The ROSE Community Library project


The ROSE community library is a new developing stable project created by Charmaine Bourton, a Qultura trustee who is a former librarian. This is a project which aims to promote the importance of libraries to local communities and also to promote the importance of reading books.

We are developing this project from January 2020 and are also appealing for unwanted books. Books need to be in good condition, i.e. not torn or ripped, clean and not dog-eared, and we welcome most genres of books.

Volunteer readers and story tellers

We are also seeking volunteers who are prepared to read books, either live on a one to one basis or to create audio books. There are two intended audiences. One intended audience is for children and we are looking to set up story time events at the ROSE for kids to get them interested in reading books. The other intended audience is for the elderly, in particular people who are suffering from dementia and Alzheimer's who have become isolated in the community.

Appeal for books

We welcome donations of books in good condition to help develop the library, particularly if you can drop them off at the ROSE. This is a very popular project in the local community and many people will be very appreciative.


We are still in the process of developing the library and will post meetings on our home page. You can find out how to get to the ROSE on the Qultura Core home page (which is under the 'About us') section.

Get involved

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