Choosing your role



When you're a member of the Qultura community you're not bound by any fixed role but can change your role flexibly depending on what projects you choose to get involved in. While this is of little significance if you're part of our online community it can make a big difference if you are part of our community in your local community.

If you feel you want to help develop the community, or get involved in our organization, or you have a special interest in developing your own projects through Qultura you can become a volunteer or an activist and help us develop the community, existing projects or your own projects.

Find out more about volunteering

If you need support from others, either in the community or from wider society you can reverse your participation and become an officially recognized reverse participant. It's a simple, straightforward process and once recognized you will be able to create your own appeals to get the support and gather the resources you need. We will even publish your appeals officially on this website and you can use the link to your own webpage to seek further support and resources.

Additionally if you need resources or space for a project you can also reverse your participation so that you can create an appeal.

Recognition of reverse participation usually takes a couple of weeks but can be much quicker if you are left high and dry without any income. To find out more please click on the link below.

Find out more about reverse participation

You can also mix and match your roles which means if you are a volunteer on a involved in a project you can also reverse your participation. Likewise if you are a reverse participant involved in an appeal you can also volunteer for another project.