Qultura community v. Qultura Core


The Qultura community is the central, most important part of the Qultura experience because we are all about the universal principles, the individual perspectives and the connections between ourselves and others in our community. We are about the principle and process - the individual perspective and the experiences which make up each individual process of individuation. It's all about the community development, the social bonds and connections we make to others, each one unique and individual, and it's about the empathy, the creativity and the felt sense of immediate experience.

Within our community lies the source, the nucleus, and this is known as Qultura Core or the Qultura Core project. It serves as the collective, the organization. The only fixed part is the tiny nucleus of Core Facilitator, trustees, and a few volunteers to help with the administration. However what happens is that as our community grows so too will Qultura Core. There are no divisions, or boundaries, or hierarchies. This is because as a community we are like the universe, run on purely universal principles, connected, creative, autonomous, expansive, self-regulating.

Understanding roles and projects

As a member of the Qultura community you can help develop the community by changing your role and stepping into Qultura Core. This is done on the basis of simple principles involving four basic roles:

Participants are vanilla Qultura community members who populate and participate in Qultura projects to provide opportunities for social interaction and to develop empathy and social bonds through primary social interaction - interaction which is pleasant, positive and reaffirming.
Reverse participants
Reverse participants are people who are dealing with trauma, who are stuck in life and unable to live autonomously because they face various barriers and obstacles on their path. These barriers can be practical, financial, social, emotional, or psychological. Often t5hese barriers cause these people to become isolated, lonely, stigmatized, marginalized or even social excluded. These people often cannot get past such barriers independently and need support from the community and perhaps material or financial support from the wider community. What we do is suggest such people reverse their participation to work through whatever issues they're experiencing and break down barriers with community support. These people can create appeals to get material support if they need it from the wider community with support from others in the community.
Volunteers generally work together to develop various projects in the local community which may be creative, social or linked to community support. The purpose here is to develop culture through developing lots of participant centred local community projects, each one unique and individual, developed in community spaces, which serve as a focus to bring people in the community together in different ways. The other objective is to churn out large amounts of subjective art and creative output from different sources and share it with the wider community and society.
Activists bring people into the Qultura community and raise awareness of Qultura and the Qultura community to the wider community and society using empathy. They work online and offline, in their own way, and work to bring more people into the community.

Changing and combining roles

As there is no boundaries or divisions between the Qultura community and Qultura Core you can switch roles at any time relative to your participation and involvement in a Qultura project and even mix and match and combine roles between different projects. You can also, depending on your desires and interests, create your own community projects and appeals based on your own perspective and your process of individuation. It's all about developing your personal experience, meeting people, connecting to them, getting to know them, developing community, developing culture, and ultimately changing social and cultural values for better ones. Step outside your comfort zones, get to know a diverse mix of people, broaden your mind, destroy your prejudices, get that consciousness moving round your headspace. Participate in projects, be there and support the lonely, the marginalized, the homeless. As long as your not making money out of a project by administering your own appeal or trying to make money out of other members of the Qultura community, or harming or abusing them, you can do whatever you like with roles.

Expansion of the Qultura community

Using the internet to expand the Qultura community

Expansion of the Qultura community involves misusing the internet and not using it for the purposes it was intended, which is to bamboozle each other with inaccurate or false information, for the authorities to keep tabs on us, seek control of our minds, promote egotism and sell us lots of useless stuff we don't really need. We are developing Qultura Core as an example, and if we can find enough people, get them connected on message boards and social media groups, and given the fact Qultura Core is part of the Qultura community, there is no reason why at some point we cannot have different Qultura projects developing all over the planet in a global community of diverse and unique Qultura projects.

You are the final arbiter of what local community culture is

This is why Qultura Core is at one with the Qultura community. This is all about developing connections and empathy so as to create new culture, new social and cultural values, and a global empathy community where it is hoped we can become a complete species and start evolving to change the way we interact not only with each other but also nature, this planet and our environment.

We feel this is a chance worth taking. How about you?