Collectivism v. individualism

political left and right are based on the same beliefs

The idea of collectivism is based on individualism. Both are based on the idea that the society of Mankind and the physical environment beyond it is a collection. This is completely false and has no basis in either truth or reality. This is like saying that cosic flotsam and jetsom all floated together and formed a universe, which is the obverse of individualism. American individualism is the exact same philosophy as Marxist collectivism but just seen from the other side. Both ideologies are based on the same false belief in individualism.

The basis for a complex personality

What many pople don't seem to understand is that a complex and interesting personality is not a matter of being isolated but a matter of being deeply connected with and aware of one's relationship to the whole surrounding universe.

Individualism and egotism

There are a lot of people who are such individualists that their thoughts are only concerned with themselves. They never think about anything which isn't about themselves. These people are terribly boring. They have nothing to say. There's no interest in any culture, any books, any films, any works of art, any literature, and they are not interested in any other people, what is happening in their community, or indeed in anything which isn't directly related to them..

The importance of being involved with others and culture

But the more such people become interested in others who are not themselves and become interested in what's going on around them, the more colourful and interesting their personality becomes.

The mechanics of the two party state

Here we can see the mechanics of the two party state. You have two predominant political parties both left and right, such as the Conservatives and Labour in the UK, and the Democrats and Republicans in the United States. Other countries may have similar systems. Both parties promote the same political agenda but from different perspectives and contrived political differences, but the fundamental belief is the promotion of individualism as the common, basic belief system and ideology.

The emphasis on work and money

There is little or no investment in culture or cultural development. In fact both major parties avoid it. Instead there is a belief in a 'system' which is focussed almost entirely on work, with an emphasis on work for the organization such as a corporation. preparation for this system starts the moment you are born and the sole focus is on the acuisition of money. You go through a process of social conditioning for the future, the focus of much of your life is the future, not on the present reality. It starts in the education system where you are prepared for work.


Promoting the false concept of money

There is promotion in the notion of money as something real, tangible and finite. You can often hear the question "Where is the money going to come from?". But money isn't real. It's a social construct, a unit of measurement based on an arbitrary value system which - by way of social consensus - makes possible a barter system and the exchange of goods, products, services, labour, time, energy, and other resources.

The insanity of this is how we perceive the metal gold. Gold is a precious metal with various uses, such as jewellery, fillings and as a coating for conenctors. But the vast majority of gold which is mined today is made into ingots and bars sitting useless in empty valuts and storage spaces in banks. Furthermore increasing people are judging themselves and others, and their worth, based on how much money they have and where they get an income. This false belief is another false belief promoted by politicians who are promoting other false beliefs.

The source of your disempowerment

This is the source of your disempowerment. It is because of this there is so much deprivation of opportunities. It is because of this there is so much deprivation of individual human experience. This is what is causing all the poverty and inequality, the destruction of the environment, the divisions between people, This is why people are poor, this is why people are struggling, this is why people are becoming more and more isolated, even more disempowered, alienated, excluded, marginalized and stigmatized.

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