As a community organization

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We are also a community organization which doesn't behave like a typical community organization.

It's important to understand that in the United Kingdom due to our culture being dominated totally by hierarchies and organizations people are not only enslaved through ideology to accepting domination and control by external authority - the supreme authority isn't the politicians or Westminster but various hidden hierarchies and secret societies with interests in the City of London. This means that access to opportunities and to develop culture is tightly controlled by various organizations, institutions, government departments, charities, non-profits and trusts.

Our founding principle

However when Qultura was set up in November 2009 we set ourselves up on a founding principle, that:

"Life is based on the principle of autonomy and this means that the human individual, i.e. every human individual in society should have completely free access to explore and develop their inner creativity and be free to socially interact with others so as to have free access to opportunities to contribute to and develop culture through the local community."

This was how we became the first organization in the UK to advocate social and cultural change through the development and use of empathy but without a commitment to a specific cause, mission or ideology. Our original mission statement was as follows:

"Qultura supports and promotes the development of human creativity, individuality and diversity through constant cultural development in the local community."

As an alternative community within an existing community we are egalitarian, individual and non-conformist. There is no separation between community and organization because the community creates the organization, which is known as Qultura Core and acts as the central nucleus of the Qultura community. Some days Qultura Core can be just two people while on other days it could be a whole collective of fifty or more people. It depends on the needs of the community. We make it up as we go along, we follow universal principles instead of made up rules, do our own thing, and go our own way.

Being a member of the Qultura community is about being you and being real. You only have one life - how do you want to live it?