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the importance of cultural development

Qultura functions as a community resource working to provide free access to culture for the purpose of cultural development at local community level. Cultural development is a fundamnetal and essential stage in the process of human evolution because it promotes the exchange of experiences between individuals on the one hand, and promotes social progress on the other.

The importance of cultural development

Cultural development is vitally important and essential to the functioning of society, maintaining social order and structure, promoting social cohesion and the creation of opportunities which lead to the exhcange of individual human experience.

When cultural development is not treated as a vitally important aspect of social functioning culture goes into decline and this starts a new process of social fragmentation. The central issue in cultural decline is deprivation of opportunity and deprivation of individual human experience.

This is what is happening today. We are living at a time of advanced cultural decline which is further exacerbated by the coexistence of technology and authority through various hierarchies. There is an emphasis on belief systems and ideology and on personal consumption through excessive materialism and consumerism as a means of disempowering the individual through deprivation of opportunity and individual human experience. This is what lies at the root of many social issues and the social divisions we see today.

Encouragement of community participation

People who consume do not participate in society but are simply participating in a system. The system is a social construct, a product of social conditioning and is entirely man made. It has no relevance or existence in reality. Likewise the same can be said of people who believe. many believe in external authority and part of their belief is that those who are in whatever hierarchy or authority system they believe in are the ones who are going to bring about the change. This means that there are millions of people out there who are unhappy with the system and who want change, but they are unwilling to do anything to participate in any meaningful way because they believe that someone else is going to bring about the change they seek.

Qultura works to promote community interaction and participation in the community because it contains various benefits for everyone. For individuals it provides a platform and opportunities for acquiring personal (individual) experience and a means of connecting to other people which promoets a better sense of Selfhood and feelings of achievement, purpose, fulfillment and wellbeing. Increased community interaction and involvemment also promotes confidence and trust between people in a community, strengthening the community and promoting social order and structure within the local community. Qultura works to promote social inclusion and social cohesion at a local community level because everybody is somebody and if given the opportunity can contribute something meaningful and valuable to others in a community.

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