They don't have the money, the resources, the experience, or even the health to fit into the system. If you don't fit into the system then screw the system and just go ahead and do your own thing anyway. The thing you need to remember about Qultura is that if you do create something which is successful you can always move on past Qultura and take whatever you have created with you. More about projects can be found below.

Creative projects

Creative projects all focus on individual human creativity and the outward expression of an idea into some concrete creative output, be it abtract or real.

This could be an aspect of social design, the creation of a new film, band, theatre, art or photography project, the development of a concert, performance, exhibition, just as it can be the design of a new communal garden, landscaping a public space, creating a communal food sharing garden, or something else which can be of benefit to yourself and others in your community.

Cultural and social projects

Cultural and social projects focus on bringing people in a community together to share interests, activities, develop or increase cultural awareness, or learn new things.

Examples of such projects can be a recipe exchange, a language exchange, a book club, a photography circle, a craft circle, a residents association, a film discussion club, an outing, a local walk, going to an event, a local discussion, a social event, a cook in, a coffee morning, a jumble sale, the sharing of skills, experiences, just people connecting, hanging out together, getting to know one another, and having fun.

Community support projects

Community support projects - within this all appeals - are projects to bring people back out of dis-empowerment through human empowerment, community support and also the working towards social equilibrium. This is to be achieved through the learning about such issues as poverty and inequality not from so called 'official' sources but from those who have direct personal experience of such issues.

If the Qultura community is to be serious about cultural development and working towards individual human creativity, social progress and human evolution, then it also needs to face up to and be serious about tackling the social issues which have arisen from the various mths, false beliefs and belief attachments which have plagued human society and culture for centuries.