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We once knew that the Earth was flat. We once knew that we were the centre of the universe. We were all convinced that if we travelled at a speed of 30 miles per hour or more we would suffocate and die. We were sure that any machine which was heavier than air could not fly. We once dressed and covered up the legs of furniture, tables and pianos because we were all convinced that the sight of bare legs on furniture and tables would cause us to lose control of our minds and become sexually promiscuous. A little more than a century ago we believed that people with high foreheads were born criminals and we also once believed that people with epilepsy were possessed by the Devil.

Throughout history intellectual authorities have asserted their supremacy by ridiculing reality.

Individualism is a lie

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Individualism is the lie which is based entirely on the false sense of separateness between self and other and al;so individual and environment.As you can see from our Triangular Relationship everything and everyone is connected and interdependent. There is no separation between self and other or between the environment and living beings. From our perspective environment is both social and natural and our concept is based on actual reality, not on cultural reality or ideology.

Social and cultural change through empathy

Qultura is the first community organization in the UK - and possibly the world - to advocate social and cultural change through the development of empathy. As individualism is based on divisionism, the false illusion of separateness, the promotion of naked self-interest and authoritarianism - through the forcing of the entire human species into a global monoculture - we believe we have a very powerful antidote to individualism which is based on nothing more than individual (personal) and cultural development in the local community.

Non-confrontation, non-conformity, non-compliance

The way we have developed our organization, community resources and also our community is to create the opportunities necessary for anyone who rejects individualism as a concept to be able to take the initiative and do something about it without getting involved in any unnecessary conflict or confrontation with anyone else but working together with other people in the local community to figure out better and far more rational social and cultural values through the use and development of empathy between individual people.

Please understand that the various hierarchies, organizations and political parties cannot do anything to either half or stop the current process of cultural decline. They are far too busy enabling the addiction to financial assets, political and social power and control of all natural resources of the various organizations, corporations and institutions they serve at the expense of people. We define an addiction as any activity or attachment which brings short term benefit at the expense of long term trauma, damage and loss of control. Those in power and positions of authority could have done something to halt the process of cultural decline, they should have done something to halt this process, but in most cases they clung to the addiction of individualism and naked self interest and haven't really made any attempt to stop these processes. Understand that the addiction to corporate profit and political power is no different from other addictions such as an addiction to alcohol, to heroin, or to other addictions such as to food and sex

One and one is three

This is the central guiding principle of the Qultura community which advocates a complete reversal and negation of the cultural decline and social collapse promoted by the widespread belief in individualism as a valid concept. We have spent around a decade developing as an organization, community resource and alternative community (this section) to facilitate opportunities for realistic change on three different levels.

The process of individuation

The first step towards change is change on a personal level. You need to accept the fact that as you have been socially conditioned like everyone else to develop personal beliefs based on individualism, and accept social and cultural values which are also based on individualism, that pretty much everything you believe and accept as the truth is wrong and based on a pack of lies.

This means that all your social, cultural values are invalid and illusory, and your preferred political ideology is also false and based on an illusion.

Qultura offers you an opportunity, not solutions

Understand that Qultura has no way of offering you a new set of cultural and social values. We are not you. We do not live your life. We do not share your reality. We have no way of knowing or understanding what goes through your mind, what you really think and feel, or how you perceive other people and your environment as an individual human being. Understand that nobody else understands your reality or life better that you do.

We cannot claim that we are right and everyone else is wrong, and neither can you if you see what we see. This would defeat the whole purpose, turn this all into one more ideology and belief system. There are no solutions. Life is a process, an individual experience for everyone, it's a journey, a voyage of exploration, experimentation and discovery. Life is all about evolution, and human evolution starts with you, the individual.

You know how to make the necessary changes

This is the only change we are suggesting and the only opportunity for change we are offering - to return the focus of community, society and the planet back to human evolution. This means you have to start from scratch and form new social and cultural values from within your local community. This is no different from any other radical transformation of your life, such as the loss of employment, a divorce, or the loss and bereavement of a loved one such as a parent or partner. It's the exact same process of reaching out to others and adjusting to a new reality.

You're need a community of people who know you

Now you can scream and shout all you like, attend all sorts of demos, marches, protests, experiment with all the different ideologies and belief systems under the planet, and create as many solutions and strategies as you wish, but all of these strategies are based on the central concept of individualism and are not going to lead to the kind of effective change that is needed in local communities and society. We know this, and if you're prepared to be really honest with yourself and look much deeper at what is happening all around you, you know this too.

