The Community Message Board

The online foundation of the Qultura community


The Community Message Board is central to the whole enterprise of the Qultura community and to get a sense of what this is about we recommend that you click on the video and spend a few minutes listening to a song titled 'Your Mask' by Mikey D. Burnz and Snowflake. Dreamweaving more than anything is about being real and being human, because it's about expressing outwards real thoughts, emotions, feelings, dreams, visions, experiences, and so on into a community and social environment. Hence our different Community Standards. Being real means being connected with your humanity, including all your 'stuff' and emotional baggage, accepting it, and sharing it with others.

This contrasts with probably what you've been conditioned to believe, that you are not unique, not special, not significant in any way, and you have nothing of value to share or contribute with others. Sure we look similar, we go through broadly similar experiences in life, but the ways in which we go through life are unique and individual, and we all have an individual perspective on life that has some value, some meaning, and some significance to other people.

"You're too different now mask it!"

Out there in the wider community and society we are to some degree enslaved to ideology and having the right beliefs, and having these right beliefs is far more important than anything we say or do. Out there in wider society there's a set of arbitrary societal standards and rules we have to follow, to be Good Model Citizens, and to be deserving of Widespread Societal Respectability. But see much of what's out there in the wider community and society is nothing more than an Ego trip. If you treat your Ego too seriously you can get hurt and get deceived. Think of the enormous amounts of trauma, misery and suffering that we all experience as a result of playing these social games of Ego and going through the psychological mindgames of struggling for self-esteem.

None of this matters in the Qultura community. It's not necessary and much of it isn't relevant to being human. Being human is what matters here.

Therefore our Community Message Board is the Qultura community online. It's that subversive space where you can let go of your Ego and your ideology, your belief systems, and just be your natural self, whatever that is, and focus here on what's real, what's human about you, including all the aspects about you that you maybe cannot share easily out there in the wider community or society. All your beliefs, ideologies and Ego are there for you to pick up again when you log out, they don't go anywhere. The Qultura community, and the Community Message Board is where you come to share your humanity and that what is about you that's real.

Registration = membership of the community

To make this simple in order to become a member of the Qultura community all you need to do is register on our Community Message Board. Being part of our community is completely free of charge for everyone. No money is involved, and you can make use of the Message Board, websites, methodology and resources for whatever dreamweaving activity you choose to get involved in. Nobody is going to tell you what to think or believe, so there's no spam emails coming to get you to think this, believe that, to chip in, or in any way grab your attention.

Dreamweaving activity online

Primarily the Community Message Board is that subversive space where you can express yourself outwards online into the community and social environment no differently than if you were to turn up and participate in a dreamweaving workshop. The Message Board is designed to blend seamlessly with the dreamweaving workshops and in person meetings, so please feel free to make use of the various boards and categories and create posts and threads, and respond to other posts and threads. The Message Board is moderated but not in the usual way, but rather more in a more insightful way which involves the sharing of insight, guidance and dialogues rather than banning and punishment. This is not comprehensive school.

Another key aspect of the Community Message Board is that you get a username and a profile, which you can use to make contact and get to know other members of the community if you do attend dreamweaving workshops and meetings. This way you can build affinity with other members of the community easily through connecting to other other through linking profiles and develop your own community network.

Otherwise it's just another Message Board

Other than that our Community Message Board is just another bog standard Message Board as you will find elsewhere. This means you can use it to ask questions, as specific as you like, participate in discussions, get into the deeper mystical stuff, be silly and light hearted, share stuff and also come and post about any issues and problems you're having if you're looking for advice or input from others in the community.