This is where you're going to need empathy and a community around you to make the changes necessarily through cooperation, social interaction and being creative in your local community. Understand that real change starts with you, the individual, and not with anyone who is in authority or who has political power. The only realistic way out of the process of cultural decline is to effectively reverse the process through cultural development. This requires empathy from you, an open heart and an open mind, and it also requires community involvement and participation.

Take a good step back and just spend some time paying attention to what's going on around you. Pay close attention to the people around you in your local community. All around you are literally thousands of people who are no different from you. Everyone in your local community is no different from you. Like you they know how to do something. They have life experiences and an individual perspective which is different from you. They see your community, the world and society probably different to you as well.

Empathy is the opposite to apathy

Empathy can be defined very easily. It is the ability to be open minded and open hearted enough to feel what someone else feelings, to see what other people see, to share the individual and unique perspectives of others to change your social and cultural values so as to dissolve the various boundaries and divisions between you and other people.

Empathy is the complete opposite to apathy, which is basically not giving a shit about anybody but yourself and clinging to your sense of privilege, entitlement and various ideologies because you believe that you are right and everyone else is wrong, ignorant or stupid. Apathy involves such things as walking past the homeless who have been so dis-empowered they have no access to any physical resources. It involves being indifferent to the suffering and dis-empowerment of others such as bigotry, racism and poverty. It involves being indifferent to the fact that people are dying in pointless ideological wars, through being 'depopulated' in variuous ways, left to die, not being supported and left to either die prematurely or commit suicide because they see no way forward.

Apathy involves disregarding human extinction and social collapse and being in denial about it because you're not prepared to take risks and give other people chances to come together to seek effective social and cultural change through the development of empathy.

Being realistic about social change

Realistic social and cultural change is virtually impossible in a society based on individualism. You're never going to get the opportunities to make significant enough change because you're not going to have the resources, the power, the knowledge or the back up and support from other people in sufficient numbers of who understand the need for urgent and effective change. Not enough people are going to be cooperative enough to give you an audience and any ideology is going to bring you straight into a direct conflict with other people. This is why you need to step out of society and your existing local community and step into an alternative community based on new social and cultural values. The Qultura community is that community and you can become a part of our community through a few mouse clicks on a PC or finger taps on your smartphone.

Instead of trying to ineffectively and inefficiently seek out social change through demanding change from others - through protest, social movements, marches, demonstrations and waving placards - none of which really work or lead to change - what we encourage, promote and advocate is joining our community, making connections to other people and working together to develop new social and cultural attitudes through the development of empathy. You have to be the change in your local community. You have to take the initiative and be the positive, creative force for change in your local community. There is no need to wait, no need to seek anyone's permission, no need to seek the approval or permission of anyone in authority. This comes down to little more than being part of our community and developing your own individual Qultura community through talking to strangers in your local community and creating the opportunities for them to get involved in whatever local Qultura community you decide to create.

This involves the following steps

Using our Community resources

The primary focus of our Community Resources is not designed to tell you what to think or believe, but is far more focussed on providing you with the opportunities to think for yourself, give you a starting point which is grounded in actual reality, and not cultural reality and so called 'truth'.

Please understand that our website is not designed to provide you with any more than a a starting point which is grounded in actual reality which should be very clear and easily to grasp to anyone with an open mind and prepared to examine what we present with a flexible, non-judgmental attitude. There is a scant compatison with the root causes of the whole ideology of individualism so you can figure out roughly the differences between actual reality and cultural reality.

Look without, look within

Understand that you do not need any further information from us, or anyone else, and nobody in a position of authority, to be able to figure out and know what to change in your local community.

You are a human being, a homo sapiens, you're part of a long evolutionary process lasting some 305,000 years which lasts a lot longer than the few centuries since the 15,000 years of domination culture and the 500 or so years of Western individualism. You are born with everything you need to be able to change things in your environment, you are capable of creativity, empathy, creative self-expression, social interaction, communication and are part of a species which has dealt with, and survived every single social situation you can think of.

Make use of our community to work towards realistic change

Understand that we are trying to develop a globally accessible community of people working together to create new social and cultural values through using and developing empathy through our community and individual local communities across the planet.

Seek, find, connect

There is no need for confrontation, or conflict, becase collectively we are the change. All you need to do is to read through a dozen or so short webpages in this section to grasp how the Qultura community is set up to function. This is all about the dynamic created through using roles and projects.

Once you've figured that out it comes down to finding other people to bring into the community, making connections with them through our Message Board and social media, and coming together in your local community to bring people together in local community space and finding ways to make it all real.

Explore, experiment, discover

How you do this is really all a matter of choice between you and your local community. Keep focussing on connections, keep developing creativity through trying out different things to see what works and what doesn't. Explore, experiment, discover, learn, grow, evolve.